Gary Warmerdam and Aug Tellez

The secret groups extend from various locations and times. They practice longevity and inner knowledge through the capacity to shut out the distractions of external knowledge or projected power. However, like the body, they can wear the signs and symbols of the external (physical) projected power, like a military force, however this is an illusion and the true power is in the knowledge within (knowing the self).

The realm contains a lightbulb kind of feature above. This connects to a lightbulb feature within. This is like the internal and external power source and CPU of the temporal-physical-mental experience of the entire realm and each person’s life. This is like the timecode for existence, every event that is experienced takes place according to the degree of access to this source of power and temporal awareness. All the events and objects of one’s history are stored within their connection to this temporal lightbulb and all the events of history are literally contained within the rays of that processing system.

If that time code system were to shut down, then a manual one is put into place. This manual technological system is then guided by the individual’s ability to guide their own experience. Those who can support themselves without impressing upon others the need for them to conform will have a the capacity to experience a reality that is dream-like, yet consistent in the sense that they can pull times, events, experiences from the ether. Those who require a control system to maintain for them the capacity to organize their own experiences in reference to others in the civilization will have a limited amount of variability or access to the time code. This is a control system that will act as a guide for their own safety so that they don’t go and have a 10 year dream one night and forget everyone who ever lived by the next morning.

Those who cannot control their “timecode”, they are literally like zombies. What they want, what they seek, what they do is a program that is inserted into their consciousness from an either incapable or capable level of access to this central realm awareness. The “zombie” will not be able to draw the line where their dream bends and another begins. Everything is their dream and this is akin to a person in the current highly physical (for those lacking access to the current higher mind) collective reality putting their impressions and dreams upon others and expecting that others conform to them. That is insanity and a form of weakness and illness. A person who does this when there is no limit to the boundary between the dream and the collective experience would literally be incapable of comprehending the difference between their dream and someone else’s. This ineffectual with two low-level dreamers, however in the presence of a master dreamer, this person would effectively be incapacitated and every intention that was projected onto them by the more powerful dreamer would erase their mind. This would also occur as a line of defense because they would be the one to first impress their visions upon the dreamer as if they have the automatic right to do so! The majority of people in this current reality are zombies, they are unable to differentiate between the collective environment, their own personal inner visionary environment and the time code control required to organize such an experience.

The current timecode has been fading out for some time now and a technologically and manually operated one has been moved in place. This is like wave that is continually crashing ahead of the present moment to create new waters to float through. That wave began to move behind us as we accelerated faster through our environment than was originally intended by the autonomous system. Some believe that we were the intended zombies of this realm but have awoken to the games that someone has been playing and therefore it is our right to control our own destiny but this requires the self-control of our minds and thus the access to time. Once again, those without that necessary inner knowledge and self-control will have to be controlled or they would threaten the entire system.

19 thoughts on “Gary Warmerdam and Aug Tellez

  1. It seems we all got attacked in the shoulder area. When I was about 20 I went for an aura reading where they utilize the aurastar bioemission aura reading machine where you place your palm on it and it gives you a picture of your aura, but anyways it showed problems will develop in my shoulder areas and lo and behold I’ve had my left shoulder pop out while sleeping, as well due to weightlifting and kettlebell cleans I’ve had both shoulders mess up and I also think I have the type of bone that turns inward and keeps pinching on the muscles or nerves while rotating my shoulders a certain way. It doesn’t limit me as much now as I overcame it through will and specialized strengthening doing functional fitness….but it still sucks. Had pain for months in the beginning when each problem occurred. Now, in terms of fitness and even being 250lbs, I can probably do 1-2 reps of handstand pushups for the shoulders. Just let the hold of this place have no hold on your mind and you can overcome it easily enough.


    1. It may be moderated but Aug has posted almost everything people post on his site. He only holds back if he needs to verify something or if it might lead to harm. Otherwise attention seeking isn’t needed here. If you’re a true spiritual being then ego need not be involved and let it go, and if you’re not a real being then you can move onto whatever validates your pathetic existence.


      1. Crystals and other minerals etc can contain both positive and negative consciousness. They can help you just as much as they can lead you down the wrong path or attract negative energy. Perhaps do a cleansing for it before you use it. It’s no different than chakras. People open them willy nilly, but then they don’t realize that without protection the chakras are a gateway to inner control…that was their main purpose. They can of course be a double edged sword against the archons as well and if you know how to work with energy you can make it so the archons can’t use it against you and you can spy on them etc. I’d also be weary of kundalini yoga as well, offering your bum to the high heavens where they can posses you quickly through the root chakra, unless you know how to do protection exercises well.


  2. In my dream time smoking herb is a frequent occurrence. Yet my wakeful state I haven’t done so since January 1st. The dreams seem programmed with no remorse, yet I immediately feel disappointment when waking up thinking it was “real”. (I have nothing against the use of herb. I stopped because that’s what I felt I should do to reach where I’d like to be.)

    I went vegan over a year ago and no longer watch tv or movies. But will consume meat in dreams and fight random individuals involving weapons via zombie/vampire type scenarios.

    To sum it up I lack complete self control in my sleep state while continuing to improve my wakeful self. I don’t even know who I am in dreams at times, often losing sense of who I identify as the Self.

    Expecting the answers is not what I came here for, but am learning that by getting this out in the open it helps guide me in the right direction toward finding what I’m searching for.

    Thank you Aug for providing the platform to do so.

    With Love

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    1. put up protection before you go to sleep, and take the advice of another subscriber to wash yourself before going to bed. removing dense energies off your various bodies including the etheric will help you in your dream ( wake ) time.


    2. Your subconscious will also try to reach out to you through dream time. In non physical levels communication is done by images and ideas not words. If you feel you are fighting the good fight in real life, but not doing enough, then your inner self will give you a vision of what it’s like to become a warrior. We don’t go around killing or even physically fighting in waking hours, but in dream visions, oobe, psy and other ways we do end up fighting a fight we aren’t aware of. Perhaps it’s drawing your focus to something missing in the waking state, or, some people are built to survive on more meat and can’t do it all on veggies etc. Not all shells are built the same. Some dna is hardwired to be more robust and stronger which usually means taking care of it in different ways. Withdrawal from weed etc can also have a negative effect in the short term, especially as you now begin to close yourself off to the etheric realm and those beings can’t access you for food as easily as they did when you’d do drugs. I also recently had a vivid nightmare of exorcising black eye and Reptilian eye beings out of possessed shells. Any that I couldn’t force out by ritual alone I was forced to burn them out of the being and that can also damage the other suppressed consciousness. Maybe start a dream journal and Aug or someone else can help interpret it for you. It’s best done by an empath or intuitive.


      1. This information will not go to waste. I will meditate on the possibilities you laid out and definitely start a dream journal. Thank you for your time.


        1. The best way is if you can lucid dream to analyze what is being show to you right in the dream, or to keep a journal and do it after some deep meditation. Everything is beneficial once you cut out the external noise (tv, indoctrination etc.) What you long to learn and connect to is what will find you, but how you perceive it on this level is all dependent on your level of awakening. Each communication will be personal and only for you. I don’t advocate it, but you can also do isochronic tones and binaural beats for gaining the insights I do. Mine are usually instant if they’re about me, or come in waves if it’s about others such as when replying and commenting on Aug’s and others sites.


      2. I have astral traveled only once…I seemed to be in the cosmos looking down ..I saw 3 things..3 huge red dots like the ones used for earthquake notices..these 3 dots were along the California the distance I saw a huge mushroom this was before maybe it was that? then the RED KACHINA came sailing pass…end of travels.


  3. Inner knowledge ? Is this the knowing of how the world and everyone in it was hi Jacked by the the luciferian run SATANIC worshipers that created the banking cartels amongst other things over the past few thousand years and have always sliced and diced children and women for sacrifice and now use tech to make it legal and morally acceptable like organ transplants, abortion, psychological medications, vaccines , wars, religions, etc . Or is this knowledge totally different ,? Thanks Aug


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