The Cage, the Key, the Lock and the Doorway

All one can do is tell the truth some won’t be able to break the programming, but that’s not the same as not having the desire to.

So you give the opportunity and if they can overcome the animal behavior, putting their head above their ass and genitals then they are proven as having attained a sentient being status. If they cannot, they stay in the cage and that is for the benefit of all sentient beings in the universe.

It’s all consent based and you can see it yourself, they will want to claim superior knowledge because they lick their own ass and know all 4 corners of a small cage.

Meanwhile, what they’re saying is literally, “Please, no, I like my cage, do not frighten me, I would like to keep the caged reality as anything more than that is too overwhelming. If you attempt to tell me the truth, I will lash out at you like an animal in a man’s body, but I will not take responsibility. So if you let me out of my cage you will be responsible for anyone I harm.” Thus. They stay in the cage, those who offer the knowledge hold the key, when they want to get out, they take the key they have already been given and they put it in the lock and leave.

They will complain and make a big fuss, enough for a broadway show, a world renowned actor, complete with all the moans and groans, the reasons of every season and kind of experience that they use to defend their adherence to the cage however none of this matters because it is simply a ploy they use to pretend they don’t have to come out of the cage and can live comfortably like an animal.

No one is comfortable in the cage and someone has to be badly damaged, near dead spiritually to actually believe living in a cage is the best way to go. Yet, if they are forced from the cage without first making the choice to liberate themselves, then they are never freed.

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