The Unveiling of the Truth is the Healing of the Fragmented Soul of Humanity

This is about the etheric attachments, etheric entities, emotional attachments or entanglements, traumatic memories, unconscious programs, irrational fears and phobia, false personas and split personalities of the fragmented human mind.

I missed a night of sleep so this video is a bit of a ramble however the basics of the healing process are outlined.

I was preparing to seek assistance for the amount of pain and distress I was in. I nullified through by remembering the process used for clearing the emotional field and withdrawing one’s mental energy from abusive or deceptive relationships.


2 thoughts on “The Unveiling of the Truth is the Healing of the Fragmented Soul of Humanity

  1. I’m beginning to move past my own ego. Understanding that no matter how many times the following has been said, the importance remains the same..

    You are greatly appreciated Aug.


  2. You suffer because you feel guilt for what has happened here and feel that your inadvertent involvement has harmed others. Until you get to a stage where you feel you can forgive yourself the pain won’t end. I only suffer by feeling bound as I came in with a partial memory wipe so I could have the free-will laws protect me while here, but my effort for my true light family has always been at the forefront of my being and being somewhat new to this place I haven’t taken on much karma as the Lords of karma have already been neutralized. The true light lord (God unmanifest) will hear you and is not out of reach if you reach out to him/her/it.


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