Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez Interview One

Patricia: The interview itself is only 2 hours and 33 minutes. It was such a nightmare trying to get this to upload. Somehow it duplicated in the upload. Working on fixing it now.

This conversation will challenge your beLIEf systems. We talk about AI, Creator verses the Architect of Illusion, Soul verses Spirit, Consciousness verses Awareness, Contracts, Simulations, Holographic Reality verses the Organic, Ascension, Death.

7 thoughts on “Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez Interview One

  1. The stuff you talk about is quite basic to me and I understand it easily enough, but I’ve read that others have a hard time grasping most of what you say as you use such high level language and expressive descriptive words, and words that have multiple meanings in depth. You might get through to more people if you say it in different ways. I made the same mistake on the WPP forums because whatever I said had many layers of knowledge to it and if you didn’t know what I was talking about it and took it out of context then the words didn’t seem like what they truly meant and made me look bad.


  2. I’m only an hour into this but I’ve got some very important question for Aug if he’s reading these comments. Judging from many of the comments on one of his previous videos, I think this may be the number one thing on his viewers’ minds since you first mentioned it. I’m talking about THE EXTRACTION you talk about at 32:32. You say “they’ll put a beam around your consciousness and transfer you through and you’ll be in another universe.” So this is something they don’t need your permission to do to you? Who exactly are this “they” you speak of? And how can we distinguish between a benevolent extraction and the malevolent “soul stealing” process you describe at 57:27 which also involves some kind of “beam” that pulls your consciousness out of your body?

    How do we protect ourselves against soul stealing? You say the “beast system” AI projects a “warmth of family” to you. How can we distinguish that from the energy of the benevolent extractors? You say disentangling from the beast system’s grip requires “scalar level Kung Fu.” Shouldn’t we all be learning and practicing this Kung Fu since things appear to be reaching a crucial turning point in the near future?


    1. I’ll answer some things as Aug seems busy. I don’t speak on his behalf, but at least from what I’ve been saying all these years…I’m part of the rescue team. I don’t care if Wes lumps all of us into one pile so he can claim we are all evil.

      This place will end whether anyone likes it or not. Too much suffering has gone on for far too long and too many true beings have been lost in the process. Due to programming and atrophy of your mind and will, many are like caged animals and have no clue how to function outside of their shells, let alone outside the net. Your first and best thing to do is tether yourself to your higher self and with it your higher self will know which group to trust…more than your limited self here does. If your higher self has trouble collecting it’s parts and projections then this is what will be the collection process of your mind. Your shell is useless outside this realm and disposable. Your soul is also a construct of this realm, the astral, and is disposable. Only your will, spirit, and consciousness will be rescued. Some, being a part of this system, or giving in their will unknowingly, have let in a back door to their mind to the negative beings. When you worship Allah, Yahweh/Jehova, Buddha, Maitreya etc…you are giving your power away. Don’t worship anything, but love your higher self. Even on the higher realms technology does and is prevalent. How else do they contain your soul and regurgitate you back into this crap system.

      In terms of protection, and love. Well…when I was playing their game to gain their trust, a demon appeared in my dream vision and let me tell you…the love I felt was overwhelming. I now realize it was just my love beamed back at me and magnified. Their trick will not work again as they will only be met by fire. In terms of protection you must do your own meditation and energy work because it won’t be done for you. Laziness will only make things harder for anyone here. Imagine a golden energy shield around you and it repelling the enemy and it’s attacks. Imagine the fire surrounding you and burning away the negative entities that cross your path. It’s all about your mind/will energy as you already have all the power inside yourself. Just put it to good use. I myself use isochronic tones and binaural beats for quick meditation as I don’t always have much time to take an hour and dip into the deep states. Find what works best for you…kundalini yoga? falun gong? etc etc. Never give your power away and always discern a beings words and true intent before trusting them. I have no interest in being believed, because then that requires I give my power over to those already brainwashed by the system. read my words then find your own way, and if you happen to come back to me…or any other true light warrior then that was your path all along.

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      1. Thank you for your reply! I have some more questions if you don’t mind. First is the same question I asked Aug on his “Time Machine” video. If you’re part of the rescue team, does that mean at some point you entered the machine Aug talked about and went to the original realm? And did you come back to this one as part of the rescue team? If so, how did you get back?

        And who is Wes?


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