Enjoyment of Life, Youth, Appearance, Personal Work and Social Expectations

Backlogged May. The appearance of youth and the social stigma of enjoying one’s life according to their enjoyment of youth.

The illusion of enjoyment from pseudo-personal schema instead of finding your unique talent and gift to bring to society and assist in the co-creative process. People equate youth with appearance and social activities such as going to a party or club or concert and fitting in and enjoying themselves in a whirlwind of high activity and unpredictability.

If we base our enjoyment off of what we bring to others then we are more secure in our identity and enjoyment.

If we base our happiness in our youth then we will eventually run out of time in chasing that illusion.

Producing something of value for society requires care and energy however the reward is that our purpose has become meaningful and rooted in the strength and diversity of society rather than just another trend or passing illusion that is picked up and then dropped sometime later.

Maturity is often seen as something to fear yet this is what allows us to actually acknowledge the care and the requirement for careful attention that is overlooked in youth. We can judge ourselves properly through this maturation rather than fall into the illusion of chasing enjoyment through a lack of responsibility and applying one’s talents in a way that expresses from the soul level and touches the souls and hearts of others in society.

Touching others in the way we are inspired is what strengthens that experience. We are often shown images of people being socially accepted by fitting in or going with the flow of what everyone else wants, this is an illusion and will eventually lead to unhappiness!

Only when one applies themselves in a way that cleaves through the illusion and paves their own path based upon what is important to them and how they can offer something to others is there true meaning that will last in time.

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