The Acquisition of Parallels

So much pain last night I wasn’t sure if I’d be here today. Part of this was from ingesting fake meat. Those are highly processed compositions of mainly oils and soy. Not food, I knew this but had run out of other preparations and didn’t want to take the time to cook lentils, so of course, I poisoned myself with low quality food. Yay. Tempeh seems to be the only soy food that is non-toxic, for the most part, at least for now.

And if you didn’t know, it’s true the fermented foods and liquids like Kombucha create the Aldehyde byproducts which are toxic to the liver. Pro-biotics are helpful, but I was informed that most of the kind the public receives are not the originals and that each person’s second brain which is in the gut, is custom fitted to their mother’s unique probiotic formula.

The second brain is in the gut where there are more neuronal connections and communications taking place between the heart, the gut and the brain than the brain itself.

As well there is one of the major, if not the major center of the immune system located in the gut where the digestive process and the proliferation of the good bacteria will stabilize the entire line of defense of the body. From white blood cells to specific enzymes produced for memorizing which substances have what effect, this area is highly sensitive and very important for the overall health of the body.


I love everyone I’ve had had the opportunity to work with and, in my humble opinion, the system is virtually perfect and will always bring about the results that one deserves. Whether we are willing to face this at this point is not a matter of our clearance but a willingness to accept self-responsibility and refuse to project blame and self-loathing onto others just to pass the buck for one more round. There is so much that can be done with the effort that is required or skipped to project blame and suffering onto someone else that anyone who participates in that, in this age, is 100% signing a contract for their own demise and the demise of their civilization which is a very dangerous and unacceptable choice. Again, in the age where one person can utilize the power to generate as much change and view as much information in one hour that an entire village would’ve had access to 100’s a years ago over the course of a decade or more, every single choice every single observer makes is the most important choice of all of our lives.

Now, for the reason of this post, I’m going to try to ensure one simple yet reasonably presented concept per communication.

Here’s the idea. The way we view time is a projected inversion from the actuality of what is. Because time cannot be accessed all at once from a conscious perspective within the body that is limited or anchored to a specific time-space location, what we view is, instead, a sliced down projected version that gives a kind of microscopically magnified projection rather than an up-front and direct actual view.

This is the only way it’s possible, while in a body, because the information inherently too vast and unbounded to enable comprehension through waking consciousness. The “I” of the conscious mind cannot comprehend the totality of existence while still using itself as a reference, from within that view, to enable that view. It’s pretty self-explanatory in that there is an inherent paradox in trying to view the entirety of something you are a part of, while still being a part of it.

Thus, we get this kind of mirrored reflected projected view so that we can see pretty much what we need to, while still interacting and going along with it. This becomes a kind of dream-like show where the view we are seeing is filtered, almost as if behind a 20-second relay like in TV production. The notion to grasp here is that instead of blocking out a potential swear or unsavory expression, the filtration system is blocking out that which exists beyond the limitations of one’s own conscious ability to comprehend reality. In other words, the filter is ensuring that the entire scope of reality beyond what you have been conditioned to accept as “normal” doesn’t make it’s way onto the stage. To put it simply, the TRUTH of that which is too shocking or beyond the norm is filtered by the conscious mind as the brain designs a quaint little projected squared image to keep the show running for the most generic of audiences. This is the basis for the collectively shared reality and the mundane world that consists of PC (projected collectively) notions and constructs that enables the previous system or the status quo to keep doing what it’s doing.

Thus, it’s not only like a projected, microscopically rendered view based on conditioned beliefs and consensus norms, it’s like a freight train that keeps going and wants to keep going with you as the conductor just because that’s what’s been happening for thousands of years or the length of your waking life.

So what does this mean? This means that when searching for the original or wider-scope of reality, we can either generate enough signals with the track itself or maybe a central conductor system so that the tracks switch and the rails join with a larger continuum again or we can jump off the tracks entirely and safely meet back on an entirely new projected track which no longer automatically filters out the majority of the important information.

So to keep this short and simple, if that’s a possibility, when one manually takes the time to refine their awareness and reorganize perception to possibly do away with unnecessary perceptual illusions this is like going within and doing the necessary internal work to overcome trauma or habitual mental distortions or loss of self-control.

The other method is to theorize, realize, imagine and literally mentally grasp that there is another track out there that relates to the world that we know is real but is adjacent or parallel to the track or world-view we are currently on.

This second process is the notion that I am presenting, or attempting to, here. The idea is that if enough people gather their intentions and their imagination and project onto reality the orientation for a track, or world-view, that leads directly to an entirely new city then it is possible to use these powers of intent and imagination to reach that new city.

That idea is this, it is possible to CREATE the new city, literally by first imagining the track that one would use to take themselves there.

I’m probably not doing a well enough job of explaining this, but the concept is that the FUTURE you, an entire civilization, an entire time and scope of reality exists in a POTENTIAL state with everything that you could desire (with balance and harmony of course).

To make this as simple as possible, this is the explanation.

A team can be organized. That team can use advanced technology to enhance the brainwave emissions and generate an electrogravitic distortion field around the immediate proximity. This team can project with intent and imagination, an immediately future situation where they have gained access to a new reality or world-view stream which contains information and assistance from those within that civilization willing to assist in the liberation of the group.

If properly mapped and applied, this energetic act can literally open up a kind of energetic gateway to a civilization that has, from their own point of view, always existed. From our point of a view, a connection will be made with a future possible civilization of the current reality in which everything that we are looking for in terms of assistance, liberation, kindness, compassion, truth, knowledge, will exist and will be present in a very real way to assist in the furthering of our own civilization.

In philosophical, and even mathematical and ‘quantum’ terms, this civilization is immediately brought into existence merely by the projected intent of those in the present to correspond with and organize their own reality-streams in respect to that future potential civilization. In the same terms, the civilization is simultaneously, always already in existence and we are merely bridging a consciousness gap between the two. As well, simultaneously, both civilizations are simply a reflection of one another and are trading off imagination and intent in a kind of see-saw of sister-civilization acts of tandem creation and connection.

The idea is that this works for ANYTHING. If you merely set up the premise, the foundation for something in the future that would otherwise require millions of years to come into existence, THAT ALREADY ALL EXISTS. All you’re doing is building a bridge to that PREEXISTING civilization, or YOU, or REALITY and then interacting with that reality-stream.

The idea is that EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE ALREADY EXISTS, ALL OF IT. All you are to do is MAKE THE CONNECTION to THAT WHICH YOU SEEK TO EXPERIENCE, and with enough intent and application of advanced knowledge you will SIMULTANEOUSLY BUILD A LINK TO THAT REALITY, WHILE THAT REALITY SIMULTANEOUSLY BUILDS A LINK TO THIS ONE. It’s all the same, it’s all reflexive consciousness, reality co-creation mirrors and dream-like extensions of experience.

By forming the foundation you are simultaneously enabling what already exists to connect with you in this reality while also forming the possibility for the connected reality to COME INTO EXISTENCE and this is through the generation of the THIRD REALITY, which is created as soon as the TWO BECOME BRIDGED TOGETHER AS ONE LARGER ONE.

This is EXACTLY what happened in the underground bases. Lot’s of what is out there is programming to scare the crap out of people but that’s also because THAT’S PART OF WHAT IS OUT THERE. Anything you can imagine! So you MUST be courageous and self-responsible. However, what happens is kind of like this in simple terms. We realized the nature of the universe to fill in the blanks like this, literally just like seeing 3-dots and your brain draws in imaginary lines to make a triangle. Instead, the universe does this with entire civilizations and timelines.

So this property is realized and then we say, “Ok, we’ll set up the conscious parameters for say, a more advanced civilization, say, a sister civilization that helped initiate our civilization and is responsible for many artifacts and events that are currently unexplained to us. Then we will sit and say, assign a designated area over here on the floor that will act as a safe-zone where both civilizations can communicate. Then we will enhance the permeability of this environment to enable communication from all kinds of radio-signals or methods of advanced communication. Then we will say, ok, at 10 pm, that is the designated time and we have always been preparing for that and this was part of the plan all along, just because we just invented that.”

Everything is set up and put into place, bam, we get a message from a future civilization that apparently has been waiting for us to figure how to communicate in this method.

Now, the tricky part. Imagine, “hmmm, there’s also a spooky, boogie man type reality or false messenger who just wants to trick people.”

Well, yes, if you can imagine that, then that exists as well. So everything must be secured and no one is to believe or interact with anything in any way that could compromise one’s mind or the safety of either civilization. Tricky, yes, but so are your dreams.

Then we realize, hmm, certain artifacts seem to be appearing out of no where in time, certain events in history, certain people and places.

Other groups have begun the same process and things are opening up to the point where ALL THE POSSIBLE POSSIBLE realities will begin to occur SIMULTANEOUSLY until ONLY THOSE that are capable of STILL EXISTING while ALL OTHERS BEGIN TO EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY, WILL STILL EXIST.

Meaning, when more and more appear, this will destabilize and begin to knock out others that are say, overlapping in possibility because they are not as accurate or AKA, BSing and stealing energy. Well, just imagine, “Ok everyone gets together, now we imagine that there is some civilization out there, they’re very young, they want the truth and help, and so we will appear to them and steal all their shit and rape their women.”

Yes, if you can imagine it, that is possible, so there are groups that are out of temporal resonance who are attempting to do that, and some say they are from here originally and are just playing a merry go round of lost time.

Regardless, that means that many will appear and then appear to be proven false, only those who continue to exist throughout all of this will actually be true and all of this is dependent on the belief of the public, meaning this is a highly volatile and dangerous situation.

In short, this is how our civilization began in the first place, as the dream of another original.


10 thoughts on “The Acquisition of Parallels

  1. Hi Aug, English isn’t my native language so I apologyze in advance for my poor grammar. I’ve taken the audacity to translate your post to Spanish without asking so I can share it and hopefully reach a group of people who otherwise couldn’t do it by themselves. I myself wasn’t able to find much information in Spanish and that’s how I ended struggling and learning English. Thanks for your job and the effort you put into it, it’s inspiring.


  2. And the most interesting ..if the soul leaves the body it is not part of it and never was , the human body most definitely is activated by it through mechanisms connected to the zygote designed obviously by an extremely advanced evil psychopathic entity . Hence final conclusion the soul is from a completely different place and completely different dimension , realm and spiritual knowledge is leaching from the soul into this reality as the psychopathic entity is far from perfect just like us. The human body is pure evil and continually hinders the soul for as long as it is animated by it. The only task at hand is to realise consequences for separating the human body from the soul without separating the soul from the entrance back into this artificial afterbirth of an existence a serve spiritually depraved entity designed and prolonged until very soon considering how long it has been running. My key is continual meditation on the fact that i dont belong here in this form as I have learned from Aug we are so much more than biological meat bags that are rotting , and the world we were taken from is incomprehensible as it is all the beautiful dreams you have ever had and much much more .


  3. In walking meditation today I thought of the team concept and felt I was on a team but can’t find the others so we must be connected another way other than what we are used to here. Food is a challenge and I take responsibility for my choices and suffer too when I deviate from what i know but the foods are getting fewer that feel bene ficial but I will keep trying. I wish you well. You are appreciated


  4. I look forward to your posts and videos, Aug. All is changing , as I continue to grasp the enormity of the All, and our parts in waking up. The messages you translate are part of the weaving , the map we all need to navigate and merge into future selves. Gratitude for your work and service, Dear One. You are loved…all is well…


  5. Perhaps you’ve posted already…but what is your ailment you’re dealing with on the physical level? Since we are going against the matrix and not condoning it we will be targeted for more ailments and limitations, as well financial limitations. I’ve talked to a luciferian witchblood before and he couldn’t get any kind of disease…he didn’t realize it but he was part of the system hence he was strengthened. For me, I overcame the reach of diseases and limitations by my pure power of will. I refused to accept darkness having any power over the shell I use while I use it,


  6. Dear Aug ~ First, I truly am sorry you’re having to endure pain and these physical challenges. You did say, in response to my question, that you ‘shie away’ from offerings. I completely respect and appreciate that. I do wish there were some way for the Grandmothers (like me), the Mothers, and anyone who cares to, and I know there are many, to assist you in some way. Moving on – leaving some attention on what I just wrote :). I made a commitment yesterday to begin in earnest this work you’ve laid out before of getting to ‘no mind’ as prerequisite to creating a new bubble that is real. I have recurring dreams of train tracks, and not surprised but lighting up to read your proposal. Yep. Now is the Time and the Time is Now. It occurred late last night that it would be easier to do this with others. So you see this happening more effectively when people come together as a team?


  7. I’ve been wondering where you’re been. I feel you and I feel for you. Times are getting tense for us. Please, be very careful with any/all soya product. It’s deadly. Seriously. Read labels, ask wait staff to read labels. There is little left that’s edible on the shelves and in restaurants. SINGLE INGREDIENTS. We must all remember to follow the money. I know a few trusted companies here in northern New England where we get 18 mo. fermented (minimum) NO-GMO miso and soy. Feel free to contact me. But please, never Eat commercial SOY. EVER. It’s non-digestible. Be very careful, friend and be very mindful.


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