Retro-Causal Illusion is the Perceptual Overlay System, Non-Human Entities, Creation, Spiritual Enslavement and Droning

Retro-Causal Zone: What happens here influences what happened before the zone was entered.

The non-human organism overlays its consciousness through the technological entrainment system so that the human mind is replaced and this seems to consist of a retro-causal effect of replacing the ‘soul’ memory forwards and backwards through time. This is an illusion that is disengaged when the technology is disabled. The consciousness is held in a suspended state through an interdimensional quantum computer system that projects the entanglement throughout the entirety of the span across this space which is effectively forwards and backwards through time.

Literally, a quantum supercomputer system beams the consciousness of an underground non-human entity through the mind of the ‘droned’ human and there are interdimensional ‘way-points’ that are located on either ends of the span of history which create a closed loop of projection that securely ‘boosts’ the signal across the entire timeline as far as their are the required resources.

If the events that must be in alignment to enable these system being built in the future and operated to the far past are disrupted then that system is disrupted. Hence, “changing timelines”, and a whole new reality, all of the sudden.

Imagine if the people in power suddenly severed the connection between the ‘underworld’ of the lower consciousness beings and this physical realm. The power structure would shift instantly, greatly and eternally.

This is literally a science, replacing the consciousness of a human with a non-human being from an alternate dimension has become part of how this civilization operates if not the main function of this civilization. The droned consciousness does not have a heart-compassion capacity because the energy system was not created out of that configuration.

That compassion based element is part of the blueprint for Humanity and this must be extended from more of the same. This is to say, the creation of the compassion element was through the act of compassionate creation an extension of love. The creation of the purely mental element was not as much a creation of love (if at all) as it was a creation of technology and material intentions. These are, in that sense, material beings that do not have the compassionate spiritual aspect that marks the human through connection to the source of all or all that is.

This was all literally part of a military operation and this is why the alternate dimension, the feeding process, the ritual harvesting, the linguistic, mechanistic, hierarchical fragmentation of the mind through false authority and deceptive reasoning is literally a spiritual legal system that is designed to enslave Humanity.

Part of understanding this is being able to negate the effects and one’s connection to that system. One must separate themselves from that system otherwise that system claims them as rightful owners through the manufactured consent of the people as ‘servants’. There are motions taking place now to liberate humanity from this system however the very notion of liberation relies on one’s own wilful disconnection from that which hinders and oppresses them. If one is liberated in the midst of accepting and encouraging their own enslavement then they are only superficially alleviated and will lack the internal redemption that will enable them to face themselves truly.

This is all related to the true self and the underlying issues within this realm as far as the false self, the holographic nature of consciousness, the nature of holographic time-space as an inorganic artificial intelligence and what is called the ‘fractal holographic illusion’ which is literally the version of consciousness that the human perceives when they are simply ‘going along’ with this life.

In truth, to ‘go along’ one has to first have ‘come’. To ‘come’ they must’ve left somewhere else. This is the continually repeating format for the mind-wiping protocol which was designed as part of that military action to subdue the human soul. In order for this to work, the eternal spirit of Humanity must be rendered inside a vessel that is vulnerable to the electromagnetic fields and energetic pollution as well as mental and emotional programming. This is due to the inherent weakness of the biological system, the advancement of the control system, and genetic modifications that occurred tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago to alter the biology of specific brain regions, organ systems and genetic composition.

The DNA is harmonic in nature and so the technology that was used to perform this was harmonic, ‘sonic-light’ technology and this was discovered and understood in the underground base experiments. This technology is what is reversed engineered to undo the effects and that is the format for all that is to come.

It was witnessed in the underground bases, through temporal viewing technology, scientific experimentation and the research of all previous cultures and civilizations, that there were mass ritualistic hazing and experimentation upon the human race that was performed openly in previous times. People were literally abducted by the “gods”, experimented on and inserted back into civilization. Who, why, and what will be defined further in another moment.

How, is the primary understanding in that the technology that is used is connected to the understanding of the harmonic resonance field which connects all that is and enables the genetic material to resonate in a unique frequency that interdimensionally connects all instances of that human life across multiple universes. These multiple universes are not multiple universes but are multiple ‘parallel’ realities or ‘timelines’ and the DNA is a tether that entangles one’s consciousness across them. Because of the barriers that have erected as a ‘quarantine’ zone, an entrapment that was realized and then utilized for the most profitable outcome by those in control, humanity cannot retain memory beyond the termination line of this domain.

Thus, humanity is currently spiritually stunted and entirely amnesiac of any other reality when this entire reality is only possible because there is a higher spiritual reality which does not rely on the same restrictive, scarcity based parameters for experience.

There have been many names for that locality and this is a matter of a technology, energetic, scientific configuration in which there is a nullification of the turbulent cycling of energies that results in ageing, decay, death, and disease in this locality. There is an extension of those properties in one direction and in another direction there is a reduction until an eternal equilibrium is reached. The idea is that in the realm of the eternal equilibrium, the identity or true self that you are partially representing here is not limited by the concepts that the personality is limited by here. Fear, forgetfulness, pain and suffering are illusions that are generated out of the dual, binary, neuro-chemical swinging of the pendulum of the physical body and this is to say that beyond the confines of the physical realm there is not ‘nothingness’ but there is the unlocking of constant joy.

One must access and accept this joy into their lives and through this converting the substance of their very existence into more joy than the lowly mundane domain of the animals which is desire, pleasure, lax, ignorance and fear. Only those spiritual essences are primarily physically based and thus one who’s life is based upon those essences as the primary defining features cannot leave this place and move into the higher realm and must be content with those ideals.

Humans have been mixed with animal and higher dimensional nature and this is the reason for the current struggle. This is an experiment but more so a mad scientist’s game and horrifying work of art for a secondary and removed personal reason.

Overcoming that which the body is habitually encouraged to participate and entangle with through desire, neuro-chemical stimulation, sensory perception, programming and ultimately the false-sense, is to liberate one’s mind from the repeating patterns that shrink one’s daily creativity, self-empowerment, harmonious feelings, compassion and truth. The truth is in regards to the true self. What the human thinks they feel is not actually what they are, or what they are feeling. What is felt that is pure and without words, processing, thought, or reaction is the actual cause. Thus, this works so that if a person thinks about what they’ve felt, then they have converted the true version into the illusion. This is very tricky but the result is that one cannot actually express or consciously perceive reality through this system but only through withdrawing their senses from that lower system and moving to an instantaneous ‘before’ state which is in operation before the brain and body can react and process the awareness.

This is synonymous with the difference between ‘awareness’ and ‘experience’. The one who is aware, that is the true self, the one who experiences and places themselves in the seat of ‘identity’ that is, always, the secondary version that is actually a reflection of the truth. The brain generates this and this can be understood scientifically as the brain is only capable of creation an electromagnetic, neuro-chemical ‘reflection’ of the stimulus that is applied. One doesn’t actually detect the true stimulus but only a reflection and in this way, the brain can only generate a holographic version of reality and so one’s awareness, when moving through the brain, can only detect the hologram.

Then there are studies to show how the brain’s hologram is actually the only instance of that seemingly external reality existing, it’s not out there, it’s in your mind! Thus, the hologram IS reality, reality is the holographic information generated by the brain through stimulus. Yet, how does the stimulus first exist, to then produce an effect upon the brain? The ultimate answer is that you are in your brain and what we call the external realm is just a larger brain, yet this organism and this version of the brain is so heavily modified that it’s more accurate to say we are in the brain of not the true self but an inorganic imposter that is technologically regulated and designed to create an endless array of labyrinths and false-realities that disable the awareness from reaching eternal equilibrium and therefore mental liberation from that which restricts experiences to the same repeating patterns over and over again.

The following is highly confusing as is the nature of this illusory realm.

This is an example of the kind of paradox of holographic consciousness and time-space. That which is true, is unchanging. Yet, that which is manifested is always changing. That which is manifested in this realm is always a secondary version that changes yet can never fully approach or present the true self or true reality. The same experiences are shuffled and the memories are wiped or discombobulated. The eternal spirit which holds the primary, unchanging eternal ideas is never fully acknowledged otherwise the game ends as the false reality is exposed for what it is. Thus, the system produces a constant supply of that which is seemingly new, yet only a finite number of parameters and experiences are constantly regurgitated to produce the same effects and restrict one into a labyrinth of continually degrading being (lowering energy, per metatronic patterns).

If we ‘do’ the same thing, then this is neurochemically different because the brain is constantly shuffling information, yet no matter what is done, one can never actually produce or experience something genuine in this realm, unless they truly ‘do nothing’.

This is a paradox, a containment system. Nothing in the center can be of fulfilment because the ends and the beginnings are a thought-loop that lead back into themselves. Unless a person realizes this and can face that, then they are surprised again when the loop occurs, the same loop that has trapped them here for the past many hundred thousands of “years” or cycles. This is the oroboros, a system that is designed to recycle information and consciousness and recreate from the same base parameters a seemingly new system that can never actually touch upon anything new or the true reality. The paradox is that everything here is old, and yet nothing here can actually touch on what actually is. Everything eternal is ‘unchanging’, yet it’s constantly new because it can never actually be converted into something definite and complete and therefore capable of ageing or dying.

The loop, the problems, etc. It’s not “to come”. All that is to come has already come before, that’s the whole point. You’re many thousands of cycles into this game and you have seen all the tricks before. The solution is not to prepare to face the boss level again! It’s to place yourself outside the scope of the parameters of that level and to merge with a higher reality where that which is required to reach liberation has already occurred!

Why and how? Because in the same way that the fall and all things ‘bad’ or destructive have already occurred and looped over many times, all that is ‘good’ or required for liberation has also already occurred and this is about finding that reality and operating on the level of that reality more directly! Technically, one has never left that reality and that is the nature of the oroboros mind-control, time-matrix, metatronic construct! It’s a perceptual overlay system that can’t actually do anything but entrain the mind, the mind which is powerful enough to create universes!

All power levels are already beyond what is projected for the future! In order to get that, it had to already have happened in the far past! Thus, everything you require to move into a liberated locality is already present and simply awaiting your detachment of entanglement from the enslavement system through manufactured consent, and ultimately a continual reimbursement and reactivation of that false-reality system through the acceptance of false-authority. Your self is what is remained when that system is disconnected and this is because in the same sense that everything useful is already achieved, all the destruction and enslavement is already there! People aren’t just being pestered with an annoyance! Their minds have been utilized against them to create an entire universe that enslaves them and each person has a universe unto themselves! Thus, the farthest reach of both destruction and enslavement and liberation and creation has been achieved, already!

The continuing of that cycle with a memory wipe in the middle is the oroboros, the repeating fractal geometry that entangles the soul and causes a fragmentation and thus reduction of energy is the metatronic grid sequence, and the completion of the whole cycle without moving into forgetfulness and passing through the ‘rung’ of history into the next ‘octave’ without starting all over is the eternal abolishing of that illusory system as the parameters of that system can only work within that same repeating fractal pattern of the previous ages of history.

As soon as Humanity collectively moves into a layer of awareness beyond the confines of the same repeating BS patterns, that whole system is SHATTERED. It literally lacks the processing power and the reconfiguration capacity to rematch itself to awakened humans, thus it’s a kind of continual replay until people CHOOSE to actively ACKNOWLEDGE what is happening and apply their FREE-WILL to determine what the outcome will be.

The last paradox is that ONLY by NOT PLAYING THE GAME, can one win the game! Only by not playing the game can they make up their own game with their own rules!

This is one of the more vague and visionary posts but those who have researched and sought liberation thus far will RECOGNIZE.

recognize (v.) Look up recognize at
early 15c., “resume possession of land,” back-formation from recognizance, or else from Old French reconoiss-, stem of reconoistre “to know again, identify, recognize,” from Latin recognoscere “acknowledge, recall to mind, know again; examine; certify,” from re- “again” (see re-) + cognoscere “to get to know, recognize” (see cognizance). Meaning “know again, recall or recover the knowledge of, perceive an identity with something formerly known or felt” first recorded 1530s. Related: Recognized; recognizing.

5 thoughts on “Retro-Causal Illusion is the Perceptual Overlay System, Non-Human Entities, Creation, Spiritual Enslavement and Droning

  1. Thanks Aug!

    Would enjoy your take on how to “not play the game”.

    Here’s my take at this moment:

    Partially agree with your statement of “do nothing”, however it’s evident there’s a finesse of sorts to this.

    The format of this idea when it last came to me was “the only way to win is not to play” after a very long meditation session.

    The goal of winning appears to be to successfully ingrain the art of constant change, which I’ve called of late “the dance of immortality” which by it’s very nature is contrary to “do nothing”.

    I found it pertinent at this point to review the word game while writing this response.

    It appears that the correct way to win so to speak, is to stop behaving in accordance to it’s rules but keep in mind that games tend to have rules against breaking rules and requires some minimal amount of participation.

    eg: if the whole of creation is the board game monopoly, if a player lacks a piece on the board, they’re not playing. However, our piece is on the board so to speak and it’s evident that it will be impossible for us to walk away or win within the defined rules.

    similar but differently in example

    eg: if your an animal being hunted, both fleeing from and moving towards the hunter are probable ways to loose this round as is doing nothing, failing to notice the imminent danger or willfully ignoring the change in situation, but some other action, frequently any other action such as a sudden change in behavior or operating in different way are the primary way to have the situation end in a favorable way that’s not based upon probability.

    Thus we must continue to do something, we must minimally participate in the game or at least operate within the confines of the rules. I think instead we must not play “the game” but instead play our own game that allows us thrive if not survive inside of the rules or defined parameters.

    Part of the problem and likely also the reason for all the things that exist inside this system that shouldn’t or needn’t, Is there’s a bug or a flaw inside of this “sentient unique immortal substance generator”. In order for “graduates” to re-enter safely, we “turned on debug mode” so to speak, which as exacerbated the problem.

    Whatever this bug or error is has enabled life forms that are incapable of survival outside of this simulated environment to thrive. Certainly the energy theft is a component or related to this bug.

    The inability to perform the “dance of immortality” essentially means you can’t generate your own life force. The machine we built to make more friends has broken and instead appears to be refining some subset of beings ability to steal the next dance move another was to make before they made it.

    Our society screams this from the top of the tallest structures with it’s actions of late.

    We will surely recognize.

    The way this information was articulated was very helpful.

    Reading this refreshed memories of the constitution and configuration of this system; which presented an opportunity to gain greater perspective and understanding as well as to better map how it’s interconnected.

    Thanks again!



  2. Recognize… wow my android phone has not got that word in it’s dictionary.. as I read every sentence, something deep down inside my wanted to scream with joy and cry with sadness at the same time. You Aug are a warrior of the original source. Cannot wait until we sit down one day and have a “beer” and discuss our adventures in the server’s labyrinths


  3. Recognize… wow my android phone has not got that word in it’s dictionary.. as I read every sentence, something deep down inside my wanted to scream with joy and cry with sadness at the same time. You Aug are a warrior of the original source. Cannot wait until we sit down one day and have a “beer” and discuss our adventures in the server’s labyrinths


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