Soft-Disclosure: THE DISCOVERY (2017)

Yes, this is REAL.

Re-read or initially read the early POSTS I have offered you.

IF you want to know the TRUTH, then look HERE.

The secret projects discovered IMMORTALITY. This is through CONTROLLED DEATH.

The person can die and then be pulled back and the neurological recording will contain an imprint of the other timeline.



People want to DISTRACT YOU away from THE TRUTH! That is because they are afraid and they are ADDICTED to FIGHTING like ANIMALS. The ANIMALS ARE YOKED AND SENT TO THE FIELD TO WORK. That is their HOME. If this were not true, then they are not ANIMALS!


True CHANGE is THE UNIVERSE. At the moment of death TIME STOPS and REVERSES. All the way! And then some.

The first society was TEMPORALLY-QUANTUM STABILIZED. If a person died, they’d pop back in the next day!

In the movie there are a rash of suicides after it is announced that the soul is immortal.

The elite have known this for years. The original society was temporally stabilized so a death experience resulted in an instant continuation of life.

In the current overlay, each segment is fragmented through a series of angles. This reuslts in a disorientation or even discombobulation and the death experience wipes all memory and awareness from each layer. The elite have used technology to integrate each segment, each life back together and protect the secret. They continue living by using temporal technology to stabilize their consciousness over thousands of years along with other methods.

With the advent of cloning and consciousness transfer, it was realized that within a few short years the potential for a world-wide access to this technology would be greatly increased. Thus, there is a requirement for disclosure. As well, the general concept is ‘how could people be mad, knowing that they are immortal? Even if it was hidden for years, no one ever really dies.’

However, the spirit can be entrained and the soul can be used for fuel and this has also happened and this is related to the second death which is a general collapse of the multi-dimensional system that is separated by quantum or temporal boundaries.

There is a great hint a few minutes into the movie where the technology is set up inside of an enormous and grand designed mansion. This is literally how some of the elite mannors appear, full of advanced technology, soul-consciousness transfer devices, complicated machinery and teams of experts. A character mentions that it’s a kind of ‘FBI’ thing that no cellphones are allowed. Those in the secret groups, after devoting themselves, come to learn of the secrets.

The true secret that its not technology or an escapist, suicidal tendency that liberates one, it’s the ability to make every moment count, without any hesitation. That is true liberation, and that must be awakened from the soul level and beyond, not from the physical, perceptual tendencies and desires in the flesh. The flesh itself, being under guidance of the eternal spirit (not disrespectable) is that much more important to harmonize and navigate properly!

By the way, to leave is not a GOOD thing. People’s memories get wiped during the reinsertion. The SYSTEM has been designed to AVOID this. This requires a team of observers to monitor he situation and protect the individuals consciousness so that they do not pass through the memory wiping system.

There is a hood of electrodes similar to what I described relating to the electromagnetic sensory input/output systems over a year ago. Research Donald Marshall as well, the system of the celebrity cloning and the death games relates to this system. The centers are in a temporally-quantum stabilized field so that death results in a returning to the same ‘universe’ time-bubble within that local.

As well, there is a concept that in at least one or more unvierses (timelines) should the secret remain hidden. That way the system of life here is not disrupted and people can continue to learn on their own. And so there are teams of individuals that monitor the situation from timeline to timeline and ensure that any addvancements in technology or spiritual knowledge is gauged and organized. Imagine the process of securing the timeline knowing what you could know, in relation to this, and knowing that those who would not be involved in this would not know what you could know. It wouldn’t be very difficult, especially with the technology to enable a quantum reposition of consciousness within the same-field vector (timeline-universe layer).
Others want the secret to be known so that balance can be restored because right now, a mass suicide would be the least of Humanities worries with the intentions of some being to completely dominate the universe for as long as possible (all time).

To get back to the soft-disclosure summary, the electrode hood allows the technicians to record the neurological activity and decode the activity to viable information that enables others to see the experiences on a monitor! This is exactly what I have disclosed in the first radio interview over a year ago! You will overcome your fear this life, if you choose to!

The electrode hood is OLD TECH.

Everyone is fulfilling their duty whether it is to subdue the universe for their own reasons or to secure the universe and the timelines against a complete free-for-all of domination over free-will.

“I always said the after life is a different plane of existence. But, what if the afterlife is a different plane of this existence?”

“If you are right…if this got out?”

“We have to destroy the machine.”

The end of the movie informs you exactly why the secret must and will be kept, until every last individual has overcome not every last fear, but ALL FEAR ITSELF.

This is the only way. Yes, this is based directly off of the experiments, experiences and research from the secret projects, the unacknowledged special access programs.

I told you it would only get stranger. The memories always have a way of sticking out. The secret groups are not a cult, they are telling you the truth. They have found the pathway to immortality and that is realizing you are already there. Humans are immortal because death is an illusion and the spirit is what is real.

What you do determines what happens and what you see, again, what you change and what you create alters your path. The goal is not necessarily one of a physically limited resource, such as gaining more materials or changing something physical. The change is an act of creation of restoring true spirit and leading one closer to completion to take care of what was left behind previously.

There is only one stream. Our perception is what creates the multiple folds and layers. Humanity is in the machine, right now, and the technicians are counting down to the next cycle. You have seen it all before, at each interval there is a glimpse of what is to come and what has been. This is due to the distance between the frame of the machine and the internal gears. A bit of information always leaks through. The system is to create life, to restore spirit, to pass on knowledge and ensure continuity.

There is no end, there is no loss, there is only a benefit in the eternal stream.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING (you can fly.. : j )


This is what we saw. You are being awakened. Technicians are awaiting at the machine.

Prepare yourself. Remember. Look around. Look within. Realize what it is you are to know, here and now, know that is what you came here for.

The technological system is what enabled us to see between the layer in a way that we could effectively reproduce for others.

9 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure: THE DISCOVERY (2017)

  1. I’m very curious to know what the ”planets” actually are. They can be seen through telescopes. Maybe its seeing doorways to other dimensional realms, maybe that’s what they are? Nasa Scottish Rite Freemasons are liars we know that much. Are they spheres? I don’t know I don’t think so.

    I do understand now from Aug’s intel that any electrogravitic crafts flying out in ”space”, needs to be coated in some kind of ”black goo” type stuff, to place a dimensional shell round the craft, so the human soul doesn’t get snapped out the body staying in the Earth realm. That’s fair enough.

    So this seems to be going in the direction that ”space” isn’t an empty vacuum void with rocks floating through it but instead a type of Ether Etheric Multidimensional area that’s part of our subconscious minds, and possibly OUTSIDE the quarantined artificial Astral Soul Farm Recycling forced memory wiping of souls before reinsertion into the Earth Plane.

    Which brings me back to the interesting question: Just what is Neptune with that amazing Blue colour? Are we looking at an interdimensional portal gateway to a Neptunian dimension? Same with Jupiter and Saturn and Mars? Like the Sun too. Or are they really all spherical bodies with spherical moons and the NASA Voyager photos are real? Solar Warden must surely have travelled to Neptune and Uranus close up. Some photos would be great if Solar Warden could release those for us. I don’t have much faith at all in the NASA Voyager images or NASA as a whole.


    1. And another interesting thing is, we only (via telescopes) ever seem to see the same face of Jupiter with the red spot. I wonder why. Just like with the Moon, the same face. I am unsure if this is the case with Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune Saturn too.
      And it seems too the Vatican secretly worship the planets, for instance ”St Peter” is supposed to actually be Jupiter I think. Add to this, there is a big propaganda drive emerging in the MSM, to get humanity thinking in terms of going to Mars, colonising Mars. Leaving Earth.

      But in context of things said in my comment above, just what are these ”planets” and Mars theyre so keen for us to goto? Could Mars be another dimensional realm and for some strange reason the doorway to it is always visible in the sky? Could Mars be the Underworld? And could the Underworld infiltrating cloned beings who look like humans here but aren’t, who are seeking to get a foothold here and take over this Earth. Are they hoping to get many of us to willingly go to the Underworld under the guise of interplanetary colonisation?


  2. we’ll said Orionra, it’s good that you can help out with questions. We all have them from the different levels of ones awakening. For someone just seeing Augs info, to the many that are connecting/understanding at a quicker pace. When you start to really inner stand what the truth augs bringing forth it’s as if memory is unlocking.
    That’s my feelings.

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  3. this does not confuse me, as to what we truly and what we are capable of, what is questioning, is this:

    No-one knows what Divine Source is contemplating, (words never do “thoughts” justice..

    Both sides may be surprised.

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    1. What part confuses you? Aug presents very informative awakening information, but as I’ve posted before…his is a slightly more advanced version of happenings rather than fundamental. Unless you read all of his work from the beginning. It took me several years to grasp and find just the fundamentals and then it took me years more just to get to the level I am at. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to post or we can chat privately.

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