The World of Lies

Don’t give into the promiscuous mental and emotional energy. If one wavers with the denser vibrations than what has already happened and what is to come will destroy them. The goal is to achieve unification, “oneness” with the ultimate reality, the higher plane, eternity, or everlasting life. This is not achieved through outward attempts at control but through inward harmonization. This sounds fantastical but it is really that simple. The addiction to physical and grievous-dense reality games is what lessens the energy of the soul and attaches or entangles one to illusions, temporary experiences, forgetfulness and the falsification of the eternal true self with the divisible ego.

The Earthship was guided towards Hell, and through Hell. Soon the Earthship will orient towards the Most High.

Everything is an isn’t. You can see for yourself. The cycles denote a more, obviously cyclic, and thus repetitive or predictable format. This, in the particular perspective being displayed, is literally a result of secret operations and the battle for control. One could say, however, whatever could and will or has happened is literally a civilization at a high level of advancement dropping down to a low level through attachment to desire or forgetting the true, non-physical nature of reality and the self, or passing into “Hell” realms. It’s all connected, each perspective carries its own merit, ultimately there is one perspective and the cyclic comprehensions tell of these cosmic tales of the changing of awareness from high states to low states in the variety of ways that this is described or experienced.

Through tests of strength, methods to induce greater focus and self-discipline one can clear disharmonious energy by introducing organization and harmony in ways that focuses on the free-will of one’s spiritual self (the energy) as the core, the generator and source of that increased harmonious energy.

This is literally through entering into situations where one’s advancement is only enabled through choosing a path of discipline and making the right choices to both strengthen one’s ability to resist giving up, resist outside control, and maintain focus and self-awareness through overcoming difficulty that acts as a catalyst attempting to hold one backa.

In this material world, darkness rules, perversion, depravity, rape, molestation, thievery, aggression, deception, corruption, filth, confusion, chaos, oppression, hate, greed, ego, obsession with the superficiality, addiction, inversion, and other qualities of the fallen are the by-product and nature of the projected power and false-authority.

There is ultimate power in the mind. Only when this power is used for good, used for the protection of the innocence, the reverence and respect of life and continuity, the cherishing and empowerment through healing and harmonization is this power actual. when that power is used to garnish and gain the ego, then the separation, the lostness, and the undying thirst and helplessness of the one lost in the illusion is the figure-head and the center-piece of one’s reality and their intentions.

The intentions are the cause, the source, and the core. If one is coming from a place of desire as a result of a lack of internal, personal power over the mind and the energies, then where one is lead through those actions and those motivations will only be an expansion of that original lack of personal power and integrity.

This world is really about a test of character, of integrity. This is because initially such an experience could be about the development of such character however with the general trend being such an inversion of personal power and a loss of integrity then the ultimate success is not to develop character over time, but to resist the supreme destruction of the soul as a result of exposure to this extreme moral and spiritual darkness! This is merely psychological distress, disharmony and a lack of the original proportions which enables the soul and the mind to experience life in this reality. Unless you planned out the trillions of data points that are required to make your life and reality possible, guess what, it’s a gift to you, give by someone else! If that is not worth it, then it won’t be much longer!

The idea is that those who live in such a way so as to acknowledge themselves above the rest by living beyond their means while others starve and cry, for food, water, truth, or warmth, then those people are the living bastardization of everything that makes them who they are! Meager, meek, humble, lowly beings that have suddenly grown to consider themselves gods amongst the animals, meanwhile they can’t even exist without nature making it possible for them to do so and the true souled beings from God sharing with them their light and warmth so they can take and abuse and molest the nature of living with the deviancy and degradation of the original values that made that possible in the first place!

Life is a family, those who don’t live that way are actually not a part of the family but an inverted shadow like consciousness the opposite of the substance that generates life out of the darkness in the first place!

This reality then becomes a place where the devious come to fade away meanwhile the light and the dark mixed together in an attempt to salvage and hereby the entire course of history is the separation of the wheat from the chaff the deviant who live in glee as millions suffer and eat far below their requirements while others literally laugh, mock, and EAT PEOPLE just as a testimony to how deeply they hate life and the creator of life!

Wake up!

Those who refuse to side with reality and acknowledge the occurrence of the deviancy, the destruction of the harmony, the innocence, the truth, the original, the biological functions, the chemical poisoning, the replacing of empathy, the machine like, cold hearted nature of of what is happening here, they are simply agreeing with overall and specific outcome that is reached through continued chaos and disharmony within. Whether they will admit that or not, that is what one is unconsciously doing by accepting the war, the degradation, the hatred, the separation, the uncontrollable thirst for more, more, more, it’s not only an illusion, but the literal undoing of this universe and the native inhabitants.

8 thoughts on “The World of Lies

  1. Ang. Thanks so much for all you do. I’ve been waking up now the past two years An I’m at infant stage. I’m very grateful that I’ve been given this insight cause I’ve been searching for most of my life about the truth An the reality weee in just didn’t sit that well with me. Ang I need to ask you about addiction it’s the one big thing that I’m finding hard to let go off. An if you want to call it fear. Yes I’m fearful if I don’t let go of this I will be left behind. I see you mentioning it in this email. Any thoughts.? Thanks again. Much love ❤️🌻👍🏽



    Alex Jones has a serious conspiracy theory about the film “Alien: Covenant” — and it’s not that it’s going to be a huge hit.

    He says it will explain the secret mission of a global elite that is trying to enslave the human race.

    Jones, who hosts “The Alex Jones Show” on the radio and owns the website has been called “the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.


  3. They do own up to what has happened so as to not break the free-will law and not be directly attacked by the light. This is why they keep putting all these symbols and movies out in public eye. One recent one that takes the cake is alien covenant 2017. The movie contains black goo, rogue AI, “engineers” which are like the Annunaki parasites etc. If you combine all the so-called revelation movies I’m sure the big picture will come out. It doesn’t matter anyways…these beings have been judged and well on their way to purification. This is why they’re now going insane and will initiate ww3…remember though, ww3 isn’t just an arms war it also includes hacking of infrastructure such as the recent major malware hacks, and emp to take out the major military powers defenses. This will leave China in the green as they rely more on manpower than technology for war. The name Ra has been usurped by the trickster and his cohorts and it’s time they acknowledge who he is. Recently I’ve been seeing a former model or whatever she is, Sofia hayat, proclaim herself to be Allah Maa. Gaia Mother Sofia. This was after she did Ayahuasca and one of those parasites took her over. The fire of truth will cleanse everything.


  4. Its right there. .
    “This is literally through entering into situations where one’s advancement is only enabled through choosing a path of discipline and making the right choices to both strengthen one’s ability to resist giving up, resist outside control, and maintain focus and self-awareness through overcoming difficulty that acts as a catalyst attempting to hold one backa.”


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