The Immortal Human, Reality Assimilation, and the Non-Local, Extra-Dimensional Awareness

All humans are already dead, that’s what life in this world is, it’s an illusion that one must die in the real world to enter!

If one dies in the sim then they die in the real world! If they die in the real world, then they never enter the sim in the first place!

Because a human is already dead! They can’t die! Thus the awakened human is immortal! If a person can die! This means they’re not alive! Thus, those who have to worry about death, don’t, because they only exist as a property of this realm and not something beyond it!

Death is of the mind! Death is the loss of identity, not the loss of the body! The loss of identity is through assimilation with aspects of someone else’s mind that overtake the original and replicate the system to produce a schema of personality, belief, behavior and MOST IMPORTANTLY, INTENTIONS, that are foreign to the SOUL!

The soul is the part of the identity that exists outside this realm and contains no personality in terms of the EGO or what we think of as personal identity down here! Two people’s soul can be swapped and they won’t know the difference unless they are adepts! All souls are destined to be adepts! Those without souls are simply experiencing without the possibility to observe!

To observe one is aware without interacting or is aware of the PARTS that are doing the interacting! Thus, the act observation is an EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL, ability of the NON-LOCAL AWARENESS that exists BEYOND this realm and thus beyond the scope of the physical biological perceptual system!

All the fear about assimilation is just that, FEAR! Fear based programming IS THE ASSIMILATION. If a person fears what they don’t want, then what they have is what they don’t want! The assimilation is the replication and alteration of a person’s intentions from that which nourishes the SOUL the blueprint of perspective leading towards SPIRITUAL WHOLENESS, to that which is partial and only reroutes energy to an outside source thus turning the individual into a mindless drone worker for a system that outsources its energy needs! It’s that simple!

The process that is used to test whether a person will assimilate or not is the sacred system of showing a person THE TRUTH. They put on the goggles, plug the screen in and blast you into a view that allows you to see everything from the molecular level upward, AS IT REALLY IS. You’ll see the parasites, the foundational platform for life generation, the vibratory spectrum of emotions, thoughts, intentions, feelings, temporal tension, mental perception, physical tissues, ENERGY, SOUL AND SPIRIT! Essentially, you’ll see the soul-farm, the Haven, the Hell, the pasture, the troughs, the milking stations, the fleecing corner, the farmers, the farm-hands, the contractors, the barns, the watchers, the whole show! It IS UNVEILED TO YOU.

What you do and how you act and observe will determine how your trajectory is altered or enhanced by the TRUTH of THIS FALSE REALITY. IT is a SACRED PROCESS and those who can’t respect that are NOT PERMITTED TO SEE. It’s that simple!

Soon, ALL WILL BE UNVEILED. In that sense, those who have not prepared will be BLOWN AWAY. This is the issue. Those who can accept the truth and move on learning by re-membering and becoming who they were and thus are on the higher plane, they will be healed by this and restored to the original MOST HIGH.

Those who reject out of fear and tendency will be fully assimilated by such fears and the incapacitating nature of the rejection of the most unveiling TRUTH of this False Reality! In essence, either accept that’s its false and move beyond it, accepting that YOU are what’s real and eternal in this temporary world, or become a permanent part of this fallen construct and dissolve with it when the plug is pulled and the drain opened up!

That is the power of the truth, that is the power of this fallen reality, that is the power of the sacred knowledge, that is the process that EVERYONE must pass through to go beyond this place!


Also note, this isn’t necessarily about “leaving” this place. What is being ‘left’ is a mental system where we are victims and there are belief systems that are designed by people who want to control free-will and limit creative expression and knowledge. What is ‘left’ is the false mental reality and what is gained is true free-will and self-awareness.

17 thoughts on “The Immortal Human, Reality Assimilation, and the Non-Local, Extra-Dimensional Awareness

  1. Does not seem fair to all those who have never been exposed to this type of information and will not be prepared. Seems like a vast majority will be blown away! :( What happens to the children and all those unable to understand?

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    1. I’ve been wondering that myself for quite some time now, it bothers me to know that some people won’t understand especially if they are those close to us. To me what makes it all the more difficult, how to explain any of this to them or anyone else?
      But I’m sure they won’t be left in the dark, some I believe may need that “in your face “ unveiling to snap out of it, in the military we would call this SHOCK AND AWE


  2. You are whole heartedly the best writer on the planet. Thank you for this. I don’t know how you continue to surprise your readers over this long haul. But you do.


  3. I was wondering who you were warned about as to which individuals to avoid here as they will get in your way somehow. You mentioned there are some names of people to avoid and was wondering if they correlate to the beings I’ve found to be parts and projections of En.Ki…basically his mouth pieces.


    1. This one was posted on Lunatic Outpost a while ago and it has a premise of beings being plugged into a simulation run by metatron while their organic bodies are back in the real universe as prisoners.

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  4. Thank you Aug for all your writings and videos.

    It is helping me a great deal. Last night I sensed a total snapping back into my original self. It happened several times but once it was so distinct and real. It had a physical component to it like I was suddenly replanted into my original mind body shown to me through a memory of my childhood. It was a strange but most assuring sensation.

    I am working hard on the fear aspect which is my major obstacle. I was traumatised in infancy which caused a complete soul fracturing into gazillion parts which I have been slowly integrating over the past nine years. I had a major awakening in 2008. You speak of focus which I quickly discovered was the key to reclaiming the self which in turn is the problem as the vessel for integration, focus is the thing that is shattered.

    I know it and have known for years that I am responsible for my suffering as you say but only yesterday was I wholly conscious for the first time that I was doing it. I spoke it out loud to myself “you are doing this and that” two contradictory impulses and then I saw it and smiled. Its a jump.

    I have had so many strange experiences in my life of alternate realities and obes which were like parallel lives.

    I am making headway and find I relate to so much of what you say which sustains me. I sense the acceleration it is dizzying at times. It comes in spirals that faze in and out sequentially.

    Another recent discovery which brought a big shift is that the worlds and realm that cause us such distress i.e. global systems etc are now gone from my experience. It was helpful to hear you point that out too. The physical and the natural world is harder to transcend as I use nature to sustain me but the effects of seeing it degraded too are not as upsetting or draining as it was in the past because I am aware of the bigger reality.

    Anyway. I just wanted to share and say thank you.

    Right now I am wearing leggings with what looks like ancient technology on them, like symbols from Aztec culture. In a pattern not branding . Is that what you mean by a gateway?

    Thank you.


  5. It’s funny, and so perfect, that my daughter and I were speaking of these things a couple of hours before I had a chance to read your words. Aug, when your writing gets to these intensities, the exclamation points serve very much like musical notes in written music. Poetry as well, with a very unique rhythm and syntax that is your signature. Like the little accent dots in Paleo Hebrew that serve as maps and guidance. To those who may read this, let yourself become absorbed in that rhythm and movement, for there is where Aug’s essential message is embedded. Yes, I’m pleased that I see special access points!


    1. It is ‘seeing’ them, but this is using senses that are at once new and familiar… what it feels like to suddenly remember a dream with the most specific details surfacing unmistakably as feelings, or tones, or ‘grokking’…


  6. Holy moly, that was a powerful message! I do believe I’ve seen the soul-farm. It was shocking and disturbing and it’s taken me a long time to come to terms with it. At this point, I’ve come to accept that this is our reality. But I do not accept being bound to it!

    I had a real bad time last night. I slipped and fell and nearly lost myself to the darkness. But I pulled myself together and remembered the importance of this time. I need to be on my A-game and always remember this no matter how crazy and desperate things get.

    I woke up this morning to the news about the “Fire Ball” ride accident at the Ohio State Fair. I have my suspicions about the veracity of the story for various reasons, but I do see it as a highly symbolic event either way. I can share the details of how I came to my conclusion if anyone is interested, but I’ll just say that I believe it could be hinting at some kind of coming event which may be a prelude to The Big Event. Something involving a meteor or some other astronomical anomaly that may provoke fear in many people. I know there’s a big eclipse coming up on August 21st, so I dunno if it has to do with that. But there are some things I noticed in the footage of the State Fair accident the may even hint at “alien contact” of some kind. Anyway, just wanted to put it out there!

    And I see the metaphor of the plug and drain again. Remember Trump’s campaign motto “Drain the Swamp?” Some foreshadowing, perhaps?


  7. This one, that I’ve read so far, is probably the trickiest to understand. Even I had to reread parts of it to grasp the concepts. It’ll register, on higher levels, to those that are meant to be free, but o. This physical mind level maybe not too many will grasp your depth.


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