Transcription: Sum Simulator Sun Simulator, The Sky is a LIQUID CRYSTAL MATRIX, False-Reality Exposed, Aug Tellez

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This is going to be an interesting five second video. It’s to direct you to some other

videos and to introduce some information which is something I’ve proposed or

presented before, starting with the first releases. It’s what this is all about. It’s what

people have theorized for years… it’s what the ancient discoveries and knowledge

is about, and if you look deep enough into the function of reality and

consciousness you’ll see that our consciousness has to be within a projection.


of like a magnifying glass and a focal point of light where there has to be

something beyond the focal point in order to create what’s happening here

Intellectually or consciously, our experience is just a part of something bigger. A

slice of the spectrum, just like a ray of a beam that has to be otherwise one thing,

and then there’s nothing, and that doesn’t make sense. What that means is there

are layers. And if there are layers you can go from one level to the next, and the

next. Eventually you’ll get to such a point that this layer seems like a dream. There’s

so much more information or detail on the higher layer that this layer is like a

child’s interpretation. What we have is some type of over Society like a unified

Society of some sort. Some type of extra dimensional society. This means that

everything that we have here that’s a difficulty or problem, or something we don’t

know – is all figured it out at some point along the line. Anything that we don’t know

– is figured out in one of these higher levels, and we are also present in those

higher levels.

What I’m hinting at is that this is a type of dreamlike environment overstimulation.

That was what I was shown and informed of. We worked with aspects of this

throughout all of the operations, meaning that Consciousness can be replicated.

What seems to be taking place in society is largely advanced simulations. Trees,

and all of that exists. The neurological processes seem to be guided by some form

of Consciousness simulation. The idea is that with the technology that exists and

possibly must exist in order for us to get here – means that we’re backwards in

time. You can take a neurological imprint and literally recreate it and plug it into a

brain or plug a brain into it and the untrained mind can’t tell the difference. It’s like

our soul is in one of those right now, but just a large immersion, that maybe we

didn’t create or maybe we did.

I was told this would begin to happen, but at which point I don’t know. Basically

they unveiled technology that they use to kill stars and the idea is there’s a project

and that’s to basically create a new star. It’s because ours was shutting off.

They shot a beam into the sun to begin a type of elemental decay. A radioactive

decay process that eats up the neutrons, or something like that and they

simultaneously launched their artificial sun. Since then, years ago, there have been

anomalies. The tribes have seen that the moon seems to flip flop at certain times.

The sun rises and sets and it seems like it’s off track. If you watch, every so many

years the sunrise is off a few degrees – if not sometimes a lot – and as well, the

timing. The sun is not supposed to be up there at like nine or something. Timing

has been off. If you pay attention, there are days where it’s completely glitched –

fabricated – like we’re in a transitory dimension that was fabricated. Just to house

us as we pass through what is some type of resurrection process. So I just want

y’all to check out these videos in the description.

We were shown advanced technology that can basically replicate the Sun. They

showed me how their scientists and scientists on the surface have to go and knock

on their door and say ‘Yeah, the stuff you’re putting out that’s creating these

anomalies? Well you can’t do that anymore, because you’re going to create crazy

stuff.’ Basically everything here that’s happening is impossible. If you pay attention,

it couldn’t happen.

Basically, the artificial realm is being exposed. Everyone – everyone – is a part of it.

It’s like a big show. It’s The Truman Show, It’s all being exposed. Don’t let it pass

you up. If it’s being exposed, it’s happening for a reason. So you can see the truth.

If something is exposed you want to notice it. If you have emotion invested in that

belief system, then it’s going to hurt. These videos will touch on the reality of the

situation. If the primary aspects of this reality can’t be trusted, well then then guess

what… so. Something’s happening here. I’m not doing it, but somebody is, though.

So make use of it. I’m offering my contribution of what I’ve experienced. That

should do something. So check them out. Thank you.

From site (

“The whole realm is advanced technology. What’s being shown here is known as

the grid or the wall. I was shown how the sun is an artificial device, a form of

advanced technology and that this entire realm is a form of advanced technology


The true nature of this realm is being revealed. I was shown, in person, first hand,

how the sun was going to be replaced in an effort to ensure the continuity of this

civilization. This is all advanced technology. The sun itself was a contraption, a

device designed for another purpose that is presented by the assumption of the

public consensus.”


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