The Game

All I can say is they play 32D chess across multiple worlds. The operatives, the population and the variables of the landscapes and the power games are the pieces. Changes are made, strategies are set, then entire timelines are altered. Everyone is in a new position and the whole mini-game starts all over like a larger game thats designed out of a thousand smaller versions.

The enemy uses our own minds and desires against us through psychotronic warfare. Large, interdimensional devices are literally used to beam down weaponized thoughts and desires into the players to influence their gameplay on the board, the map, and those who have power in this civilization are targeted the most.

They say the game is won. They have told me, back in the early years of the awakening, years ago, that the issue is that even when people have won, they never stop playing. That the game roots itself in their minds, in their subconscious.

It’s not just that the outside world is a ‘farce’ of some sort. It’s that because of the technology involved, long-term plans get be set, games can be played, strategies or ‘moves’ that literally have the effect of altering space, time and consciousness on a multidimensional level. Thus, it’s literally like 7 different chess boards on top of one another and each one is played simultaneously and each one is a different world that is actually experienced and considered a living reality. Thus, what is this world if it’s just part of a kind of dimensional server system where blueprints are held in another reality and act as the ‘code-base’ for the visceral experience that is here? It’s been made into something like a virtual reality because of the way the game is played between an area that is pure information and an area that is experienced materially. As well, this is possibly what has always been. That there has always been a difference between the ‘code’ substance and the living playing field that we all meet within. That should give you a new outlook on “The Matrix” if you ask me.

Yes. Humanity will become the awakened. No more unaware players. If one can’t become aware across all the layers of their reality, this means that they are lacking a core or central multidimensional nature. The human contains a multidimensional nature and that is the nature of the human! Thus, we have many players on this one layer, who don’t actually exist elsewhere in the system! They’re a product of this one layer and have no capacity to extend across and thus realize the entirety of what is happening. This means they are to remain as pawns and will not come to the higher awareness that there are multidimensionally minded entities who are playing on these chess boards in other dimensions all stacked up and simultaneously launching strategy after strategy as timelines change and populations manifests new personalities and trends.

Once again, it’s beautiful. Everyone, humanity, they are the true reason for life, for the whole show. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the people and the feelings the real one’s have.


7 thoughts on “The Game

  1. I’ve been intrigued by what you share, and am now a student of your in order to both become awakened and to sync my mind and heart so that I’m living to my true intentions. Since becoming more aware of the reasons for this energy shift and craziness that is playing out geopolitically, I’ve had some interesting experiences, most minor, yet confirm that I’m becoming connected to myself more and more each day. I also jumped in front of a truck to keep it from running over neighborhood children…it was pure fight or flight, I didn’t even think. It was also a sign for me. Long story short, I just want to say thank you. I also want to ask about the pawn aspect of this post. Is there no way for humans to transcend this “pawn” aspect of our multiverse? I feel more empowered to spread love than I’ve ever felt. In that way I feel the opposite of a pawn. Can you explain what you mean about us being pawns and anything else you can share about it?


  2. Thank you for all you are brining forth, Aug. It is helping me tremendously. Can you please address where Gais Sophia fits into all of this? he original earth timeline etc. I sense there is also an organic and relatively simple path to awakening that hinges in part on awareness of and choosing to connect with the true deep earth consciousness. Thank you.


  3. Yes. I remember having lived many lifetimes as I also came in here. My original purpose was to discover how best to take this simulation apart and not let it spread. There was something I read not too long ago that seemed interesting. 3 high beings were bored and 2 of them decided to create a dream and “play” in it. They had to limit their powers and forget everything…hence the amnesia. So the third, Ra, was the one that had to come in and wake them up and end the game if it got out of hand. I’ll see if I can find the link.


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