THE UNMASKING, part 2: The “Scam Artist”

This is the stuff I want to assist in clarifying.How is this still happening? All parts of this are wrong.

There’s information about cures and information about causes of illness.

I saw this video earlier on. Now the girl is not here anymore, whether that means one thing or another. I’m not sure how I feel about that.I’m fairly certain I could’ve have an impact on this person’s life and others. Yet, here I sit wondering about what people think, people who talk trash, people who are literally just here to push others in the grave.

I should’ve taken note of how she desired to live. That is what counts.

2 thoughts on “THE UNMASKING, part 2: The “Scam Artist”

  1. I had to click the “like” button in order to leave my comment. I do not like anything about this. Whatsoever. I deeply understand this young lady’s sheer fright and angst. Seventeen and a half years ago I experienced having a particularly virulent form of breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and was not responding to hormonal therapies (that the dr. had told me was the norm). I didn’t know a thing about alternatives then, but I knew that I had to create my very own, unique pathway to radiant health and life. I’m reminded of the spirit that showed up for me then, and it renews my gratitude of just being here. I almost can’t look at the pain in this video – on so many different levels. The ‘scam artist’ being pointed to is an example of the extreme degradation downward spiraling in society at this time. What can we do to assist others? What can I do? That’s the message here for me. Now I’m going to go inside, and hold her in my arms.


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