Extra Telestials, Celebrity Cloning, Immortality, Suffering, Mind Control, Enlightenment

Sexual depravity is used to manipulate the mind of humans in the control system. Stress is increased and terror is used to dissociate the conscious mind and initiate a fracture which is then used to compartmentalize multiple personalities for individual and unique function in or out of ‘society’.

Nothing is as it seems. The mind automatically fractures upon entry or exit of this realm, this is literally an inherent process that exists as long as people exist in this way. These projects are simply the utilization of such an inherent nature for personal or commercial use.

As well, this resulted in information that yields access to alternate dimensions or parallels realities and without this capacity there would be no knowledge of these realms in the private sector. There would be knowledge, but in terms of the current mass manipulation we would not be as secure.

This is not in support of this process, but this is why people are utilized to gain knowledge and to control the population. The two don’t necessarily coincide and as a result many ‘suffer’ in this plane, however, from the higher-plane this reality looks to be a dream. Just as the higher-plane appears to be a dream from this ‘reality’ which is comprised of mental states and experiences that will operate like autonomous programs if a true sentience is not activated through free-will. This free-willed sentience can be ‘coaxed’ out of the ‘hole’ in the ground, or from above, through the inducing of stress to generate extreme focus and a casting aside of fear and distraction, however this process is dangerous and is not necessarily linked to the fracturing process which can be used to condition humans to be mind-slaves.

A human relies on a specific parameter range for experience, once a person sees beyond the veil they are ‘awakened’ and have access to information beyond the 3D plane.


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  1. Wow what rsmith45 just said was very close to what I was going to say, very similar experience it seems! I have followed pretty much daily since Nov. and share much. I should have taken notes from your shares Aug, now finding some things to ask/share.
    Do you have anything else to elaborate on what you said about triage being set up? I can’t find which video, but that has been brought back to me just now. I have some flashes of assisting others in another realm and we categorized them and had special rooms like an entire room of malachite or lapis stone. It was very joyful to know which ones to use to help as we knew it would work! An attitude of exciting healing restoration to wholeness, but this did not seem to be here in this realm.
    Also in caring for our current physical bodies there seems to be a point of balance where we need to do all we can to promote health but not obsessive compulsive where this occupies so much of our energy. I also feel keeping personal care as simplified as possible can conserve our attention, but in acute illness focus is needed of course.
    Thank you again and again.


  2. The fractured mind seems to be just like the dream mind. And waking up is just like the mind wipes. I sense I am dreaming in other times and places, but those memories feel literally like they are being sucked out of my mind when I wake up. I’ve never had so much difficulty to remember dreams before, even more then a few hours sleep is a challenge.


  3. you have really helped me on my journey these last 13 months. although i have since released my self from Facebook and most social sites i follow on blogs and you tube when i can catch up on it i know you hear stuff like this all the time just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share everything you have done and continue to do. i have fell far off the grid (compared to how i was living over a year ago) from the internet phones everything in general but always find myself back at your stuff finding more answers you have helped reshape my perspective. just felt the need to make contact you are a unique soul and im very glad i have learned what i learned so many more doors to open i can actually say now i am fearless and before this journey i was faithless but your knowledge helped me find god inside my self. your work has done more then i think you could ever understand i mean that in the most sincere way possible. take care friend

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