Food Fast, Neurons and Nerves

Fasting lessens the amount of distortion in the self both physical and mental and allows one to FEEL themselves more clearly and KNOW what it is they are, what they feel, and what they are doing!

Feeling increases, truth, self-honesty and connection to the body both physical and mental!

A two-day fast is light enough for beginners who may have some level of toxicity, however this will not begin to really stress the system with a Herxheimer response whereby the toxins in the adipose or fat tissues begin to break down and are released into the blood stream and must be expelled! Too much of a detoxification will cause a painful shock to the system and can harm the organs!

Fasting is very powerful there can be ways of starting the immune system and initiating healing that will not be possible in other ways.

Introducing vitamins through b12 injections or liposomal vitamin C is also very powerful is used correctly! The state one achieves through this is called “super-healing” and those who balance their mind and body in an energetic equilibrium can also attain this super-healing through pure intention alone and this is what the monks, adepts, super-athletes and so-on perform when they are so focused, cleaned and intent upon achieving their goal!

There are more neurons and more neuronal activity between the heart and the gut and the brain and the body! The gut is called the second brain but it is actually the first! Adding food shuts off the direct connection to feeling and slows everything down!

Too many toxic elements, living bacteria, parasites and fungals disrupts one’s connection the ‘soul’ which is like an overall harmonic coalescence that is collectively expressed by the entirety of your living awareness! Thus, when there are parasites and other smaller lifeforms that are adding up and collectively disrupting that field, the connection is disturbed and they are effectively leeching off the overall energy field of the human through invading the physical body! Mental or energetic parasites are similar and enter through these biological invaders!

Cleansing the body, juices, fresh, energized, mineralized, clean, natural water help to stimulate the mind and as well one must be sure to fully deactivate their digestion and intestinal processes during a fast otherwise they will initiate a starvation effect which is highly toxic, damaging and stressful!

I would imagine if one was stranded somewhere then for that time, fasting for two days or so at a time and eating only when the fasting is done would be a way to conserve energy! Possibly this is how some ancient attained certain levels or survived but this is just a theory!

Crying, getting in touch with the self, the true unfiltered feelings overcomes the ego, overcomes the illusion! Laughter is the same when PURE and in spiritual JOY!

These states are related to the trance visionary states that one can feel when sick, or the menstrual cycle and the connection to the soul for the women, or the activation of the sacred masculine and the balance and connection to the women aspect within the man, and the fasting and visionary state that is produced from entering into a primarily mental and feeling state rather than physically limited!

Shout out Sacred Serpent!

The Appalachia documentary!

Soda, corporate rule, abandonment! The US has abandoned these people!

6 thoughts on “Food Fast, Neurons and Nerves

  1. It’s there now. Advertising “how to flush belly bloat” with a huge image of a spiky brown parasite that I am convinced is designed to enter the eye. Has anyone else noticed these things?


    1. Perhaps you’ve finally opened your mind to “seeing”. We can all see everything, it’s only our brains, conditioned by society and our shells, that filter things out. The more you fight to break down the filter and conditioning the more you will see. Some things will frighten you…just let it go into your awareness and pass through you and away and let it have not a hold in you for if you do your mind will become confused…how can this appear in the physical type confused and then they will try to label you schizophrenic. Learn to master the skills before you go jumping into the deep end. Also, best to do your meditation for self mind control so as to not let it overtake you and then society steps in to “correct” you.

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      1. I would rather keep my mind as clean as possible. Just as I choose to refrain from eating meat, I would also choose to refrain from exposing my brain to parasites unnecessarily. In a similar way, I choose not to go to the bar because there is no reason to expose myself to a place where many unclean spirits spend their time. Why take the chance? Yes, the brain records everything it sees, and the purpose of focusing is to filter out some of what it sees for the purpose of focusing on certain aspects. Many people’s brains have a natural tendency to filter out certain visual information.. Corporate logos and magical symbols are frequently overlooked by the majority of the population. I can also purposely choose to ignore certain information for a specific reason. The point I am making is that I would like to make people aware of the fact that they may be picking up parasites by the simple act of reading information on the computer screen or watching the videos here.

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  2. I am seeing parasites on the advertisements on your wordpress posts. On this post at the end there is a spiky brown one designed to enter the subconscious mind. On two other of your posts I have seen the spiky red ones. I have also seen these type of parasites on certain natural health websites while I was researching natural healing through herbs and cleansing fasts. Can you please look at this and tell me if my intuition is correct. I love reading and listening to your posts but when I see these things it makes me want to completely stop using the computer and obtain my information the “old school” way through books. I believe these things are designed to go straight through to the subconscious mind while the conscious mind is focused on the words of the text…..Thanks for all that you do!


  3. Seems like the no sleep thing is affecting more people. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a month already. Could be to make us lose focus or to push us to do more with the little time left.


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