Virtual Reality Alternate

Back-logged May.

Try Redshift or F.lux for healthier monitor light.

People are tricked through the society game! Only by choosing the truth in a balance of feeling and knowledge leads to self-awareness and the preservation of free-will! Hyperspace is a multidimensional nexus of multiple physical planes!

I know there is a lot of confusion. The primary confusion with “solutions” is that most of the solutions are literally the deception and the poison. The solution is truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion, free-will, knowledge and creativity. Living your life through that enables clearing of the problems.

The healing relies on clearing energetic implants, etheric attachments, unveiling and healing trauma, letting go of false personas, unveiling the unconscious aspects that control the conscious mind through programming in society, separate from the illusion and commit to this through the breaking of contracts and associations with the poisonous reality and observing-unveiling the true self and the true soul-awareness power of self-awareness and life energy.

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