Soft-Disclosure: American Dad Christmas Episode


American Dad Christmas Episode



The elf escaped from Santa’s secret operation in the North Pole involving child labor. He blamed politics, diseased culture, following orders, loss of rights and such.



Santa steals children from around the world, instead of delivering gifts.



“Magic” is needed to get to the North Pole.



Stan finds “Krampus” who looks similar to “The Devil” who is actually Stan’s father.



Krampus takes them to the North Pole by passing



They actually pass through a portal in a moment which acts as a false-door.



They appear in fa new realm which Krampus describes as a channel between time and space, before and after all things.



Santa catches them and then tells of the Epic of Gilgamesh and reveals there is a giant burried in antarctica where there is also a secret forest hidden there.



Santa’s plan is to awaken the giant and usher in a new age of unimaginable terror.



Upon awakening the giant there are 7 radiances that are to be regained which will lead to the power.



Hate powers the chariot in reverse, love powers it fowrward. This seems to be a metaphor for the spiritual evolution of humanity.



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