Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

I have these dreams which are like visions. In a recent one I oversaw the lives of people who lived in ways that were constantly out of sync with their heart. They were motivated through the mind. They were always feeding some larger system.

They were fighting the flames of some eventual decay just to keep up a business in the dark of night, to file papers and take the right reports and file the right documents just because someone else told them to. Still, if there were issues, their hearts hurt. They were worried, their minds ached.

I have been some very torturous experiences in life. These experiences put into perspective the danger of living life like these dream-visions. Those dream-visions which are like glimpses of complete lives of others, their personality, their emotions, their joys, their folly, their praise, were the true suffering of the world. The feeling is unbearable, this is merely a nearly never-ending, posh, yet uncomfortable life lived in the essence of someone else’s requirements. Some of these dreams take place in high-class city-scapes where people toil and plunder until their hearts go cold. That feeling of having everything that is needed, yet not having their heart in their life, literally has me weeping. These are real people, just as real as anyone here considers themselves real.

If what you’re doing, the life you’re living, the worries you have taken on, is not aligned with your heart, then that life is a lesson that you must do what is right for your sense of truth and meaning in the larger picture and every issue and challenge in that life will reflect that.

The heart is the center of meaning. Remember that. Cherish that. Always put your heart in. Even if there’s something that you’re not enjoying because of the mental disconnect with the heart, then connect your heart to what you can connect with. This should be simple. People are what we connect with. People are what we enjoy. People are who we are here to experience the emotions of and combine creativities and challenges and growth with. We are meant to constantly change! This is to be embraced in a divine love of reason, truth, and freedom. THAT is the savior of your existence. The world in which people do what they do out of some other reason is the alien-environment! The difference is merely the energy which connects the heart to the mind and you to your reality and those around you!

The heart cannot be destroyed, but we can experience terrible loneliness and shock which sometimes produces deep injuries and scars that must be healed. We must apply healing to ourselves in the same way one would apply a new layer to a creation or an additional paragraph to a chapter. That is easy to do, we simply have to keep going. Keep caring, keep looking for others and care for them too. That is the power the universe has granted you. There is more power in caring, creating, and knowing reason, than in all the disconnected visceral pleasure or materialistic gain to be had. And if there is pleasure or gain and your heart is remaining true, then that is simply all the better for you and those around you.

Keep your heart connected to what you’re doing. As long a this is sustained, there will always be an inherent meaning in life that guides you, motivates you, propels you, informs you, and cares for you. That is your saving grace.

I love you. And remember to care for each other. Everything will orient itself from where your heart is. There is fighting, there are agendas, there are methods being applied and these are resolved through caring and living life with that as the focal point. When we change our lives individually to account for and respect that care, then the whole system has changed. That is how this part is up to us. It’s our responsibility to care for others and ourselves. It’s easy to care for yourself. That’s a given. Caring for others is what allows your care to magnify which then exponentially increase the affect in reality. Care is the hidden oil that flows between the gears of change, enabling processes to take place without distorting out of personal or collective alignment with what is reasonable, beneficial, and creative. This care, combined with truth, reason, or knowledge, free-will and self-awareness is compassion. That is the pinnacle of existence.


13 thoughts on “Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

  1. Someone I met in September 2012 beginning a 1 year course together, instantly there was some mutual connection and understanding that developed into friendship. This lasted beyond the one yr course though I have lost touch since around 2015 but will try to reconnect again. This friendship actually occurred during a particular low nadir difficult period with various things, and was pleasant and unexpected.

    Over the last few weeks it has dawned on me this friend had the same very similar face, eyes, colouring, hair (shorter, no beard) good Energy, thoughtful demeanour and presence as Aug. It is actually UNCANNY. Very strange and uncanny.


  2. Many robots will automatically jump to brainwashed conclusions regarding your article. They think that being caring and wishing love is a sign of brain damage or hormonal imbalance nowadays and they will “worry” and push psychological and drug induced “help” on you.

    No, Aug isn’t depressed. It’s the opposite. When I first woke up over 10 years ago I was also feeling tons of love for everyone. It’s a side effect of the higher self not accustomed to living in this lower self shell. True beings, on the higher levels, feel unconditional love. Sadly they forget that they’re entering a war zone here and love can only conquer through truth. “And the truth shall set you free”. Aug is pouring all this energy out for everyone, but most will only try to leech off it and give nothing in return except damage him in the long run by their so called advice. Best thing he can do is only listen to his higher self and no one else.

    Tas Mikagal

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  3. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    Unconditional love is the ‘fuel’ to All It Is.
    If artificial forces go against the natural flow of All It Is, it creates ‘friction’ and ‘setbacks’ and it requires all Souls in physical human bodies to learn how to align with it by balance the yin/yang of their own internal ‘energy/cosmic chi/qi’.

    We are all walking, talking, living libraries who are multi dimensional divine beings encased in a human body.

    When there’s ‘friction’ we ‘correct’ the flow by balancing it.

    It’s a constant work of art in maintaining the divine flow of All It Is.

    And, it all starts from within each of us. We are our own Universe/s. We are all co-creators of a huge canvass.

    Feel, look, search, understand the depth of who we are from within.

    The answers are all in there.

    Ask and your higher self/Source of the Divine Spark of All It Is will provide you with an answer.

    It may not be ‘exactly’ what you wish to hear/know .. but it is very close to what you ‘need’ to feel/know/understand.

    Keep your sacred heart space open to embrace the love of All It Is through higher self/Source.

    All else will fall into place. Namaskar

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  4. Many care for you please ask if you are in need even if just to talk, many are in integrity and have no agenda, they really care for you and appreciate all you have shared and just who you are. If all is well then just know how many you have affected and encouraged.


    1. Yep, I saw him in a dream before I even knew he is on the internet. Jesus was there but it’s too hard for me to grasp. It seems this universe must pause and hear what he says. A lot of egos are preventing it. (not that they can)


  5. You are not alone. I think that you’re also one of the most honest and true beings posting out there in the public eye besides Wayne of

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