The Discovery of Immortality and the Other Side of Eternity

You should know by now people, I know this is confusing and multi-layered, that’s why all the maps of reality drawn in ancient times are complex squares and geometries within geometries or wheels within wheels.

The projects to discover biological immortality resulted in a future race that was fully developed as soon as the ‘mind-machine’ was initially activated and entered into. Within a split second, millions of years of linear evolution occurred in a series of exponential ratios that reflect the cosmos. An entire universe was formed in the device and it was populated instantly.

Everything that has played out and is playing out is the result of the two civilizations mixing. Which one is the original. They say they designed this society from inside the machine at their “big-bang” which was when we activated the machines yet for them, their moment of connecting the ‘portal of the real was when our universe suffered a catastrophic implosion explosion that resulted in the cosmic matter that gives birth to life. The whole thing is one big closed circuit paradoxical loop that some believe we (those scientists and adepts in the bases and project groups) started by creating life and creating universes.

They discovered immortality all right, they also discovered that the discovery is the reason for life and death and disrupting the balance before everyone is capable of seeing the truth of the multi-layered ‘light-show’ could be catastrophic for our race and this could literally be one in the same as the disruption of the cosmic fields.

Did Prometheus find the fire, or was it send to him?

Questions and Comments

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