The Universe is an Artificial Dimension

The universe is an artificial dimension. Look around you. Everything takes the energy of something else, this means ultimately there will be a diminished return, the universe will end up eating itself.

Everything that is eternal, consciousness including, pure awareness, will leave this place in order to return to eternity. Everyone staying here will ultimately shrink into oblivion.

This is what the concept of liberation is all about. There is a finite amount of time, of seasons, of breaths, of opportunities to utilize one’s free-will to tip the scales towards the negentropic ratio of energy usage and build up enough energy to auto-propel themselves past a veil or a dimensional barrier.

The projects are about a plan to make liberation available. This universe was literally a project akin to something by a mad scientist, what we have now is a frozen system, a stand-still where time is repeating so that those who have the sentience to get out can get out. If the loop completes once it’s happened a dozen and a thousand times and there is an instantaneous collapse before everything began.

To become eternal time has to happen in completion before it starts and therefore before it’s over, meaning it never ends but can fulfil itself endlessly and all sentient lifeforms here become eternally balanced.

This is like pointing your vector trajectory through time towards an ‘infinite’ measure of force and distance. With large distances, a small difference in the angle of one degree or another down to the measurement of an inch, down to a millimeter can lead to a vastly different outcome farther away. When dealing with hundreds of thousands of projected ‘time-years’ that exist between the well of the spiral of time and space that we’re trapped within, like a black hole, then one nanometer one way or another will lead to either exiting the black hole or hitting the side, losing power and being pulled back in eternally.

This is what all the ancient texts are about, this is what the projects are about. The immortals that used technology and followed up the ancient trajectory of pulling energy from another became trapped in a never ending cycle of needing more and more energy to do so. I don’t blame anyone, if there is a path that everyone can escape this black hole then that is what we are here to do.

This system is literally akin to a dissolver of frequencies. Anything that stays here moves into oblivion, falling out of sync with an eternal equilibrium that is required to maintain form. Imagine that everything expands and contracts simultaneously, so then one’s form and energy levels are in a state of continual adjustment to “keep up” with the universe’s continual degradation of alignment. Thus, the equilibrium of anything here, anything using the degrading system of pulling energy from something else is doomed to failure and collapsing into itself into the oblivion of dissolution.

The entire universe is a dissolution system designed to eat consciousness. It produces an output based on the energy added in externally and in this way it traps what is eternal and maintains itself through the soul-energy. Because the process is finite and requiring more and more in an entropic manner then the universe is trapped within finity and the eternal beings within then are as well. This means there is a limited amount of time to exit before the gateways are closed and then even subtle energy won’t be released. This is what was indicated when the ancient texts said the Heaven and the Earth will fall away and become new again. They will be made new because the old system is going to implode and possibly already has.

We are in a transitory timeline and this is navigated literally by city sized supercomputers and scalar emitters that surround the planet with frequencies that can reflect into the universe and produce a viable response. The whole point is that we can use our minds to create these frequencies, along with the heart as the key or the gate, and thus alter the realm but this is hidden behind every aspect or likelihood because how likely is it that sentient (or actually non-sentient) beings stop and love themselves to melt all the illusions in a system where they are constantly eating one another energetically and physically!!??

There is a whole sacred knowledge of this but the idea is that one attains the perspective of a non-local awareness that is accessed simultaneously within and beyond the limitations of the physical body. When comes to the realization, after contemplation and self-observation that the only possibility for one’s true self is existing beyond the physical, biological, perceptual limitations of consciousness as measured from within this universe. For one’s experience to be relative here, in linear finity, one must have the empowerment of a soul-awareness and the non-local spiritual awareness that is a resident of eternity. This is the true nature of self-awareness, that to become aware of one’s physical and biological consciousness self here, there must be a larger counterpart in another locality beyond the physical dimension! That is the beginning of the extension of knowledge into higher dimensional awareness which is simultaneously self-defined and beyond relative definition.

Everything is telling us this, that your perception of your self is an image of the real being which is actually only reflected in a kind of imitation illusion that cannot actually hold the true depth of your awareness. The soul cannot fit into the physical body or this would offset the balance of the physical dimension, which, when running this current mind virus finite deletion program, is an AI VAMPIRE. Thus, if one individual attains the power of the soul, WHILE IN THIS UNIVERSE, the scarcity of energy would FOREVER be undone and the code broken as this would disrupt the gradient of duality which is required to siphon energy and ultimately generate diminished returns for those trapped.

The whole goal is to wake up the system, to wake up to the true nature of the self, and that for us to be present and only aware through the physical body we must be INSANE or ASLEEP to our true self! You can use these guidelines to work your way back to reality but you must WALK BACKWARDS until you retrace your steps and redo all that has been undone by being done in this place. For instance, if you know having JUST the perception of the physical body indicates that your higher self is asleep that is the SEED of being able to then go and find out that which causes your self-awareness to AWAKEN by seeing what naturally puts you asleep by engaging in the physical body.

The pathway of the physical body, then, acts like a tree hierarchy of the period of elements producing activations either farther or closer away from the height of profound awareness. This is like a SLIDER of relative interactivity that contains the very low level of awareness and power on one end and moves up to a very high level of self-awareness and power on the other end. When one activates the whole system and connects each layer then the body contains the complexity of the entire universe and can produce its own spiritual energy within requiring the external paradox because it contains its own self-sustaining “SUN” of motion and energy within through the mind.

COMPASSION is the GATEWAY, the CHOICE to use your FREE-WILL to KNOW and AWAKEN is the KEY, and the MIND connecting the INNER and OUTER reality is the CRAFT that takes you there (beyond the limits of the physical dimension).

This is the SACRED KNOWLEDGE that the SECRET GROUPS discovered and what has always been known. There are TRAPS EVERYWHERE, in fact, EVERY PLACE other than the TRUTH leads to DAMNATION. Being HALF-TRUE is as good as being DEAD IN SIN. Only being WHOLLY TRUE is REAL and will result in YOU popping out of this place and still being YOU. Any other path results in the consciousness that is here popping out and realizing this life as a pure illusion that the ONE here NEVER AWOKE from! So one MUST AWAKEN to their TRUE SELF which is BEYOND THE IMAGE, the REFLECTION, the HOLOGRAM. All holograms can shift and morph and are actually projected out from a form of dimensional technology, an artificial mind. EveryTHING in this place is a hologram and all THOUGHTS that are FROZEN-SOLID like THINGS are HOLOGRAMS too and thus UNREAL. The only REALITY is LIQUID KNOWLEDGE that contains all THINGS. The thing is the not the reality, but the non-thing that is the knowledge behind the experience of the thing! The concepts that are rooted in preference based on the particular configuration of this three-dimensional form are just illusions and will fall away with this fallen dimension that is rooted in the ARTIFICIAL MIND of the VAMPIRE.

ALL of this was discovered and the APOCALYPSE is the MASS AWAKENING OF HUMANITY and the restoration to an ETERNAL status rather than the DEAD, ANIMAL, stupid, fictional beings that are fed upon by the UNDEAD of the fallen CONstruct.

Everything is actually energy and so when anything is STUCK its LYING. The mind prison, the frozen mind is the BIGGEST LIAR. The free-mind, the clear mind based on the foundation of the source of FREE-WILL, COMPASSION, TRUTH, HARMONY, SELF-AWARENESS, and KNOWLEDGE is the only pathway that leads into an undying sense of self that is not completely depleted, deleted and dissolved upon exit of this realm, when this realm closes out WHICH IT MUST being the FINITE and VAMPIRIC system that it is.

EVERYTHING in this world must dissolve and to reach liberation you must realize yourself as One beyond this world beyond time. This is saying that the THOUGHTS you have that are REACTIVE, that are PROGRAMS running from a FALSE-SELF, ARTIFICIAL COMPUTER SYSTEM, are literally an IMITATION YOU that is generated as soon as you COME DOWN into this realm. THAT’S NOT YOU. IT NEVER WILL BE AND NEVER CAN.

ANY THOUGHT EXPRESSION you have that is only RELATIVE WITHIN THIS WORLD is NOT YOURS. It’s processed and sent out by an IMPOSTER. Your TRUE EXPRESSIONS are from the ETERNAL ONE and as such they are only of frequencies or KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH and PURITY. Anything that is IMPURE is literally DEAD and ARTIFICIAL. These are simulcra systems that are designed to trap the human SOUL by MAD SCIENTISTS. Meaning any ANIMAL behavior in your being is an ILLUSION, you didn’t have that reaction. There may be a complex FEELING but the reaction is not yours. Some confuse the reaction for their own expression and follow that out in ignorance. The most purest, truest point WITHIN YOU, so SUBTLE that a computer system could not read, so HIDDEN or HOLY that it cannot be ascertained by an ALGORITHM MATRIX, that is the REAL YOU. That has no physical form and cannot be caged. So we can’t be caged, but we’re being fed a stream of artificial data that creates the input-output of what we experience as the waking conscious mind.

With FREQUENCIES, this can literally be disrupted and one can see the GRID-IRON of time-space and WALK THROUGH THE GATE WITHIN. You ARE the PATH that you WALK. It’s through SELF-OBSERVATION that a pattern is formed into JACOB’S LADDER fully negating time and space and deviating from the broken stairway. This is as much OVERCOMING that path as it is USING IT to OVERCOME THE ILLUSION. It’s all paradoxical at first but when one sees it it can’t be unseen. THIS WORLD is the illusion. THIS WORLD IS TEMPORARY. This world MUST fall away as it is now. Then a new one appears and that is what we are observing now if you look closely at your self.

10 thoughts on “The Universe is an Artificial Dimension

  1. The most accurate information Ive ever read on the internet. I think music can also help on the way to liberation, at least in my personal experience.


  2. this is by far the most important message which leading us to free ourselves from this AI universe and a way to break free from it. thank you, i wish i can come to you in person and give you a big hug for my deepest gratitude


  3. Great post–articulate, clear, and succinct.

    Great conclusion: “It’s all paradoxical at first, but when one sees it it can’t be unseen.”

    Kinda like the inexpensive magic eye 3d posters from the early 1990s . . .
    [Google it if you’re not familiar.]

    Some folks could see the encoded higher dimensional image, some couldn’t.
    Those who could NOT see it often lashed out and argued endlessly that it’s impossible and a lie.

    Those who could see it, simply smiled–once seen, it couldn’t be unseen.

    As you noted earlier in your post, The Cage, the Key, the Lock and the Doorway (

    “All one can do is tell the truth, some won’t be able to break the programming.”

    “Please, no, I like my cage, do not frighten me, I would like to keep the caged reality as anything more than that is too overwhelming. If you attempt to tell me the truth, I will lash out at you.”

    “They will complain and make a big fuss, enough for a broadway show, a world renowned actor, complete with all the moans and groans, the reasons of every season . . . to defend their adherence to the cage.”

    Aug, again you’ve nailed it.
    Keep up the good work.
    We appreciate it so much.

    Cheers – prof77

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My-Self is tired…this will pass.
    We liberate our minds, we come to terms with these systems- coming to a place where nothing is real. But we’re still here. We appear insane in order to assist the Liberation of those around us. To show them the choice. We extend ourselves with compassion, courage, & brazen conviction.
    But the truth has no words. No language.
    It’s something I remember pouring out as a child, searching, not comprehending where these things originated inside me-
    “Masturbating my Mentality
    Desperately Seeking Divinity”
    I don’t remember much, but I do remember that. I have worn many faces. The victim, the assailant, the widow, the temptress, the mother, the martyr, the addict, the whore. None of it is real.
    I have many times felt the struggle to maintain my presence & clarity. My memory…
    This must end now.


  5. I’m pretty sure this article stands to be the most profound, thorough, clarifying piece I’ve ever read. EVER!
    I interpret this as meaning until we have bridged the gap between living in lower awareness, transcending to the HEART through compassion as the gateway, any actions/reactions and thoughts of a lower animal nature (materialistic desires/lust/fear) are the ‘traps to fail’ generated by the “imposter/AI System” NOT originating from our true self (like false implants?).
    So we’ve essentially been hijacked, marooned and trapped here in this plane of existence by the “fallen” interdimensionals who take human form, or in a way, “possess” us to parasitically steal our energy. Thus, we have been doomed to repeat lives, damned to re-live the same life mistakes over and over until we learn the lesson that WE ARE LOVE and demand freedom from the bondage of our organic, physical, DEAD vessels.
    THEN, the “craft” acting through the mind activated by self-love and compassion (starting in the heart) then unlocks the ability to connect us to our soul linked through the SPIRIT, and ultimately our TRUE source self, which is of The One True Creator.
    Until then, and if we cannot break ourselves free from these false-self, mental prison constructs we are placed into at birth, we are doomed to sink with the sinking ship into dissolution as if we never existed.
    Essentially, here’s the wake up call and final chance to liberate ourselves (since no one can really do it for us) in order to Evolve out of this closed trap system we find ourselves in today.
    You’ve been saying this the whole time, but how you encapsulated the message in this article was absolutely awe-inspiring! Gracias!!!

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