Extra Telestials, Celebrity Cloning, Immortality, Suffering, Mind Control, Enlightenment

Sexual depravity is used to manipulate the mind of humans in the control system. Stress is increased and terror is used to dissociate the conscious mind and initiate a fracture which is then used to compartmentalize multiple personalities for individual and unique function in or out of ‘society’.

Nothing is as it seems. The mind automatically fractures upon entry or exit of this realm, this is literally an inherent process that exists as long as people exist in this way. These projects are simply the utilization of such an inherent nature for personal or commercial use.

As well, this resulted in information that yields access to alternate dimensions or parallels realities and without this capacity there would be no knowledge of these realms in the private sector. There would be knowledge, but in terms of the current mass manipulation we would not be as secure.

This is not in support of this process, but this is why people are utilized to gain knowledge and to control the population. The two don’t necessarily coincide and as a result many ‘suffer’ in this plane, however, from the higher-plane this reality looks to be a dream. Just as the higher-plane appears to be a dream from this ‘reality’ which is comprised of mental states and experiences that will operate like autonomous programs if a true sentience is not activated through free-will. This free-willed sentience can be ‘coaxed’ out of the ‘hole’ in the ground, or from above, through the inducing of stress to generate extreme focus and a casting aside of fear and distraction, however this process is dangerous and is not necessarily linked to the fracturing process which can be used to condition humans to be mind-slaves.

A human relies on a specific parameter range for experience, once a person sees beyond the veil they are ‘awakened’ and have access to information beyond the 3D plane.




All right.  Lost my train of thought again.  This is about programming methods, more or less, by the dark faction, and the reason behind how that and how it connects to this rung of society, which is just an age.  There is this idea that without a cosmic drama, without a struggle from higher to low, inner to outer, ignorance to truth, without some form of refining process, the spirit, the mind stagnates and there is only suffering and lossness.  The idea is that there are teams of individuals who are designated players in this cosmic drama, game, reality show system.  The dark, their job, their designation, is to cause the highest degree of suffering possible for a human being or a physical being.  The highest degree of suffering and challenge possible.  The idea is not to kill.  It’s not to torture or maim.  It’s to entangle the mind within the traps in this physical dimension.  The ignorance, OK?  Ignorance and knowledge is not physical.  It’s energetic. Conceptual.  There are these mind traps and this often results in fracturing the conscious mind.  This connects to the celebrity cloning.  That’s another aspect that I want to speak on because that is the basis for what happens to those who become assets of the overall system to where they are utilized as gatekeepers, or, and I don’t like that term, it’s not accurate, not in the truest sense.  But they become spokespersons for the ideologies of this system which each time is just one layer after another, inching forwards, towards a more complete goal, but it’s never really complete.  Not until the show is basically over, which at that point is a whole different system all together.



That’s what a lot of the celebrities go though and the majority of it is based upon, centralized around, begins and ends, is literally the goal, sexual depravity and basically that,  deception, lies, insults, swearing, defilement, defiling religion or spirituality. Higher spirituality truth… All of that is secondary to the abuse, the manipulation of the sexual energy which is the strongest physical, physically dominant force of energy which is actually a bridge between the spiritual and the physical.  Then you have the kind of refined version of that which is a higher form of creativity.  That’s the basis for the control systems and when you see these celebrities who are in public eye, begin to, more or less, come to terms with what has happened and how they have been used or what they’ve been through.  That’s where you see changes in their demeanor.  You see messages, as if they’re putting it, plain as day, out in public for all to see.  Of course, with the slyness that is that system, part of the system is then to tell on themselves.  It’s as if nothing ever changes.  It’s very difficult to catch.  But in that same sense, you can see what they are going through and what’s happening with different colors being used, different wardrobes or styles and symbolism in their media, music, acting, whatever.  You’ll see that and it’s about stress of the mind.  This is related entirely to the stress related to travel through electrogravitic means with simple dilation.  All types of issues that arise with that.  This is related to fracturing the mind for personal use, as a mind, or sex slave, and for commercial use as an assassin, a spy, a sex slave, spokesperson or celebrity,  a whole host of reasons, lists of functions.  The idea behind the soldier, or militant aspect of this is to militarize the mind in that way after such a fracturing has occurred… basically the person can be programmed to not stop at anything.  And as well, to completely forget about all of it,  and in that sense,  if they are captured, as well there is little, very little risk of being captured because of the training that turns them into a robot.  They wont even remember, or know who they are, or what happened.  They can get their fingers cut off, it doesn’t matter.  Unless that other crew knows the access codes into that persons mind, which is not likely.



It all became technological.  It used to be basically,  like another person talking about this…  I’m not going to throw their name out here now because of the subject of this, but it used to be beating the shit out of the person until they turn into a baby, basically,  and their mind begins to shut off and then there is like all these games and rituals and programming.  It’s like a Halloween show on acid, literally,  with Iboga and Ketamine, to completely disable a person.  Literally, horrific.  It’s genuinely creative, ingenious, because the ways they come up with to access your mind, it will be stuff you didn’t even realize you were afraid off, that you were holding back.  They will have profiled the responses, the hits on certain words or phrases.  That’s what’s happening en masse with the media and the social mind, the collective mind.   Right now the collective mind is unaware.  If it was self aware, none of this works.  People don’t run around like a herd of animals in a crowd and fight at the drop of a pin or a hat.  That is animal (behavior).   That is how animals operate.



The whole point of this is that the goal is to get to self awareness.  It’s to get to the collective mind awakening.  I have my discrepancies.  I was getting deja vu again from when I first began to talk about this.  I first began to talk this.. I first began to talk about this… see?  That’s what’s going on in my head.  There are discrepancies about believing, and the process, and this that and the other, and who’s really being honest…   It’s tricky. The idea is that this is for the collective mind, to awaken the collective mind in that, until that occurs, people really can’t complain because there is nobody there to complain to, which is perfect.  I’m not going to fully say I agree with that, but I do know what it refers to with basically, a sleeper.  A person who is turned off.  It’s not like they are a complete ass, or they are horrifically mean.  It’s literally like they are a robot.  There is nobody there.  And this relates to the hybridization projects and basically this mass enslavement through these frequencies.  The idea here is that with these frequencies, a persons mind can be mind linked, synchronized to a person manning what is a psychotronic weapons system, scalar system.  I can’t remember the specific word for it. It’s basically a beam system technology that triangulates the person and sends vibrations into their field, which is, when they are hit with something that causes a standing wave.  Something hits their skull first and it causes a silent resonation.  You hear like the high pitched or…  Ok, that puts out a standing wave.  Then that wave can be vibrated with two other beams that go in and cause a secondary, or in this case actually a third wave, trinary,  because its yours, the other one, and now these additional ones.  Whatever that third one is or that secondary one is what your brain will slowly snap to.  It will become altered and modified towards.   If you know about that, you stand a chance.  If you have no idea, then you’re going to be fighting, having all these desires, and this crazy stuff, having the mind shut off, not being able to think and have critical thought.  That’s what’s happening.  That’s what is being used.  When its very high,  what we have seen, it’s literally a person sitting there, and then it’s as if they are possessed by somebody else.  There is another reality, spiritual reality, where there are called “symbolic energetic consciousness beings”, entities, from the spiritual realm.  This is not that.  This is literally a guy manning a machine, a device that jumps into someone else’s body and gets them to do whatever they want.  The point is that,  the guise,  is that this is for the betterment of humanity, in that ultimately,  without a struggle, there would be no motion, and we would have stagnated, and fizzled out long ago.  You either become immortal gods, or like gods, or return to god, the creator, not the lordship being who beats the crap out of people that he doesn’t like, because that’s the Demiurge.  You have to look into it, basically.  There is one of love, and their is one of jealously and anger.  We either advance or we fizzle out.  There is no in-between.  Time is the in-between.  History has run its course time and time again.



Apparently, what has happened is that we came from an immortal state into this place with the concept that we would have to explore something we didn’t explore before in order to solidify humanity, who we are here, back into eternity.  Back into the god head, if you can use that term but that is an outdated, occult term, which refers to some of these other interpretations.  The idea is that, that’s where this began, but from there it kind of spiralled out of control.  Like i said in another video, it all goes down to whether people are attaining what they want in life, and it worked.  Now we got it all out of our system, and in the same sense we became who we were meant to be, or we, people don’t.  The methods that are used are literally to infiltrate the persons energetic field, their mind, using technology and the mind of another individual, and to, more or less, infiltrate them, and get them to participate in what we’ve seen as rituals, ritual abuse, promiscuity,  murder, assassination… all types of stuff.  That’s what you see with the celebrities and the celebrity cloning.  It stresses them a lot.  All you can really do is, more or less, make use of the information, so it’s understood, basically, that people are knowing.  But as well, the dark faction, their goal is to stress the person until they can overcome it or they just give up, period.  It’s not whether they can overcome it and then they don’t give up or they don’t give up… It kind of is, because if they wanted people to just not have anything to do with it, they would just kill everybody, that would be it.  It’s not.  To put it in layman’s terms (which is kind of derogatory),  it’s a torture game for them.  The goal is not to kill. It’s not to completely disable, although, the result of torturing or increasing the stress beyond somebodies limitations is basically disabling them.  So, that’s the result.   It’s like an accidental system where they intend to overwhelm the individual without actually trying to overwhelm them and kill them, while still aiming towards, or at least operating under the guise of bettering humanity by inducing strength and bringing practices.  It becomes 100% an inversion of all the natural essences to the point where everything is reversed and the mind is flipped upside down and turned inside out.  This, more or less, exposes the mind, where everything that was inner, and sacred, becomes the outer, raggedy part of it.  To be abraised by the world.  What is normally the outer,  not meaningless stuff but less centralized stuff goes to the core, and the person is basically flipped inside out.  This confuses the entire psychology of the individual and introduces, basically, altered states.  That’s what it’s about.  It’s about tripping the person out, in whatever way that can be managed, and then utilized and repeated as if its a scientific process of taking over a persons mind, which is what it is.  That’s what’s happening en masse.  That’s what’s happening.  We’re getting out of the error of these experimentations with the bases, but as well, these experimentations simply went overt, and covert at the same time to the point where they are so well developed, and the technology is so advanced, that the same thing is being done, the same results are being met, but it’s so invisible, people don’t even know that it’s happening.



When before they had to beat the crap out of people and drug them, kill them, bring them back to life, kill them again, bring them back to life… the mind is going to fracture when that happens.  Apparently, if they do that enough times, this is where it gets weird, something happens where the person comes back and they have full memory recall of earth.  That there’s a creation of earth.  There’s higher beings, over beings.  They come back… They go to heaven and hell, and come back with the memory of everything.  They’ve met the creator.  They’ve met it all.  They’ve seen it all.  So there is some crazy immortality.  The knowledge of everything and all that is “thing” or reaction that happens when a person goes through certain processes all the way.  It’s almost like that’s the success, it’s just that it fails all the time because not everyone can go though that.



It goes from who’s a monster to who’s a scientist, to who’s really trying to help because we are in this trap system where all our truth and past is hidden from us by the way the system works… Very confusing.  It’s layers.  It’s like an onion.  It’s how it’s designed, and its all cryptographically encoded… Like layers of mystery, riddled, different languages used.  It’s all encrypted.  That’s the basis for all of it.  The information of the mind is all in symbols, it’s all metaphor.  That’s how your subconscious works.  It’s all like dreams. Like everybody’s dreaming.  Like they are accessing dreams.



The last part of this is the methods that are used. When a person is placed into a state of fear, a vibration of fear, where they are very very low in awareness, emotion or feeling, they are at the level of trauma that was present when they were born.  The person has a near death experience, automatically.  They begin receive messages, images of the other side. They basically… you see your family, your ancestors.  This is apparently tapping into the genetic aspect of the DNA and the consciousness.  It’s actually the unconscious mind, because we don’t have access to information casually. At that point, they are in a super conscious state but it is very strange, foreign, alien, well its not alien, but spiritual to this realm.  It’s extra telestial.



Basically, at that point they can move in, program, put in any information, any programming, desires, fears, whatever it is that they want.  What that does is then when the person dies, and this is weird, because apparently people only die if this system overwhelms them because they invented death through this system.  They are literally the bringers of death,  the harbingers of death.  They are the grim reaper.  They invented a role, or somebody that will do that because people don’t naturally die.  It’s the strangest thing and it’s all being mapped out by the system which functions like a big organic bio-technical computer system which responds to the body as if it’s the same.



They also said another group created the body.  Another group created the soul, the land, the moon, and things like that…. super computer systems in the atmosphere, UFO craft.  The soul is still an aspect of this matrix.  The idea is that when that programming is input, the person dies and if they have not gone back to heal that level of programming, they will vibrate on a frequency relative to what symbols and essences were inputted by the programming.  These match the frequencies of the devices that are activating soul catching nets.  It’s a way of ensnaring a persons soul.



One explanation is that they do that because we are all, already within a soul net.  Whoever built this place here, built this and basically stole it from the original version, put a soul net there, and that their soul net is the one that whoever get’s in it is saved from the BS recycling crap.  Then you can get away from that.   That’s one explanation.  That it’s accessing the genetic memory and inputting their code frequency harmonics, which is what the DNA is,  and becoming part of you and merging into their collective. It’s the strangest thing but that’s how they do it.  That’s happening to the masses with terror attacks and false flags.  It’s all a show but with people in such a state of terror induced fight-or-flight fear, they can access their minds and input themselves,  and literally hybridize them spiritually, so that their souls merge and they basically siphon energy from people.   These are just people doing this.  They are very, very intelligent people.  They enhance their intelligence to the point where they are no longer classified as humans.  It needs a new classification at that point if these types of capabilities suddenly come around if no being in this plane ever does anything like that.  They call themselves demi-gods or gods.  (getting tired, yawns)



That is one of the programming methods. Sounds basic, but imagine 400,000 different people, with different spooky masks, then imagine chemicals, sounds, harmonics, lights, frequencies, out of body experiences, other beings, hybrid beings, full bodysuits, simulated environments… It gets weird, and that’s the point. That’s what the celebrities go through and they are in pain a lot because their memories are separated.  When the memories come back that is when there is a stress fracture.  That is to be avoided and everything has to be toward healing now because the overall goal is to awaken humanity. Without the struggle it is said that people…  If you are an immortal species and you have nothing to do, everyone goes insane.  That’s how it works. But as well, we’re not suppose to be here, whether it be natural struggles…  But again, we are here now so everything has to be amped up to a certain degree.



That’s part of the story, the other end of it is that our bodies were designed by these beings who use technology to steal the soul by stealing the genetic, harmonic frequencies, the code, and inputting that into bodies, cloned bodies, that are called human vessels.  They literally mapped all this stuff out, used devices, and implanted everyone on the planet.  When they went back to see, with temporal viewing, the origins of humanity, the beginnings of the universe, what happened is they saw some goobers planted humans there like a people farm, which is weird.  There is a higher, higher, a most high. That’s the whole point.  We all have to awaken because that’s what is within.



All right.  Need to end this soon.  Already yawned three or four times… There is so much more to say but a lot of it is color coded.  Try and look into that as far as the celebrity cloning.  You don’t have to sit there and think about traumatization, although, managing trauma, healing trauma, confronting it, is the undoing of that process, and the strengthening of that person, because that process takes away the power of the individual.



It works like this.  This is kind of the wrap of to it all.  When that trauma is there, a person goes into a mode of destabilized awareness.  In that system, there will be periods of awakening, and periods of forgetfulness.  In the periods of forgetfulness, there will be a loss of power where they’ll feel the need to do things.  Whether its these panic attacks,  OCD motions, depraved actions, violence, outbursts, schitzophrenic breaks,  psychotic episodes, bi-polar episodes… That’s basically what happens and then they return to normal.  The more that happens, the more that person has to have an episode in order to come back to baseline and feel ok.  The goal of history, of society, of civilization, is to see how we’re going from high to low consistently like this big binary wave pattern, which is not very (yawn) efficient for a non-dual method of awareness where we are capable of comprehending beyond the ego.  When the ego is in that, it’s full of suffering because it fears, it believes it.  Every time it feels up, its like “Ahh! I’m this forever!”,  and then it goes down and “ahh! I’m going to be down forever!”  It forgets.  It’s an illusion.  It’s the maximum of the illusion.  That’s what it is. That this realm as an illusion, the perception, to mention the previous video,  it’s maximized when that trauma is there.  When you have that kind of dichotomy of being, that bi-polar, bi-optic, split-brain, higher and lower, left and right, system where everything is kind of at an odds.  That’s the pendulum.  It’s also time.  But the idea is that, the solution is some how getting it to do what it does, and then bring it back to a steady baseline while retaining that awareness.  If we do it without retaining and learning what that is and taking back our power, it’s just going to fizzle out.  That’s what it is. It just drops off.



If we take back our power, then it’s held within that.  If it’s done properly, it works for an eternity and that’s it.  That we are self aware for eternity and nothing can stop that from there on out, which is the goal.  To bring about though all this turmoil and suffering, to bring about an eternal race, which is through the transcending, the collapsing back down, the harmonizing of this flip-flop polarity between the conscious/subconscious mind.  I could go on and on about that duality of the conscious mind and the transcendence of the subconscious.  How the subconscious is like a collective with fuzzy edges. It is based upon fuzzy logic and in a different number set where the conscious mind is linear and projected in illusory, in that sense, a mechanism behind the neurochemistry of the brain as it’s a kind of a collective all-or-nothing, but as well, a cloud kind of computing presence where consciousness works where you can only approach one thing at a time.  It’s kind of this interplay between what it is, and what it isn’t.  These dualized forces of being. When we merge into a kind of congruent pattern within that and we are harmonized, having it in our power to be that way, we don’t need to have forgetfulness, wakefulness. Even, they say, sleep and death don’t exist, once we harmonize, because it’s all energy at that point.



Once the society begins to do that, we have a collective mind that awakens.  If we’re in a crowd and somebody yells “Hey let’s fight you stupid faces!”,  now everyone starts fighting.   If we have a collective self-awareness, everyone goes “You know who that is?  I dunno… Hmmm.”



They are all thinking.  Not just reacting.  Imagine that.  It’s the craziest thing seeing a human civilization that does that.  It’s wild. Here everyone is just like “Hey… what do we do?”  And then they just run and start throwing stuff.  Why would you do that?  There is no mind.  It’s crazy.  But when that happens and people begin to wake up, the realm itself is tuned into those frequencies and it begins to change.  That is the big shift of the ages and all that.  It’s as simple as that, although, if the trauma stands in the way, it’s this simple game,  but the challenge is spreading that information, that knowledge, and literally seeping it in like a big brain trying to wake up and get all the nutrients distributed out through everything.



That’s just some of the topics.  Some of the ideas that I haven’t been talking about lately, recently,  that needs to be talked about.  I know others aren’t mentioning, and I don’t want people to forget, because you are going to see it sooner or later.  Chances are you already are.  You don’t know it.  It’s in the back of your mind.  You haven’t really faced yourself yet.  Now most people who watch this, from reading the comments,  are pretty aware.  Thank you.  Thank you for the comments and all that stuff.   I’ll try to get through a lot of the comments when I get around to it because I stopped stopping for a lot of things… which isn’t personal, but things are accelerating and decisions have to be made.  Choices are going to have to be made. Not a decision, where you are going to be forced to pick between one and the other.  It’s decisive, deciding, slicing, it is a choice.   You are picking from a radiant option where you are going to go, and it’s your self awareness that’s going to result from that.  That’s where we are coming to.  Others are going to see this as a choice of one door or the other door.  If you are choosing self awareness, it will look like a radiant degree of angles and anyone you choose,  as long as its you’re choosing it, is the one.



All right.  Thank you.



Transcribed by Ra Zahdoom

4 thoughts on “Extra Telestials, Celebrity Cloning, Immortality, Suffering, Mind Control, Enlightenment

  1. Wow what rsmith45 just said was very close to what I was going to say, very similar experience it seems! I have followed pretty much daily since Nov. and share much. I should have taken notes from your shares Aug, now finding some things to ask/share.
    Do you have anything else to elaborate on what you said about triage being set up? I can’t find which video, but that has been brought back to me just now. I have some flashes of assisting others in another realm and we categorized them and had special rooms like an entire room of malachite or lapis stone. It was very joyful to know which ones to use to help as we knew it would work! An attitude of exciting healing restoration to wholeness, but this did not seem to be here in this realm.
    Also in caring for our current physical bodies there seems to be a point of balance where we need to do all we can to promote health but not obsessive compulsive where this occupies so much of our energy. I also feel keeping personal care as simplified as possible can conserve our attention, but in acute illness focus is needed of course.
    Thank you again and again.


  2. The fractured mind seems to be just like the dream mind. And waking up is just like the mind wipes. I sense I am dreaming in other times and places, but those memories feel literally like they are being sucked out of my mind when I wake up. I’ve never had so much difficulty to remember dreams before, even more then a few hours sleep is a challenge.


  3. you have really helped me on my journey these last 13 months. although i have since released my self from Facebook and most social sites i follow on blogs and you tube when i can catch up on it i know you hear stuff like this all the time just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share everything you have done and continue to do. i have fell far off the grid (compared to how i was living over a year ago) from the internet phones everything in general but always find myself back at your stuff finding more answers you have helped reshape my perspective. just felt the need to make contact you are a unique soul and im very glad i have learned what i learned so many more doors to open i can actually say now i am fearless and before this journey i was faithless but your knowledge helped me find god inside my self. your work has done more then i think you could ever understand i mean that in the most sincere way possible. take care friend

    Liked by 3 people

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