Suffering, The Choice, Free-Will, Strength and Self-Awareness, The Illusory Battle

Please excuse the rough sound, I will have a wind filter next time.


3 thoughts on “Suffering, The Choice, Free-Will, Strength and Self-Awareness, The Illusory Battle

  1. Aug, I hope you can read this. I’m targeted, having traced it back to my birth, left at a military base. I was lucky; a Sgt. returned me the next day, thou I don’t know what was done to me, in those 24 hors. But, I now know what was tested on me, in my teens including OBE.The AI. Now, I’m made aware of it as they shoot and spray down chemicals and biological (bio/nanotech/smartdust) using smart-meters, smart-phones, towers and drones and UAV hovering satellites (all sizes). They’ve shot me with countless virsues, took me to near death, almost killed me. While laying in the hospital having made it thru emergency life-saving surgery, everyone was once again climbing the wall (employees–all unknown to me) with unworldly hatred. My presence does this. Any idea as to why?

    I’m certain this is an autonomous targeting system connected to cybernetics/cyberwarfare.

    Last year, while being tossed in and out of a mind-boggling brain-invader situation, I’m adamant was a CERN w/DWAVE sediment simulation, an extremely unworldly and powerful (unlike anything here) torpedoed down from space (the heavens) straight for me. Stopping in mid-air, it engulfed me with love and kindness (too powerful do define but not of here) sharing its very soul with me (no kinda of powerful targeting comes close, at all). Its message was that they’re weeping for me and that they we’re both male and female. It had wings flung back on both sides allowing me to see it, briefly. It was the color of off-white/beige. **Was this an extremely powerful computer simulation and/or ascension program, or would you say it could be real?**

    This AI has been playing me like a battle of testing, a good vs bad. And, frankly I’m sick of this… I know better. Not perfect, I was always a nice, innocent gal. I believe I’m a satanic ritual victim. Is that possible?

    I see thru the veil, the matrix, which is pure evil, and probably have all my life. I knew when one of them was anywhere near me, from the age of 4 on up. Is this why they came after me? I am RH neg in part and Native American. My lines go way back. I believe I’m from the Lumerians, as a first born, they targeted them then, and continue to (Tsarion).

    Any and all can be taken over with this black goo AI and a man-made Ai that whistle-blower’s now say is rogue–they lost control of it. Is this the one that was created to counter the other AI? How do I beat this? Do I disconnect completely from the Internet?

    I had a strong gut feeling, this was a God-program.


  2. Good posts, Aug!

    Most humans ‘think’ and ‘feels’ that they are ‘limited’. Most of the time, their thoughts on every single situations/scenarios are “But what can they do about it?” and most of the time, their answer is that “They can’t do anything about it.”

    Some situations/scenarios .. it could be that .. there’s nothing that they can do about it .. but to surrender to that situation/scenario ..allow the energy to flow and not resist it and to finally release it. Energy is energy .. if they attract it .. they have to face it on their own. With that said, most of the time/moment, they feel that they need to be ‘motivated’ in order to move forward .. and that’s a myth.

    “Motivation’ is much like a rabbit with a carrot dangling in front of it and never getting to eat it.

    Dependence on the ‘external’ type of experiences has been in the humankind’s mindset for aeons and humankind need to unlearn that.

    The priorities for and of self need to unlearn what doesn’t work for their soul experiences, clean out the closet to allow space for new experiences.

    When One is in the state of ‘joy’ .. we want to prolong it and that’s ‘natural’. But when One is in a state of ‘sorrow’, ‘pain’, ‘frustration’, ‘anxiety’ etc etc .. these are the egotistic energy which is resurfacing to be acknowledged, thank it for the soul lesson (to learn how to ‘balance’ the yin/yang) and then release them. One need to understand the ‘soul lessons’ so that One can make use of it for other ‘situation/s’ . if .. it ever comes back again. One do not ‘repeat’ the ‘same mistake/s’ .. but if One do make the same mistake/s .. it will keep on coming back until One learns.

    But the everyday living isn’t ‘set in concrete’. Everyday is a different day .. just as each moment is a different moment.

    We can feel joy one moment and the next we can also ‘leach’ onto some kind of energy which isn’t ours to bear/feel/experience .. just because .. Humankind have yet to learn how to transmute and transform energy through focus intention in the Now. Most of the Humankind are not in the ‘moment of Now of All It Is’.

    They just go through the day like a cookie cut house – which is also a part of habitual everyday living.

    If just one Humankind will do something different out of their ordinary habitual everyday living .. something will change. Their energy will change. It ‘triggers’ something within them and that’s how ‘transmutation’ and ‘transformation’ works.

    Through focus intention. Focus intention on doing something different everyday. Focus intention on doing or ‘adding’ something into their everyday living in connection with love, creativity, taking short walks with different paths everyday, smile when you go out to do a simple chore, smile when you are just doing your household chores … these are all little subtle directions where you will chart your own journey without being in the ‘programmed cookie cutting system’.

    This ‘cookie cutting system’ is being phased out as we write, think and talk. Be alert and focus in the Now.

    Be conscious of what we are doing and decide to do something different. Even at work – do a small act of doing something that’s different from sitting at your work desk. Take a short walk around the building and come back to the desk. Take a break and doodle for a while .. then go back to work … all these ‘little’ breaks’ do break up the ‘cookie cutting programmed system’. Sure .. most people ‘need’ to work to ‘survive’ .. but that doesn’t mean everyone has to do the same thing … same old pattern … same old energy over and over again.

    Go out and do something different everyday. You will notice that your ‘mundane’ everyday living will change for the better simply because .. You are all very powerful Human Beings!!

    If you’re out taking a walk, walk backward for a short while .. then go back to walking ‘normally’. Do this at different intervals and of course .. make sure that you’re walking in a safe environment if you decide to do this very basic exercise. My jogging regime used to be .. jogging backward (at intervals) around a school running track. It wasn’t easy at first but you will get the hang of it. Soon after that, all the other joggers do that too. Waling backward along the track is also very safe – not easy because the curve of a 400metre track isn’t easy to walk backward on .. but it’s good for the Soul. Namaskar


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