Thank you

Thank you to those who are interested in the truth and who do not play with mind games, participate in debauchery, throw mindless insults, start meaningless repetitive arguments, choose to remain consciously, wilfully ignorance, pretend to want to know only when it confirms their own preconceptions which are largely programmed in from childhood and the mainstream media including ‘conspiracy’ topics which are literally designed as part of the mind control agenda.

Thank you for seeing what you see, for continuing to listen, for giving the care. I have just now begun to accept that some people do care and this is ironically in a time where I have had the most people harass and disrespect me for telling the truth about very troubling and mentally degrading experiences. In the darkness, one does find the truth and until people realize that playing that duality game is part of life and death here it will not stop and of course there are plans to overcome this and part of that is to revamp the whole system up to beyond the limits of what that duality system can contain.

Of course, that is the part where those who are unprepared for the truth are accelerated and flung into a disarray of chaos and this is unavoidable unless a civilization-wide control system is launched to openly mind control people and stop them from acting out their primal impulses which are currently subdued by media, illusion, distraction, sensual and subliminal pleasure and inhibition through chemical and intellectual stupefaction. If people knew what was really going on, they would instantly change. However, if they knew what was going on and didn’t work to find that truth, then the truth will shock them and cause a reactive behavior pattern that they will not be in control of unless they have faced the so-called shadow mind or the darkness within.

This is about a cosmic balance, a very powerful level of awareness, enough to move mountains, being contained within one little human who is small enough to live on that mountain. How do we guide such a force in our lives? How will the people who are sleeping feel and act when they wake up to such a force that they discover is their own but has been silent throughout the entirety of their experience, yet used against them by those in power who put them to sleep and trick them into manufactured consent of their own enslavement?

These are the questions we can be asking one another now. We are so hyped up to find disclosure…this is like the young man who first seeks his intimate encounter! Does he really know what he is in for, how to act, and what he will do when the time comes? Humanity is in that coming of age situation where once they get that power, once they feel the truth, a shock will be experienced and this will not be like an overwhelming of intimacy unless everything is managed absolutely in synchronization across multiple levels of society.

Thank you for the truth, for the wake up, for the pain, the suffering, the darkness, the contrast. Thank you for the challenge, the empowerment, the problem and the solution that is brought forth when one convinces themselves they not only can succeed, but they MUST succeed as there is no other viable option in life. Thank you for the tears, the weeping, the ripped shirts, the innermost pain, thank you for knowing that I will never hurt so much again, because I know that I had at least begun to offer the truth to the public in ways that they have not had access to before.

There is so much you will not know until the time is right and this right moment may be too late for some. I tell you, we were there and there are others. Many do not want to come forth, they also have families and careers to protect, however they know what I know, and we were there. We saw how it all happened, what technology can really do, how this realm is merged with a form of technology because that supernatural occurrence beyond the mundane form of procreation through combining energy and bodily fluids is required to begin life in this plane. We know there are secrets and we know these secrets are protected. We know there are varying reasons behind this. We know there has been a plan, since the beginning, to unveil the truth to Humanity and to change everything, forever.

We are drawing closer to a time of change, and to better organize I was informed that 2020 was a period where the unveiling in relation the temporal operations and cosmic intelligences would be more viable. As well, just as 2016 was a time where the information regarding cloning, corruption, advanced technology, and secret operations were made more available to the public, this year here and now carries an importance where the same kind of disclosure will continue to increase at an accelerated rate.

We know the people are the disclosure, that for there to be ‘closure’ first people must realize there is the lack of closure because they do not know the truth and this is enabled through the activation of ‘disclosure’. Only then can the solution be presented which is to accept what has happened, that secrets have been held and agreements made. Everything is controlled from above and everything is in a balance. Some see this is a potential paradox where that balance is like a rubber band and time will never truly let us get ahead because it will always bounce us back.

With what has been planned, this is where Humanity over comes that illusion and that is just as shocking as a kind of world disaster. In short, the ending of time would be the ending of what people refer to as the world. Not because anything is gone but because of the sheer and absolute shift in perception and the flow of awareness to the tune of radically altering consciousness, permanently. There is so much to know, so many beautiful experiences that are also shocking at first similar to the first time a person experiences exhilaration from something new. Then we don’t remember the very first time for the things we do and there is a possibility that this too will become another ‘first time’ in the occurrence of history that Humanity continues past as people become comfortable and shaped by the shift in perception.

What is the event? What is the shift, the change and so on? It’s whatever it means to you individually that would radically alter your perception and make all that which is unknown and invisible to you now, known and visible to your conscious mind. It is a format of the universe that enables that conscious-unconscious interplay and this is altered as the universe changes and so the experience of being human changes with the changing magnetic field which is lighting up in new ways once again.

I apologize for being vague, for bouncing around with this one, but everyone who knows, everyone who’s been there, everyone who has experienced some aspect of what is coming knows it’s all things and nothing in particular and that the only way to accurately explain ‘it’ is to not explain anything.

This is mainly just a thank you to those who support me, to those who listen, to those who have given me hope that I have some impact on this society and those I connect with. Thank you for that, everything changes. I feel in ways that move me so powerfully that I cannot explain and I have finally accepted that there are ways to heal, to bring the truth to this mundane reality and bridge the gap by connecting with people in a meaningful way even though there is no true assurance that everything will work out.

As a strange and lonely traveller once said, “I have seen the end of all that is, of all that lives and dies and in the end, the only thing that mattered was love.”

This is not just about me, there are people out there who question reality, they choose to eat in respect, they observe and respect the body, they take care of one another, they challenge by coming up with new ideas and perspectives rather than passing blame. I will just say it, I have never found you people before and now that I have I feel alive for the first time.

I hid away, I hid for years, I waited to die. I left myself, I abandoned the world, I abandoned those who care, I killed my spirit and left myself in darkness, alone. Because I am still alive I am stronger, but I will never forget where I have been and I will never believe that I didn’t enjoy those periods of pain and suffering just as much as the time on the outside of it. It is like a dream, only by waking up does one really enjoy the concept of dreaming. I am still in darkness, I don’t know where I’ll be, what will happen, but I am so content with that. I have connected to something that carries the truth, that has purpose. Who do you think has given us this. Is there life from above, coming down to share truth? Are we creators? There is great power within, with respect, this is unlocked, accessed and shared. This is as if we share this with ourselves. We share ourselves, with ourselves and generate feeling that we have never felt before.

46 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I just wanted to say thank you too.In your post I really felt your emotions .I am glad that you found that people are worth the effort.I read your posts everyday,as I get more from reading then videos.I asked my father what life was about when I was little girl and he told me all there is is LOVE.I didn’t understand at the time but I do now and you also said it in your thank you note to the people.Thats it that’s mj

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  2. Ive got a great respect for the work you are producing. I look forward to all the material you put out. The information is mind blowing & exciting & look forward to see what you put out daily to watch & learn. Truly humbling experience that is helping in my awakening process!
    Thank you my brotha Aug

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  3. We are creative with what is created and only in that sense are we ‘creators’. We should be careful not to overstep pertinent boundaries. The Lord wanted His disciples to understand what they could be capable of and was frustrated at their unbelief. While He was sleeping they were supposed to calm the storm but they feared. On the other end of the scale was a being who wanted to be as the Most High and we know how that ‘ended’.


  4. Aug,

    It’s when you arrive to the moment of your truth, the soul journey you’ve been on … that you ‘abandon’ all that was of the matrix/false reality and of ‘old self’ and be aware of the ‘truth’ that was suppressed in a mixed pot of ego …

    ….. know that it’s all right to Be in the path of ego …

    ….. for it’s a ‘tool’ and allow Self to step towards higher consciousness.

    In allowing the suppressed ego to surface, be acknowledged, acceptance of ‘old self’ with much love that it was what it was and to give thanks for the lessons learned and to release it with unconditional love but to remember your soul lessons … much like ‘spring cleaning’ of the closet/wardrobe.

    If you don’t release the energy of ‘old’, you do not have any cleared space for the ‘new’.

    It’s the ‘process’ that’s important .. gratitude is one of the key energy for the beautiful Universe to bring on the ‘new’.

    The Universe only absorbs loving positive energy for what you feel within your sacred heart space that you’re truly worthy of .. and that is ‘Everything’ and you are ‘Everything’ and you are also ‘Nothing’.

    In Being – you know this .. yet your physical being do not know how to Be this – which is Everything and Nothing.

    The two sides of yin/yang – It is the loving unconditional love of self. Do not deny the ‘Nothing’ for Nothing is a sacred space for all Souls to co-create within their Universe.

    Humans can’t accept ‘Nothing’ because they feel too deeply the egotistic energy of ‘lack’ – to humans – nothing means ‘lacking’ – ‘lacking’ means no material things or no joy. It’s a myth to believe that ‘lack’ means unhappiness.

    It’s part of the programmed matrix that everyone in this so-called modern society must have ‘everything’ and yet there’s no balance in each part of their State of Being – unless there’s acceptance of ‘Nothing’ within Self … the Art of Balance within Yin/Yang Universe is the core foundation of all Creations.

    Humans were brain washed to think, feel and believe that ‘lack’ is what we need to run away from which is the opposite truth of our beautiful Universe within.

    You were at the deep end of yin/yang balance. You felt you were ‘drowning’. Know this – it was in the deep end pool of the egotistic matrix you were at.

    Accept the past, acknowledge it … it’s all right that you were there. It was your assignment. Now .. you have arrived at where you are supposed to Be at .. and everything is going to Be all right.

    No one in this world or throughout this galaxy can ‘judge’ you for Being there. Only what you think, feel and acknowledge for yourself is the outmost important factor during this journey of yours.

    What others think and say about you, is not your business. What others think and say about the ‘trolls’ is not their business. You only have to mind your own business … literally … you only have to mind your own business.

    What others think, say or do .. anything about you and your energy .. is not what matters because they are all part of the distractions from the matrix. Do not ‘buy’ into their trolling, judgements and words. They can’t hurt you because they do not ‘matter’ to your soul assignment. They are just mere ‘distractions’.

    Your core truth and foundation is to get to the destination of your assignment and Be the best that you can Be.

    Value those around you who are here to help you with the final push. If you have to read or hear what the ‘trolls’ have to say … know this – they do not matter!!! You do … you matter … you are your own champion!!! Do this for yourself and this last leg of transition … it matters … all distractions .. don’t listen .. don’t judge .. don’t try to understand … they do NOT matter!

    Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki Blessings to you … and ride on the highway Rainbow Bridge … you are now flying .. nothing else matters .. for you went to experience ‘Nothing’ and now that you’ve accepted the experience for what it was .. You have arrived!!

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  5. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Thank you for these words of gratitude to LIFE. We are in this experience together. Darkness is hard on anyone. We are coming out of it now. Please keep doing what you are doing. You are releasing important information – yes – but it also is good for us to know that beautiful people (in soul/spirit quality) are walking among us here on Earth.
    Take care. It is going to be very challenging but I want to think that we will succeed whatever that means. We can only do the best we can.


  6. A soul daring to outshine, overwhelms even the vilest of sources, proving that real power lies in the gentle but persistent expression of inner glory. Thank you, Aug, for fearlessly asserting, and reasserting, the light of the truth as you know it. Thank you for being one of a few pure sources from which others can draw from and be refreshed. Thank you.

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  7. You aren’t allowed to die or whither away :)
    Until our mission is finished we can’t be touched. The only reason a truth seeker is ever killed or dies off is if his higher self allows it. We all have pre-set times of when we go. Mine is at the very end of this place before it all collapses. You are an inspiration to many for your honest and simplistic lifestyle, but when you do open up your breadth of knowledge just flows. Keep it going and double your protection/purification.

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  8. I know that I had at least begun to offer the truth to the public in ways that they have not had access to before.

    I love what you’re doing. And support what you’re doing fully. I never felt closer to someone I never met. All I ever wanted was the truth and you’ve delivered. Thank you.
    Be well.


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