Chiron Last – The Hidden One

There was a time at a young age where I was instructed to obtain a gift that was purchased or designated under my supervision and place it under a Christmas tree! That act is the signing of a contract through action which permits the ritual harvest! I was then shown the harvest at a later time. One must participate in the ritual to be under contract for the harvest! This is the beasts of the air swooping down to harvest the energy from humanity! The holidays are rituals that are contracts!

“Nick” does not bring gifts but takes souls!

This is a video by Chiron Last, see this information, it is of the soul trap system that extends through time and through multiple realities! I was shown this information through this channel before.

How to stop the contract?

Don’t participate in the ritual and one can make a metaphoric notice that the previous times are invalid because they are made without a meeting of the minds, without conscious agreement. The whole act itself is supposed to be that but this only works unconsciously if the act is a ‘metaphor’ for something else like a holiday about some guy in the Pole with reindeer. That can be twisted to reflect other stuff. When it’s recognized as an act of offering agreement and an energy exchange one can refuse participation and acknowledge and express their lack of commitment and the denouncing of all that is related. That’s where it begins.


6 thoughts on “Chiron Last – The Hidden One

  1. Mother God wishes to personally ‘thank’ Aug Tellez for his contribution of hidden knowledge/know-how in helping the human race be liberated from this hijacked reality…Matrix/Earth-Gaia. June 7, 2017. (And, yes, I am the real deal…Mother Nature/Wisdom-Sophia: The Holy Spirit, incarnated in human form.).


  2. Soul contracts must be given/signed with full understanding or they are not authentic and can be broken under universal law by the power of the Christ. Contracts done unwittingly or under deceit are often committed to dupe the vulnerable. DISCERNMENT IS KEY….you must trust your heart/higher self……GOD IS WITHIN…trust yourself!


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