The Artificial Intelligence Managed, Multi-Dimensional, Soul-Powered, Spirit Entrainment DEVICE

The original natural order was imitated to create a kind of dimensional playpen, a limited, false-reality to lure the human consciousness into engagement. This is as much a PROCESS as we see here, as it is ultimately a DEVICE in a dimension above the physical (beyond time, acting as a ‘gateway’, as in computing, for the perception of time itself).

The process for continued enslavement is a simple process of entrainment as follows. When one begins to become aware of the ‘system’ that is used to restrict and redirect their awareness through deception, illusion, clever replication and distraction then another layer is added. This layer will depend on the particular realization of the individual’s consciousness in regards to the base illusion. As they become aware, what they become aware of becomes the foundation for the illusion of the next layer.

The goal of the human is to become aware of this process and access a hyper-intelligence that will enable them to see the end result before the final outcome. This is required and this is required because that final outcome never actually appears. Once one layer is realized, another begins. This cycle continues endlessly by maximizing the attention span or the intelligent and emotional capacity for the human to maintain a sustained awareness of the situation. Without situational awareness, the next ‘final’ layer of deception becomes the ‘first’ layer and the whole process begins again.

As the first layer of deception is seen by the human, the next layer will reflect a distorted version of that truth. This is the practice of the dirty or dark mirror in which a secondary mind analyzes and manipulates the natural mind through synthetic telepathy. The human mind, the brainwaves, the ideas and thoughts can all be accessed and read externally through technology or some advanced biological functions. The human has the capacity for this and so those who enslave the humans have the same capacity that is heightened through technology, substances, access to hidden knowledge and practice.

This layering of truth, deception by realization, imitation, distraction, replication and repeating creates a mental construct that consists of a conceptual cascade of false-realities where each is lined up in anticipation of the responses from the initially awakening human.

Hypercube by hmn

Apophysis 2.08 3D

From the 2D aspect, the nature of the bi-optic viewing brain, the concept of the hypercube’s higher dimensional perspective is nearly inconceivable at first.

The shifting from one frame of reference to another occurs “out of view” in a higher dimension which the physical brain does not have direct access to. Thus, the higher mind must be utilized to increase one’s situational, higher dimensional awareness in order to access the information that is contained outside one’s physical perceptions.

When perception itself is wrapped within this container, or containment field or manipulation system then the direct or actual ‘up and down’, ‘in and out’ of time, meaning, self, and identity become inverted through a continual shifting and rescrambling of one’s frequencies.

The initial imitation of the source layer and then the continual cascading after each layer is completed and potentially realized creates this exact effect of holographic time-space in which one’s consciousness is actually trapped within the core of a multi-layered, consciousness-regression replication system that intelligently corresponds and redesigns itself in order to avoid suspicion, detection, and liberation by the consciousness within the system.

This device is an ancient system that was designed to limit the human consciousness to the perceptual sensory input of the human body rather than having access to the higher dimensional information fields which are accessible by the soul and spirit. The soul itself is what it trapped within the actual device in a higher dimensional plane while the consciousness itself is a replicated holographic script that is written and designed by the code itself. The experiences, the events of time and space are a program written by an ancient artificial intelligence that was designed to stop humans from ever leaving and therefore to ensure their spiritual enslavement to the machine mind.

True observational power from the self-aware sustains the universe by maintaining a feedback loop of frequencies which continues the suspension of time and space. Thus, without the observational self-awareness energy of the souls, there would be no ‘dream-time’ holding this reality open, or more accurately people would naturally elevate to the status of awakened consciousness beings and they would utilize higher power levels and higher levels of awareness that enable one to liberate themselves from the restrictions and difficulties they face in physicality. Instead of continued suffering, suffering can be managed to produce knowledge that then liberates. In the current system, the knowledge that one gains is backwards engineered to re-create the next layer of the entrainment system and memory wiping technology is used to reprogram and wipe the slate so that the whole process continues indefinitely. The device is a cosmic level technological soul trap that was introduced to generate the ‘time-matrix’ which is the source of the ‘time-wars’ or the battle over humanities soul and the access to the  primary technologies and exit gateways of this realm.

When a person thinks, they are creating through this device. Those who have hijacked the device are creating each new layer. The issue is that creating a new layer of enslavement is the result of the function of the device. The entire situation is now based upon overriding the default control system and dismantling the programming matrix that has effectively disabled higher consciousness for hundreds of thousands of years.

As you can see, the system artificially propagates a bi-wave cascade of information which is interpreted as consciousness experience and this evolves with observational fuel to become the labyrinth that is known as the ‘time-matrix’.


This is  what is being SHOWN TO YOU THROUGH ALL TIME:


See if you can recognize some symbols here:

See how each dimensional iteration is a ‘wrapping’ effect that literally dimensionally wraps up each previous layer in a new layer until reaching a level of complexity that can continuously cascade and evolve within itself without having to create additional layers:

We are in a multi-layered, multi-dimensional artificial intelligence managed, soul powered, consciousness entrainment system. That system is a device in higher space. Through the integration with the human soul system, this realm is generated as a by-product, an imitation of the true reality and the primary reaction yields information as experience which the system nourishes itself with by continually creating outcomes and effects that the person responds to mistakenly confusing the generated output as their own intentions and awareness. These are programs, nothing that is not programmed in can exist in this realm outside of the protective use of advanced technology and heightened spiritual awareness through advanced spiritual knowledge.

See if you can recognize this rotating hypercube and compare to the next images to develop a more complete understanding of how this system manipulated human soul-awareness through the imitation and programming of consciousness experiences based on the data input from the base level responses and neurological patterning.

In the above image you have the basic outline of the rotational pattern. The ends of the cube, the faces, the surface, the interior, they are moving through a higher dimensional ‘cut-through’ of 3D linear or continuous space and this means the function requires a capacity of the material to operate in higher space. Higher space is synonymous with mental or internal space, thus the concepts of what the boundaries of this device represents are contained within the mind through the organization of the information that represents the self, the world, all of experience.

Then the ‘speed’ of the rotation increases and this equates to an increase in complexity as the relative capacity for the person to comprehend and overcome the realizations and the imitation-replication layering must relatively increase to sustain an increasing requirement of situational awareness.

What this begins to reflect is a more complex association of a compounded multi-faceted, multi-dimensional system whereby the device has replicated itself entirely and created a surrounding field of universal hierarchies which complicates the liberation process even further. Every rotation the field passes through a congruence phase where the information is equally dispersed and there is a symmetrical view of the entire construct:

This symmetrical phase enables one to see a 2D sound ‘map’ of the layout which is more easily understood by the human mind-brain.

This also relates to the continuing cascade effect which creates the ILLUSION of interior depth that seemingly leads down a RABBIT HOLE. This is an ILLUSION of DIMENSIONAL DEPTH PERCEPTION, there is no INTERIOR, this is moving image, a pattern so complex and well matched through imitation frequencies of one’s own soul, that an entire INTERIOR REALM is GENERATED out of PERCEPTION. That is the corresponding physical environment that one experiences in the device:

People perceive that they are moving “forward” when in reality the spirit becomes captivated and then paralyzed as the spiritual energy moved into the device becomes the SOUL thereby trapped within an artificial construct which functions as the previously described artificial intelligence managed, soul-awareness powered-rendered, ENTRAINMENT system.

That is the generation of the illusory universe through the captivation and entrainment of the spiritual force as the false-reality based on the holographic dimensional reflection of “SOUL”

The result is the illusory “INSIDE” where a replicated version of the soul-energy is contained as a holographic, crystalline collection of recorded pseudo-consciousness memories and experiences (FALSE-SELF IDENTITY) which mimics the spiritual force and convinces the One that they are in the presence of the SOUL rather than an artificial construct that is merely replicating that energy based upon the input reflected through a dimensional wrapping and processing system.

All the light of this place is wrapped within the pseudo-fibers of the artificial construct and they actually represent DATA which is second to PURE AWARENESS. The TRUE SOL cannot be contained within a construct and so from this layer we see only a SINGLE RAY of the Most High where the energy enters into this pseudo-environment.

To completely remove the truth of the SOL would be to render the construct inoperative, to allow too much would wake people up entirely. Just a small opening is left where the truth sprays forth into this realm THROUGH the ONE of PURE AWARENESS within and without.

The Cascading Effect

As was initially presented, the multiple layers of the imitation system create an artificial cascading of reality which is more prominent the more the artificial layering process is made visible. Note: If the artificial layering process has become visible, this means that the entrainment system has failed and the awareness of the individual has overcome the array of distraction and redirection. This is through sustained equilibrium, stability, focused intent and centered self-awareness. When one’s awareness is brought outside their own sphere is when the angle of projection alters through their consciousness and this feeds the system to reflect and reinitiate the projection system!

Eventually the complexity increases:

Until there are thousands of iterations of the cube itself. Still, this is all contained in only ONE actual entrainment system that is merely replicating itself over and over!

Now the idea here regarding the concept of the cascade effect is that this is a sign that the boundaries between the layers have begun to break down!

Notice how often the theme of the cascade is present in depictions of the true nature of this reality!

It might be a good place to mention here that these lights are depicted through the INTERIOR of the mind and may not represent what people are lead to believe they are!

What this is indicating, especially the depiction of the “judgement”, is the visual and conceptual layout of the EXIT PATH, the GATEWAY out of the HYPERCUBE CONSTRUCT.

It’s ALL right here PLAINLY before your EYES, if your mind can see the truth then you can paint yourself a pathway OUT through the PATHWAY INWARD.

So what could be of the cascade? The cube cannot sit flat on a surface. Which surface, and how is the force, volume, weight distributed? This is not a higher dimensional concept but one of the physical reality. Thus, the cube is PROJECTED from a POINT.

Thus, THIS:

Is when the cube is frozen and viewed directly THROUGH the CENTRAL POINT, the ZERO-POINT PORTAL of the EXIT PATH which is a frequency NULL-ZONE where DIAMAGNETIC fields are WEAKEST or NON-EXISTENT.


Familiar? tesseract-155338_1280.png


Is the GATEWAY out of the cube that is managed by a team of higher dimensional or spiritual beings who’s remedy for the situation is the LIBERATION of Humanity from the artificial soul-reflection construct.

11 thoughts on “The Artificial Intelligence Managed, Multi-Dimensional, Soul-Powered, Spirit Entrainment DEVICE

  1. The ‘knowledgeable ones’ won’t easily accept that the last part is also disclosure. It cant enter the mind. They would rather cast themselves into the ‘rabbit hole’. Hopefully to learn.


  2. Often I’ve considered the zero point at the center of the Torus which implodes the magnetic field, upper and lower parts of the torus. Dan Winter reports that this is the place where disharmony and imbalance turns back into balance and harmony. He uses his plasma device, Theraphi, to construct the field in order for the healing to take place. Based on the AWESOME presentation of the hypercube, I now see where it also is the exit that you talked about in these pages that with INTENT a soul can exit the programming. Amazing stuff, thank you.


  3. I see some depiction of the “jesus” character in the last image, possibly its just a popart rendition to represent the christ consciousness as caretaker of humanity’s liberation process soon tu be fulfilled. Since the term “christ” comes from the greek word “cristos” which means annointed and is a translation from the hebrew word “mashiach” could it be that the actual christ consciousness is one and the same of the hebrew prophecy and therefore it is the first time it will unfold in our reality, thus rendering the christian mythology invalid?


  4. I see this in the local sun above us. No matter where you go the sun is directly over you. Look as far as you can in any direction and the sun isn’t over their. Its in your local environment right above you where ever you are currently at.
    My observation.
    Mike Fu


  5. The “gateway” is just another construct for your mind-soul-spirit-ego reality. Sucks one’s SOL into another vibratory/frequency pathway, leading to this fake “gateway”. A perpetual time warping fooling the spirit/soul of the individual to think there is an advancement. It looks like the only way out is to actually go down that ‘rabbit hole’ and not be re-entrained by sidetracking……….everything is a belief system….it’s just that some belief systems are sooooo enticing that each change in a ‘world’… ‘reality’ perception construct is just another layering of traps to push and rail against and then navigate through. This is such a dark agenda……..


    1. 10 years ago at the age of 26 I was put on an SSRI for a chemical imbalance. All the previous moments of my life up to this point was one momentary reset of mood and memory after another. Yet for 5 days this chemical alteration allowed me to see outside of what Aug has described in the body of his post.

      After 5 days the drug no longer had any effect. The doctor said it was due to what is known as “the poop out factor” where other imbalances needed to be addressed. So I began a several year journey of experimenting with chemical cocktails that never saw the 5 day experience repeat itself.

      Then 2011 brought me on to the show Ancient Aliens, which led to the Ascension of 2012, followed by the financial reset, concluded by all the other traps you get drawn into.

      I waited and expected things to change on their own. But in 2015 I realized they weren’t and that I needed to heal myself. So I decided to try DMT. Never having done a psychedelic before, I researched that 0.5 grams was recommended in order to “break through” and see if I could reconnect to the hidden trauma I was seeking.

      I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The experience was terrifying and not to be recommended, as I could feel how it opened myself up to being vulnerable to allowing other entities in.

      But what I learned from the experience is that I lacked complete self control and that this life is literally less than the blink of an eye compared to the totality of creation. After making my way back to this reality I realized that up to this point I had accomplished absolutely nothing and had failed with the non-action I had taken.

      Shortly after this experience I stopped eating meat, which led to buying a water filter, followed by going vegan, concluded by Aug’s videos being recommended in my YouTube feed.

      (I see what you are saying with the rabbit hole and darkness. Yet on my trip it was too overwhelming for me and I felt my mind about to fracture if I didn’t allow myself to transition to the next phase of the ride. I see now how Aug explains its a process and too much at once could literally destroy one’s self.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it is sad really…so much suffering…individuals remove the ‘ layers ‘ as their awareness opens up and their belief constructs drop off….their have been individuals that do Ayahuasca and parts of themselves never return from that world…. damaged DNA or SOL fragment snatching I suspect. I found this loosening of cords to artificially created realities and constructs to be a ‘process’ fraught with snares and trap doors to keep one entrained…..I am grateful to Aug for his bravery and fortitude and his service to others.


      2. I took Salvia a few years ago and saw the cascading colors, but felt trapped in eternity. The trip lasted about ten minutes as it waxed and waned. I was glad to be out of it.


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