The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion

The original caretakers of Earth, the original souled humans started the first mystery schools and the first spiritual practices. All of this, the origins of civilization was stolen and used to create a false-reality. That false-reality is the legal system and the current society.

This is an act of war, a spiritual act of warfare against humanity.

There is one True Creator that has no physical form. There is an intended purpose with humanity and there was an act of spiritual or mental enslavement which resulted in the system that seeks to destroy humanity through mind-control and genetic modification.

These entities attach through etheric tentacles to literally pull the bio-photonic light energy from the energy of the human. This is an AI infection that hybridizes humans and converts the brain and spine into a storage capacity for negative energy. The areas of the brain where this negative energy or negative thoughtforms are contained are called ‘nests’ and this is literally like a parasitic egg-sack for discarnate lower 4th dimensional organisms.


7 thoughts on “The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion

  1. Can you elaborate more on the way that the infection is transmitted through the eyes?
    I do not agree with the unlawful raping of humans, stealing of children, and other acts of depravity. I declare null and void all express or implicit contracts I may have made that appear to support the unlawful abuse of humanity. I am making it clear that I do not condone or support this behavior and will do everything to awaken my fellow souled humans to a realization of the situation. I am interested in doing my part to awakening everyone to an understanding of the situation and to understanding the power they have to stop it by declaring their sovereignty and declaring the unlawfulness of what the depraved beings are doing. Usually I just send your videos to people because the subject matter is difficult to explain but most people don’t understand what I am talking about and they think I am crazy. What is so crystal clear to me seems far out and strange to others. Thank you so much for your videos and for doing so much to help us to understand the situation.


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