Navigating Reality as a Series of Data-Sets

Imagine this, there are variables which are organized to outline a specific group of individuals by bringing them under classification as one thing or another in relation to their overall frequency field.

Then imagine that this group could change the relative frame of reference that this reality is founded in to change their position in that scale and shimmy their position around a range of frequencies by relativity to the other base frequencies used for measurement.

A group could blend in with the frequency of the environment by shifting their input of information into society in a series of waves or transitions that followed a pattern which was derived by using an equation to produce factors based on values of an external abstract scale like time or the seasons (same thing). Then you have the ability to for a group to reference itself against a moving background of information by producing a number pattern that shifts in relation to the present measurements yet always follows a pattern that synchronizes the shifts or changes in values with the external world.

Thus you have a system that is encrypted and the encryption is based on something that is visible by all and could be used to track information or changes in information and thus track individuals through their present in this reality.

Where ever you have say a certain time of day or a day of the month or a certain temperature index at a certain location there is a frequency of information based on the measurements. This organically absorbed by the perceptual system but can be detected through technical systems as well as other values which would not be easy quantified through the biological system but can still be navigated through qualia or ESP.

A system that was capable of reading a large area simultaneously, potentially the entire civilization, would be able to plot out the entire environment as a series of data sets and matrices. Algorithms could be used to scan the data and extraction information relative to a key search factor.

This is actually how the system works through the electrogravitic craft. Individuals can travel to any point in space and time and so the information of their craft and group mind must be encoded into the already present system of information. Thus, the information is present in an abstraction layer ‘above’ the surface of the 3D, visible spectrum and this is present is electromagnetic fields. Within these fields, similar to the mind, there is an entire landscape containing entities and technology of all sorts.

Thus, to navigate this field of space and time, the individuals guiding these craft do not use a map with a visible key but a system of a series of sets of information streams which depict the environment and any key observer agents in the environment. Thus, the environment is actually determined by the amount of observer agents present and how they’re interacting with the information of the environment through their awareness either higher or lower in relation to others in the field.

Thus, individuals can be used as tracking systems, like beacons within the various sea of data through which to track their own movements throughout a period of time or a space and to organize movements across multiple layers of the collective experience. Where the fields of data overlap, you know this is where two or more observer agents are interacting and generating simultaneous, joined, yet separately streamed feedback loops into this reality.

Just by being aware, their mind is imprinting onto this universe along with the information regarding the universe itself. This is related to the conversation with Emily Moyer of OffPlanetRadio regarding the simultaneity of being and extra-dimensional consciousness. The extra-dimension of consciousness is always one layer or more up from the visible, graphical layer such as the 3D physical universe. Above that layer is pure information, waves of energy and and contextual arrays of importance and causality and the mind that interprets this data is actually representing an abstraction layer that exists beyond the data of the physical universe and within ‘another’ plane of reference. That new, above, or extra plane of reference is the ‘extra-dimension’ and in this case contains the presence of mind through which to perceive time and mental faculties.

Higher faculties beyond that would exist in yet another abstraction layer more refined and thus beyond time and closer to eternal instead of temporary. The very dense or gross perceptual layer of the physical senses are extremely volatile or temporary as they are the easiest to overcome as well as the easiest to see and perceive reality through. Any person with nerve sensors can tell whether it’s hot or cold out. To determine whether today is a good day for inner self-awareness requires a higher sense of being beyond physicality and programmable chemical impulses.

Virtual reality came after file storage. From file storage capacity to file sharing across a synchronized network. From the network came neuronal imaging which lead to replication of the environment and the “engine” of time and consciousness. Virtual reality resulted from early computing very quickly and every release was specifically designed to lay out a projected schedule of progress for the public. This was actually the ascent or the permeation into the world of the cybernetic existence, reality merged with the virtual dimension.

There was no actual build up but a quick and almost unintentional thrust into the world of hyperspace and quantum temporal capacity as the realm of computing IS the mechanism of the other dimensional. This is the capacity to run parallel simultaneous simulations or programs from which to determine the more likely or the more efficient. Then consciousness and the biological functions enabling psychology and personality can be formatted into programmable functions or algorithms working with finite sets of data mixed in a ‘fuzzy’ or predictably unpredictable way.

As such the space you’re in now is corresponding to specific combination of frequencies of consciousness experience. This is simply how reality works, with a conscious observer agent, a subconscious mind and a whole scale of frequencies and data points that the human consciousness simply can’t be aware of at once. Thus the amount of information that the conscious experience operates through becomes a kind of reflection, an illusion that’s meant to just act as a placeholder for which the real depth of information can hide behind.

We see through the eyes of the personality, which is actually largely an illusory result of perceptual mechanisms. In reality there is a sea of information that is beyond the conscious mind and relative to something considerable to a field of energy or an undulating simultaneity of multiple experiences that are fluttering in and out as one or the other. That is the actual view, a fluid-like sea of possibilities with the tops of the waves of potential skimming one another and momentarily collapsing into ocean suds and then clarifying and beginning the process all over.

The observer is all over, all at once, but most express itself momentarily as one or the other and the goal is to recognize one’s self as the true self, not the perceptual illusion which is just the tops of the waves sloshing around. In reality, there is a sea of knowledge, yes, less active and catalyzing from the view of the surface, we can’t see how the undercurrent is pulling the boat, however the forces behind the waves at this level below surface are not merely local chopping of the crest tips with the wind but actual tidal currents that are actuated by the liveliness of the entire eco-system for that region. This is the power that lives in the subconscious, never to break the surface unless the conscious mind should momentarily or permanently meet the divine through an occurrence in which the curtain is drawn…or torn, and the producers and background cast and crew come forth to embrace the main character. Such is a strange feeling if one is not prepared to simultaneously be the star of their very own show while also not existing in the presumed reality but through a ‘life’ that is actually a preplanned show.

Breaking the script is the nature of the divine meeting, the dropping of the curtain or the peaking behind the stage prop. Moving from the script requires knowing that there is a script and knowing the script itself. This intimate knowledge relates to the “hidden knowledge”.

What we think of as a genuine moment in ‘the present’ is actually closer to a pre-programmed moment where all the reactions and impulses are planned out ahead of time by a script that is auto-generated by the props, the cast and the set and setting. The consciousness ‘strips’ are like tapes that are brought up or activated merely by the arrival of the observer self into this space and time frequency-junction. Every thought and action was already dialled into the system as soon as that combination of the shows variables were brought into alignment. There is a complete level of activity that is only present through this low level autonomy. That is the imposter, the false self. This is the self that one is given upon entry to this realm.

Upon arrival these predetermined tapes spool up and play and transition from space to space activating transitional tapes-recordings at the transitions. This indicates that the important information regarding experiences is not the material input of the experience itself but the overall data required to express the experience as a physical occurrence and how this related to an abstract layer that is referenced along a scale of remembrance and acknowledgement of the true self over the illusion of the physical. Thus, a person’s experience is not about the sensations they held, but whether or not they observed the script for what it is or whether they were totally caught up in the belief of the experience as having a totally subjective, yet objectively rational existence.

This is actual self-awareness. This has to do with realizing the self in a position of relativity beyond the trajectory of the physical universe or the mind as tethered through linear time. There are multiple occurrences and so that single view is just a portion and not the whole view. Thus, when the entire experience shaped by something that is unique to that one view alone, then we are living in the illusory self. This is derogatory to the whole spirit which has no problem seeing the other views. Thus, when we are in acknowledgement that we are not affected by singular changes that are restricted to just one physical universe, we are overlooking the boundaries of the ego and giving into the true self. Sounds mystical and fringe-related or fantastical, however this is how one navigates to the true self. This is by seeing the ego, identifying the script of the false self and all the complaints that only relate to a given percentage or portion of the potential physical realities and realizing that this is just a specific perspective of the ego within a limited perspective of the whole. Not only later in time may that issue change, but one can be sure that the majority of all possibilities are not placed within the range of variables that only all encompass those specific issues or discomforts. This also doesn’t mean imagine you’re in a reality that you’re not in, whenever you’re annoyed, although this may help with mental problems and not physical. This means that the true overall picture is shaped by what is most present in a simultaneous occurrence of time and what is most present is that which you are most likely to interact with. Most of the time, based on the design of the brain and the body, people are most likely interacting with a beneficial, creative, and compassionate system and therefore these are actually the baseline frame of reference for human existence.

We are in a reality where there are many details which seem to be geared towards lack of awareness, ignorance and out of the way darkness or chaos. This makes the real easier to navigate at the expense of the people as the collective of variables, the potential soup or sea of information and possibilities all take on a uniform ’tilt’ in one direction or another either being resulted by the sway of negativity in attraction towards that orientation of spiritual progression or awareness or in repulsion to the darkness and chaos into clarifying, healing, and honest motives. This overall impression of the sea of potential is a form of oppression which works through mind entrainment and is related to the infection that grew in abundance through this cycle which is related to the abuse of technology and the dream-system of the ‘reality-matrix’.

This developed into a control system designed to keep people asleep, within a system that was meant for long-term dreaming and virtual reality experiences.

Thus the very thoughts you’re having now are kind of like the reactionary expressions that are programmed into this particular time and space experience for you, each time you get close to fully conceptualizing this notion in the moment, you are moving closer to a “script” that actually recognizes the nature of the script itself.

Through the self-referential acknowledgement of the self or the ‘script’ as the false sense of self, a self reference or self awareness is born out of a system designed solely for predetermined experiences. This is an abstraction layer ‘popping out’ over the predetermined information that is called up by the brain as a kind of organic AI system.

The patterns across the patterns, as in multiple layers of patterns on top of one another, is where the information is held in abstraction. This is the information of consciousness being beyond just the surface level of interactions and changes.

This is like taking a finite set of values and recombining them in new ways to get new results. The change occurs and then the rate of change begins to accelerate and there is a simultaneously occurring multiple layer system of change being ordered and reordered to produce different perspectives that eventually give rise to a form of knowledge that is beyond the finite set of information and bridges into the immaterial knowledge of the self beyond matter.

The minds are literally part of the universe as energy fields and so there is a description of the low level awareness of the ‘self’ within the physical universe. The true self is beyond the physical universe and the lower self is only present in reference to the desires of the physical body.

This is also why there is such an issue here, if a person keeps the desires of the physical body going strong while there is a transition to a higher plane then this would be akin to a person having the memory and self-control enabled for one kind of game while moving into a whole new arena to play another kind of game.

2 thoughts on “Navigating Reality as a Series of Data-Sets

  1. Like the animals, the desires of the physical body are already transcending. The desires of the inverted mental body expressed through the physical, well, that’s another thing.


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