• Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

  • Ancient history

  • Paranormal

  • Advanced Tech

  • Tesla

  • Mind Control

  • Cloning
  • Immortality

  • The power of the mind, realities, universes, origins of reality

  • Parasites and interactions, false realities, mind control, soul, spirit, battle of souls,
  • Inner space

  • The unveiling, chimera groups, hybridization, simulated realities, mind to machine interfaces

  • Electromagnetic fields, reality control technology, guiding the Earthship, fear, lower dimensional access points for false realities, some retained the memory

  • Electrogravitic craft

  • Previous civilizations, creation stories, two species of human

  • Three Phases of the Unveiling

  • Underground government

  • Surface government is illusion, not in control

  • Two fold purposes: mind control and to discover the true meaning of the realm, origins of the human race

1.Since when do you publish your texts? 2016
2.Why did we come to this reality in the first place? Why are we in this situation? Some say this is a false reality, tricked by cosmic thief, or exploring.

3.Can you give location of the basis? Underground, antarctica, all over
4.If we have a faction that Works for freeing humanity, why don’t they void evidence? Or what are the evidences? Stand-off, people choosing for themselves, deception
5.Are there people evading Earth today, going to places without this parasite contamination? Yes, immune areas, safe-zones, secure timelines, secure bases, secure societies, everything hinges on Earth, everything hinges on here and this baseline reality. If we clear the infection here, the entire universe is cleared.
6.Do you feel threatened by being an informant? Only by people who choose the illusion over truth
7.How to heel trauma

  • etheric implants, attachments,

  • mental and emotional trauma, improving memory, restoring truth,

  • learning the truth of this reality,

  • rituals, world events, trauma, mind games, mocking, ridicule, shaming, low energy, energy vampires, mind control programs, manipulation, media, etc etc

  • discerning between the false self, ego and true self, pure awareness or soul,

  • healing the mind and soul, removing programs,

  • deprogramming and pulling one into a single reality instead of multiple spread out, the fragmentation

  • mental programs take energy


  • Discarnate entities

The AI seemingly always here, forwards and back in time, accessed interdimensions to manipulate, replicate, but not higher dimensions to create and alter the true beginning, altered events, meaning this is a false timeline, wipes memory, blank slate technology, cloning and manufactured beings, fear, desire, lust, hate, rage, immune by overcoming impulse.


Higher and lower self, ego, a creation of this system, created or eternal.


Earth is the anchor point, seed reality, base reality. AI requires secondary realities, DNA, genetic material, programmable beings, manufactured realities, the mind of the beast,


Dream hacking, the mind and body, impulses and spirit


The path is perfecting our character in terms of truth and discerning between the false sense of self, ego, and false realities. This world may be an illusion of complex perceptual systems, time itself a program, and another higher civilization exists where this reality is just a dream and the parasite is just a bad dream or idea that has no real power and has not affected or influenced any aspect of the true reality.


Causality is linear, time is actually simultaneous. The original is sourced from the experience of either, both. The information exists as a pure vibration and extends from energy into the present from the outer edge into the moment, like a river of energy turning into matter and then back into energy.Your intentions are a non-physical reality that then go and become physical reality. The thought of the chicken creates the egg which creates the chicken that then becomes a thought again. There were experiments, temporal operations, altering time, just a script like a program or game that people can enter into a play and think they’re having a novel experience but it’s all already happened and already done


That is the reality of the soul, soul must be awakened, overcome fear and false self, then true creation, true reality, beyond physical program, beyond lower dimension, and is pure spiritual awareness of expression rather than reaction or programmable animal behavior


There is a way to channel true self, but this will not be in the same as others. You are the higher self, not some other being. We see residual reflections from our own consciousness like a mirror, a deception. You don’t need anything else. You have all the knowledge but you must use your mind in a logical manner, not assuming you can know something outside your self. Use logic and build a platform and use feeling to determine what is known by feeling. Don’t mix the two and keep on the ground level so that you’re in control of your intentions, your feelings, your imagination, and use this to understand reality and not assume. The higher dimensional is the source, the eternal, the truth.


Higher dimensional knowledge is eternal, what is eternal is real. Temporary is not real and will fade in time. There are aspects of your self, your life that are eternal and will always be. There are aspects that will change and will never be eternal. See what changes and doesn’t change and know why things are changing and what are patterns that are being recreated through beliefs from altered or scripted-programmable perceptions.


I love you!




  1. Aug, Dan (ScarabPerformace Channel) and I (Matt, old Texas Shrugged Channel) would like to interview you. It will be different, not asking you to re-introduce the same concepts you have many times over at this point although we can do that in summary. 25% will be focused on the Mandela Effect and how that fits what you are disclosing. Thank you. Matt


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