The Future Creates the Past; This is a Rogue Temporal Experiment in Quantum Decoherence

The future creates the past. What you look for is created by the act. This is backwards from how we usually want to think that one looks for something because the act of looking is connected to knowing and the act of knowing is connected to the fact that it must exist and therefore exist as a causal source.

That is true time. The act of looking is due to the knowing which leads to the creation of the experience or the reality. The existence of the reality does not lead to the experience as first the knowing is required to create the blueprint which then maps out the experience of the journey of finding and experiencing for the first time.

This may seem difficult to comprehend at first but the concept that we are in a simulation of sorts, a time loop that is managed with controlled and calculated continual updates or modifications using technology and strategically initiated causal sources, helps in conceptualization process.

This process has been fine-tuned to influence specific aspects of reality, consciousness or time. All three are the same concept from different methods of measurement.

All things happen, every thought that leads into another thought leads into an experience and all things happen.

Any disrespect in one’s mind is reflected instantly and manifested back in a counterproductive effect upon the originator.

Imagine how if you had a time machine any thing you did could disrupt the original future which is anchoring the past. Thus, if you discovered something undesirable was going to happen to someone and you stepped in to alter that, you would be potentially destroying a balance and in that sense, ALWAYS destroying a balance because time is PERFECTLY IMPERFECT as it is without intervention.

The idea is that with this introduction of say, anger against someone who acted disrespectful or fear for someone who is to experience loss, with these personal, biased motivations, EGO is reinforced. In the far future of the trajectory that is then created, EGO is the result and the causal source. Thus, this is the ILLUSION then being more important than the TRUE SOURCE. This is backwards and leads to destruction, undoing, or a quantum collapse of coherence.

Thus, the idea here is that EVERYONE is ‘back in time’. ANY ACTION motivated by EGO is part of the ILLUSION, and the FUTURE is the ALREADY COMPLETED version that is THREATENED with INCOMPLETION or DESTRUCTION-DISRUPTION if one acts in ways here that are guided by EGO and personal BIAS or ILLUSION.

This is literally as if we are placed into the far past from a society that is already complete and someone wanted to see who would disrupt their genetics and thus lock themselves out of the original, future, current society of very high advancement.

That is the nature of the experiment. Ego vs truth, illusion vs reality. Chaos vs harmony. It’s all already done. Everything is complete, we must withdraw from the illusion, the impostor, the control of the EGO in partiality of the whole of the sense of self, and step into true power which is beyond partiality or physical expression.


4 thoughts on “The Future Creates the Past; This is a Rogue Temporal Experiment in Quantum Decoherence

  1. You state that the knowing is first required to create the blueprint that maps out the experience, but if that is so, then it would seem that no one could experience anything that is truly new and previously unknown, mind expanding, and totally unexpected.


  2. Ahhh. Aug. Thank you. As of these last three posts of yours I am having an inner sight come up and show me I recognize your words. I appreciate you. You show the way and as I write that, I feel a wave of sweetness… it’s the immense gratitude so many feel for your being so pure and resolute to steadily impart this information poetically, softly and fiercely, Each time I read, or watch, it is as you say – the subconscious comes closer to the conscious. I remember Heaven. And again, thank you. 🌹


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