The Truth of Compassion in this Reality

Everything I’ve been telling you. Everything in my recent written and video post regarding compassion and truth.

Everything regarding the projects, the experimentation, the mind-control, the spiritual battle of souls.

Near 10 minutes he actually says reason. This is a different universe. The humans from the previous were all relocated here. The majority here are drones.

“Don’t be angry with them, they are not real people like us.”

“If I get caught up in that system, if I get caught up in that matrix, then I’ll fall asleep just like the other ones. Because they’re not happy.”

This is not to start a war. Everyone will see the truth. Choose compassion. Choose truth. Choose self-awareness. Choose free-will (through an act of free-will…and on and on). Whenever you are not in control, gain control.

“Nothing outside of myself can take away the joy that I feel inside because I am following the desire of my heart.”


7 thoughts on “The Truth of Compassion in this Reality

  1. Aug you are awesome. This brief share shows one person holding on through the chaos of uncentered energy he observes around him (beings). He has found though, a seperation. If you battle your mind to release the soveriegn, then it is recognized that many will choose not to. It seems to me his frustration is the unfreed compassion in his heart.
    I see his truth. Actually he has many questions.
    Your words in description of this magicians observed illusion, lead me to acknowledge an outcome of the mandella effect.

    “This is a different universe. The humans from the previous were all relocated here. The majority here are drones.”

    Perhaps those experiencing acsension symptoms are those who have relocated. Or perhaps those experiencing symptoms are battered by the energy as they acclimate to this universe. (we arrived to influence the clones).
    Maybe you will explain the use of the word “here”.
    So I may have my own interpreation of truth. Yet boundless curiosity to experience the truth of it all. Why does compassion not flow? Is it a step of evolution or a return to a muddy playground which offers no firm footing.
    Regardless, thanks for all you do Aug.


  2. Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing that! That right there put a HUGE smile on my face by the end!


  3. ..there are levels created from a resource which also have a orign.. saying this.. any form that produces energy has orgin..all can transform in other . .


  4. His beautiful story about himself and the old lady hit me – “They’re not real people like us”. . . indeed.
    Thanks for all the work you do Aug. Strong. It’s been huge. Thank you.


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