This is an alternate dimension. The human race has been trapped in a simulated reality.

The control system has existed for hundreds of thousands of years.

The advancement of technology achieved the capacity to replicate worlds and life experiences. This is veritably a multidimensional prison.

Imagination is the filtration system for this reality. Ones imagination can alter this reality.

This time will return to that of totality of mind where everything is imagination. This is a very transitory period.

the energy levels must be appropriate for release and one must know how to navigate out of the energy trap system which replicates ones own mind and initiated the imaginative reality creation process.

The mind itself is the labyrinth.

To escape one must be aware of all that is done to keep humanity enslaved. One must become hardened to these manipulation methods.

The war began instantly throughout time using temporal distortion technology and so it seems as if it was always taking place. In reality the original timeline was altered to and from and therefore the entire timeline is actually a secondary or further timeline due to the modifications made.

The control systems in place are to secure the timeline.


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