The Multi-Dimensional Unfolding is Heart-Centered

It’s not productive to spend time trying to tell people who have no desire to learn or listen. It’s also not productive to hold a grudge.

The only solution is to lighten the heart. That’s it. This is a multi-dimensional system, the gate way is an energetic process. If the heart is ‘heavy’ or contains a kind of hyperdimensional ‘drag’ that this will limit the maximum ‘velocity’ of the rate of change which is like emotional or mental baggage or attachments hindering a dimensional unfolding process.

That process is reversed for us to get here, it’s “unfolded” for the consciousness to return to the ‘outside’ of the schema-mind system.

Lighten the heart. No grudges, don’t waste time on people who pretend to be here or pretend to listen but only wish to cut someone down or expel some of the dark, black heart stuff.

They can be healed, but like all layers of the process, everything is centered on will-power and if someone doesn’t want to heal or see the truth then they won’t.

The world is set up like a multi-dimensional pop-up book, times and consciousness is activated by an observer agent.

DNA can be transferred on a laser-beam through a glass barrier. The speed of light can be relatively constant. The occurrence of time can be altered along with one’s perception of reality. Electromagnetic barriers can be constructed that create distortion fields which enable technologically generated temporal dilation. The mind can be harmonically activated, stimulated or modified to insert thoughts, perceptions or memories. Totally visceral experiences can be generated through technology.

Everything on the surface level is planned 50 years in advance including people and seemingly unpredictable events. This is a time of transition and I haven’t even begun to get a portion of what I intended to with my first public release. This has caused a bit of a depression and as if by mind-magic nerve entrapment and sciatica pain to the max causing restless leg and sleepless nights.

The pain makes me weep, the weeping causes me to turn inward to introspection, the introspection pushes me to see my mistakes and people who I’ve hurt and opportunities I’ve missed, this completes and restarts the vicious cycle. Maybe not so strangely, this is the fuel that drives passion to the surface and allows me to keep going! It’s like we’re built with safe guards to keep us going, or that the catalysts in life are automatically what propels us anyway.

We’ll see, lot’s of work has been pushed to the back burner and it’s the point where it’s literally a 2-3 full books that are waiting to be organized and presented along with multiple hours of videos.

The next bit of information will be more present. The idea is that this is not a theory, it’s not a show. A decision was made and steps were taken to enact a protocol to defend against an extinction level event.

This was in the 1980’s or so. This protocol was to create a secondary Earth for the population to be repositioned on in case of a system-wide failure.

In 1999 the system was activated. Between 2001 and 2012 there were multiple partial resets. Everything we are seeing now is a result of having been relocated to within a simulated environment. What we are seeing now is the past.

I met the civilization that lives outside of our view of time. People can’t live in both worlds, that would break your mind and possibly the laws of the universe in your locality. The point is that Humanity has been repeating the same cycles of history within the simulated-time. Humanity is going to move into a realm where the energy levels are much higher and this means people’s minds will be stimulated to a higher degree. Those who are balanced experience a proportional enhancement. Those who are imbalanced experience a disproportional expansion. Everything in life is down to proportion and balance. This literally means that people will go insane if they are not as balanced as they can be here before the major changes occur.

This can be as simple as very powerful mind enhancing virtual reality technology being released which leads to people becoming assimilated or mind-merged with systems or spiritual entities that are stronger than they are.

Everything is changing, the biggest unknown is that most people would trade the future for a continuation of the current oppression system but this is because there can be no lies or deception if everyone’s mind is visible to everyone else. Could you handle that at this point, knowing that others could see your memories and your intentions and seeing everyone else’s memories and intentions?

It’s supposed to start with the internet becoming closer to an open-source information transfer system. Meaning anyone can see anyone’s complete history on the internet and this becomes a kind of replicated digital realm version of the physical world. Eventually that grows and grows until the difference between the two is indistinguishable to the untrained mind. This has already begun, if you’ve been paying attention.

At this point, the message is to lighten the heart, that all the grudges and hate will work against one another. This doesn’t mean accept misery, quite the opposite, hating is counterproductive to the goal of separating one’s life and energy from those who are parasitic. Don’t accept parasites, force them to carry their own weight, bring them into the open and allow everyone to see. As well, your own life and intentions will be brought into the open eventually.

Everything has been done before, all of this is being managed from another time, the operatives from the bases have been there, many people who went through this process have simply given up and completely changed their persona. They hate the system, the groups, the secret process, all of this and this is what happens when the mind can’t handle the stress. It looks for an out, and if it can’t find one, then it invents one and uses that. That is through projection of the fears and pains onto an external figure. That is the ‘bad-guy’ and Satan is literally the placeholder for this in the universe.

It’s all a show, everything is just a rouse to get people stimulated and awaken enough to acknowledge where their energy is going and what is happening. Yes, this is out of necessity, the dark energy, the ‘miasma’ of the unchecked unconscious results in the generation of a higher-dimensional entity that then feeds on the same kind of energy. This is the nature of the universe, people create the other side of reality, the imaginative, mythical, or higher dimensional side through using their mind to pump intent and care into belief systems. This is how the civilization has been controlled and this is because without some kind of control system the darkness in people will devour them, that is how it works. Technology was jumped ahead too quickly and people learned things they were not prepared to know, thus the power that was being accessed and thus emitted was too great and would’ve destabilized the entire society if a mitigation system was not brought into place.

The end of that mitigation system, the liberation of the mind, and the self-destruction of those who cannot balance their own energies is all one in the same.


5 thoughts on “The Multi-Dimensional Unfolding is Heart-Centered

  1. Thank you! I understand. It all makes sense! I maintain the vision of a completely healed body, mind, and spirit. As always, I am grateful beyond words for your fully conscious awareness, honest and direct communication, and vibrant alive heart-centered presence. Peace


  2. I know there are more layers than I can comprehend at this point, but I do get that a large part of why you’re here now comes directly from your heart to us. Thank you for being here, Aug. I know something about severe nerve pain. It’s more intense than birthing a baby, and ‘thank you’ just points to the limitation to express in language. I’m also grateful that you set up a forum. I joined, and today I finally wrote something. Doesn’t matter to me if it goes unread. Important because it is the perfect emplacement to hold a kind of private focus/intention for me. The dates you give, well, I recognize them. May you be pain free.


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