Intentions and Parallel Time (Lives) In the MultiVerse Matrix

The intentions are entangled with actions on the higher plane. Just by having intentions and letting them entangle or reside ‘within’ you are entangling or enabling with the actual actions that are simultaneously taking place in an alternate reality.

The system is based on a projected trajectory of time activated through simply having the intentions or the energies or frequencies required to represent those actions, in your mind. By having those present in your mind you are actually bringing them into occurrence in the ‘future’ plane or a higher, energetic plane.

The other realities or planes could be interpreted as other ‘lives’. In this life you experience the intentions or emotions of one existence, in the next that is the actual reality in physical terms. The goal is to liberate from the matrix of ‘turns’.

When one person intrudes energetically, one must answer with the proper neutral response in order to disengage and detangle their energy from the intruders and thus maintain the original power level.

The highs and the lows what we want and don’t want combine to create catalysts that produce growth.

The Satanic infection is a script written to stop people from leaving this place and feeding the controllers low level power.

This place is a kind of civilization simulation that has gone rogue due to bad management.

To disable the simulation before the population is synchronized with the base reality would be to disorient them beyond the ability to return to full wakefulness. In short, they would be trapped within the dying simulation and would die with it.

Thus, this is what is known of as “Armageddon”. When this happens, then that last period of history replays in the minds of the ‘fallen’ over and over again until there is nothing left. That last replay is the last chance for a rescue team to locate and synchronize the survivors to the base reality and thus extract them into the true universe.

The Apocalypse is “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity”.

8 thoughts on “Intentions and Parallel Time (Lives) In the MultiVerse Matrix

  1. It seems they’ve been tampering with timelines a lot recently. There are 6 holes on the skull now that weren’t there before, or at least not from what I’ve seen so far in my life. I’ve noticed many Mandela effects, like our position in the galaxy has changed etc. Some of us can’t be fully controlled here when we already came in to destroy the system. Some may question my ability to reason or IQ, but I can assure you my IQ is well above average and I’ve seen probably a hundred or so skull pictures before recently seeing that they’ve changed it to now include the foramen holes etc. This place is now unstable and will unravel bit by bit.


  2. I think we’re safe and on the right path as long as we aren’t blindly driven by an abundance or excess of natural desires through intentions of fulfilling or finding our intended purpose. For me, there is a powerful, instinctual drive which may, at times, seem to overreach, which may oppose any Grace of progression. It reminds me of when you said to stop the pendulum’s swing between the highs and lows. I am trying to rest there. :/ My brain likes to think…too much, perhaps.


  3. Hi Aug, I appreciate all the information you are sharing! Thank You. Im a little confused. I have tried to stay out of the matrix by keeping my thought empty, doing things backwards,etc…so that I am not feeding the system. I have always read books and articles backwards?? (basically being) I used to set my intention that all human beings are sovereign and we go back to the beginning. But is this counteractive since we are living in duality.

    If I seeing the truth of it the matrix feeds off of the unbalanced emotions? Thanks!


    1. There’s also another way to look at it, from somewhere I read recently, a hermit who withdraws himself from the world is just as responsible for the evils that go on in it as those who actively participate in either condoning or negating the negative energies and on-goings. Meaning, this is a battleground between the light and dark and pretending you don’t exist here and if you put no energy into it or effort to fight it that the system will eventually spit you out since you think you burnt off all your karma and can’t be touched anymore. That’s false, karma is just an illusory control system meant to take away your power and make you accept staying here. If someone needs help and you don’t offer it then you automatically take on negative karma by not helping that person. When all of humanity, and other beings, and rescuers are here and any of those groups need help while being drained and ravaged by the parasites, well if you try to imagine none of it exists and you think you are absolved from doing anything then in some ways you condone the system and allow it to happen. There are no innocents anymore. Everyone should be awake enough by now to know there is a good and an evil here and it’s a constant struggle…or was. It’ll end soon.


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