The Growth of the Tree

Grow strong roots, balance your height with your firm grounding, plan your ascent in a spiral pattern with a circular, 360 degree radiant expression of divinity.

Those who place their growth all in one direction, concept or person will be imbalanced and fallen over when the winds or rains come. The elements are coming.

Balance your height with your firmly planted roots so that you may grow tall enough to bear fruit that is at a distance from the ground and presented for life.

You live by your fruit of truth, wholeness, harmony, compassion, creativity, free-will, self-awareness and knowledge.

2 thoughts on “The Growth of the Tree

  1. The core foundation of being balanced and stable ‘Pillars of Light’ is to anchor deep roots into the core of Planet Earth Gaia.

    We are all walking, talking and breathing ‘Pillars of Light’.

    Whatever loving, positive, compassionate, kind and joyful feelings/thoughts we have, we send it down straight from our sacred heart space, right down to the sole of our feet and to send it straight into the core of Mother Earth Gaia.

    Then we send it to the Central Sun/Source for transmutation, transformation and rejuvenation – that’s the constant flow of Divine Spiritual Love, Light and Blessings being constantly balanced, anchored and maintenance of the spiritual highway bridges.

    When we keep on doing this – we are building more and more spiritual highway bridges towards the 5th dimensional planes. The purer the thoughts connected with our heart, the spiritual highway bridges will keep on forming. That is the ‘power’ of our heartfelt thoughts.

    Keep it simple, Keep it loving and kind, Keep it joyful with gratitude.

    And so it is.

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