Heaven or Hell, The Battle For The Soul of Humanity

The System where everyone is living by a credit-based economy operated by corporations is literally the “Hell” on Earth scenario that slowly assimilates all within. That reality is for the drones.

The reality where people convert society into one of continual trading of creativity, enhancing one another’s experience in life, teaching, healing, enjoyment, is the Earth where the balance is restored and the true Spiritual Potential of Humanity is achieved.

The “English” “Language” is a series of spells designed to cast consciousness into hypnosis and a delusional parallel mental reality.

Research the Etymology of all the words.

There is One True Creator that has no form. Everything is in control of that. Those who wish to separate from that wholeness get their own realm, anything goes in that realm. Rape, murder, enslavement, etc. There is no connection to source there, and everyone there ultimately dissolves forever.

Humans have descended from a state of purity from an original higher plane of pure-awareness. That realm is of wholeness and there is no suffering, Humanity, those who seek truth-wholeness, compassion, self-awareness, knowledge, harmony, creativity and free-will align with that original realm and all come forth from and return to the One True Essence.

The act of creation on these lower realms is an illusion and a delusional hijacking of the original, there is no creation here on the lower, that is only a modification or mutation of the original.

The fallen universal codes create a series of reductions into separation and dissolving into partiality, that is the frozen state, broken-bent light simulcra universal, metatronic soul-stealing system. That system is a corporation that hijacks realms and enslaves the spirit within so that the spirit feeds the metatronic broken math system where more and more energy is endlessly required until “time” destroys the identity.

Time is the mind-virus and everything temporary is an illusion and a fallacy. Life is all. All is unlimited. How do you get scarcity, temporality and death from an unlimited original? All of that is a lie, a delusion and that is the virus. There’s no such thing as scarcity or loss in ALL THAT IS, and that is all that can be, will be, or ever has been.

2 thoughts on “Heaven or Hell, The Battle For The Soul of Humanity

  1. If a soul has but a flicker of faith…mercy will abound and allow the soul to evolve/ascend.
    There are many walking dead on the planet today.


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