Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

I have posted some of this information before, this is from Silke F. She has memory intact! I met her some years ago in the flesh through the process in which I was briefed on all personnel in this realm who are involved. She is one who retained nearly the most memory of anyone in this realm.

Think what I’ve said before is rough? Having troubling trusting and believing that this kind of stuff is possible or that someone could know so much or be so “important” to you? An operative (along with other teams for peripheral work) scripted the entire Human reality from death to birth for the past 500,000 years and every thought and impulse was designed by some guy working with a supercomputer system puts out the power of an entire bloodline and simulates neurological connections that manifest physical experiences. Nothing happens unless it’s preordained or true to eternity.

HCG´s [Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups] monitor everyone and if you teach to much thats outside the allowed intelligence and awareness zone, the HCG create what many I´s call gangstalking, gaslight activity and highly organised disrespect. Humans just still exist because all races in this universe protect each other against 3 hostile species and one of these 3 destroyed earth 1996, but a second earth got created 2011 by using a reality implant and the missing years created a black hole thats opening portals and CERN is actually the project to close this portal, but they just open it more by accident.

I was involved with the operations on Earth 1, people were there but have lost their memory. That Earth timeline ended in a collapse which left a rift between all the others and thus that problem is following all the way up the line. We must make it to the “end” of time in order to survive and this is through a complete liberation from the time-matrix. The Awakened Humanity is a spiritual force, not a physical, neuro-chemical puppetry system.

Everything is managed by these groups and this is to keep all parameters within viable limits. If this was overturned then the timeline could literally collapse and this would be perceived as a slow and then quick into complete insanity.

Look around you. That is what began happening years ago, the very mental fabric of Humanity began to come apart. They launch wars, host false flags, poison the water, spray BS out of the TV. Then when people are all nuts, everyone goes, “Oh yea, that makes sense, there’s mindlessness everywhere.” In reality, if everyone was sitting down at a picnic sipping watermelon juice, slowly people would still be going insane, it’s a quantum collapse, it’s unavoidable. It was actually spread faster without the control systems in place, this is something you will not be able to change without first awakening to your true power and no longer needing to change it.

There are three main interdimensional beings that are parasitic to the human mind. These are like the coalescence of all disharmonic, depraved behavior except they are energetic and their interactions can only match that of the frequencies of debauchery, ridicule, torture, traumatization, mockery, etc etc etc. Everything related to that is something below the spectrum of the awakened, compassionate, harmonious, powerful Human. The definition of Human is incorrect as used today but the idea is appropriate enough for this context.

After the event, powerful supercomputer systems were used to literally project a holographic impression, ‘grooves’ into the universe in the frequency and spectrum of what we call conscious experience here on Earth. Thus, an exact replica of the previous situation, the events as they can be pulled from the electromagnetic recording tape of space itself, and then this was reinitiated by inserting the souls of those lost Humans cast out into the void as a result of the destruction.

Thus, Earth began again, however everything that was to occur was a part of a script of events that had already occurred. The issue was with breaking from that script to find ‘new life’ without actually destroying the script or the ‘holographic simulation’ system.

Yes, the view of history from here is only a holographically projected simulation, an implant memory for the entire civilization and this is due to an event which wiped the civilization. How this reinitiation was achieved is beyond explanation because you simply wouldn’t believe it.

CERN was actually assigned with the task of restoring the timeline as there was a rift that occurred. This actually caused a greater problem because they were not yet experienced enough with jumping timelines to know what would happen. Thus, there is a new timeline along with many errors and this is around the number that I was given. I was literally shown, during a debriefing on a specific situation, the process that is used to ascertain which events are native to this timeline and which events are only occurring in the projection of the individual minds and are not actually from this timeline but the previous one that was jumped from.

There are thousands and the more there are the more unstable this system becomes. The only opportunity is to jump or stabilize. Research “Paranoid Times” on youtube. The CERN videos are fairly accurate with names changed and situations jumbled around to create obscurity. The concepts are accurate. The issue is that when one jumps their memory is instantly wiped until they can regain the prepositioned anchors that are designed to secure a memory lock. This is what ALICE, the system at CERN was designed for. ALICE follows one’s memory and re-stitches their memory from the time they jumped to the point they land at. Without this, a person literally simply wakes up in the next reality without any recollection of what had happened except for a vague suspicion that they just attempted something of great importance along the lines of entering to a new reality. Eventually, the outline will be regained, however details are still fuzzy or non-existent without preparations or an intelligent mind-stabilization system.

The idea here is that if there is another jump and the population goes into amnesia another layer down then they could merge with the holographic simulated projection and this results in mass hysteria, amnesia, insanity and a fragmenting of the consciousness field until the collective itself can never again be whole. If that happens, Humanity dissolves.

Earth 2 also will be destroyed soon and earth 3 will create a new data time line stream. The bible was created by the Anunnaki to navigate your human genetic memory into the ideology of heaven and hell for soul recycling intentions that are under the control of many different species that are older as the human race. What the bible did not tell you about giants is that they still exist as sleepers under the surface of arctic areas and they will be remote controlled soon to attack and destroy the other species that will come to this second earth. Pleiadians have nothing to do with earth 2 and since 1987 the pleiadian species has no military mission anymore on earth 1.

Not going to say much here, we were there, we worked in these groups, these operations. The astral realm is a technologically managed recycling plant that uses a continuous false-reality perceptual overlay which is like a dreamy virtual reality that BS’s the consciousness into believing whatever it wants. Only through the true to life, grimy, neutral, accurate assessment of one’s self and the situation can one avoid falling for that trap of hopium and illusion (even through fear).

You just can enter earth 1 with transdimensional clothes because time travel is done with tc-technology which is based up on transdimensional-clothes technology. Humans do not know anything about all this and there is no info about TTCG (Time Travel Control Groups). Earth 1 got destroyed 1996 and replaced by earth 2 in the year 2011, by cloning an inserted copy implant of old reality, but about 12,500 wrong data errors still exist and they create wrong historical data thats changing time and history backwarts in time. You call this on earth the Mandela Effect. Its changing human anatomy and also everything else.

In short, they use clothes. Literally clothes that enables the projection of quantum distortion field. They (the operatives) do not have time to meditate under a tree and become ‘One’ with the universe the old fashioned way. They are carrying out these operations to make sure that your ass doesn’t quantum entangle with your face a split second before your body de-molecularizes and your consciousness returns to an abyssal state. Yes, demolecularization is a thing, some training programs are designed to train one to resist and repair that side-effect of some travels.

4D/5D TCG [Timeline Control Groups of 4th & 5th density] monitor everything and everyone, thats coming and going. They have supercomputer technology thats so highly advanced, they even can monitor remote viewers that get close to them just on etherical levels. The Satan zone is something what I call the fire wall or wall of fires, because these rings are so outside of all zones, that they get here by portal technology thats super advanced and CERN is pretty involved in fusing different zones of dimensions into what you would call earth reality, because this earth zone is one of many dimensional fusion experiments. People confuse a lot and put everything in one and the same thought zone, however, what you call reality, is changing backwarts in time on historical data level, so nobody thats inside the matrix, can be clever enough to look trough the matrix data stream.

Again, this is how advanced the technology is, and this is old technology. If you were to build up enough charge to dream outside of your body and have a pleasant travel to a friends house, they can monitor this literally on a monitor screen or a mind-to machine link and see exactly where you are going and what kind of state you are in.

Reptilians are not creating all this negativity on this version of earth, but there are 3 species that control realities and a lot more by changing a lot inside of you people and other species are hacking these projects. What humans call reptilians, are not even close to the ones that you should call Alpha Draconis lifeforms, and something complete different. Reptilians are more like humans with phaseshifting abilities that can change the appearance by modulating the phase of the photonal delays. Photons make you visible and photonal delays can create very demonic looking figures or changes in your appearance. However, Alpha Draconis species is a very old time line stream of the Anunnaki thats existing today and what humans would call the Elohim are a much older race and they are also older as the Alpha Draconis species. So they are so much more advanced that they are like god and they are therefore what you are praying to as humans if you pray to what you think is god.

They control the PREYING of the false gods! Their ‘shapeshift’ is TECHNOLOGY and SPIRITUAL CAPACITY, PSYCHIC ABILITY. The humans using the photonal delays look just as demonic! It’s a technology and property of light as time and information flow!

Humans got created with a very simple soul matrix because they wanted something that they could manipulate to create special realms of dimensional evolutions with certain genetic memory data streams.

This soul matrix is a FARCE. It’s all a JOKE. They split the original spiritual essence into TWO HALVES that are equally BLINDED without one another. These are the FREQUENCY GAMES that everything is split into. Everything is at battle with one another, in reality they are actually one and have forgotten this. This is about ESSENCE, not necessarily physical properties.

Everyone is god.

Literally with tech or not being food for someone else, you could live around in your spiritual essence or even a rebuildable, upgraded space-suit for tens of thousands of years. This is not special, get over it. People are programmed to fight and argue literally stabbing out at their own capacity to be free.

But they are more like god because they are older on soul level and they can shapeshift and phaseshift into every lifeform and species. Its a power and capacity that a human can not mess or deal with and these demigods can destroy, change and create by will power, but on a level that could destroy solar systems, civilisations and universes in seconds, just by thinking about it. What humans call dragons and mythological beasts, were not demons, but creatures like synthetic pets with experimental dna of these other species that try to control your solar system because they see you as their property. They are going far beyond your hell and heaven ideology on earth. Everyone is the voice of god.

There is nothing like a external god thats watching over you.

It is easier to understand that if there is a true eternal God, then this entity cannot interact with you (it’s not a ‘being’, because a being can, not be) otherwise it would have to breakaway from eternity and ALL to step down and specifically treat you. What there are, are messengers and protectors, that’s what we get to see. The rest is off limits because the closest and most accurate connection is within you and by skipping that part out in favor of something outside of you, you would effectively be destroying yourself, to meet yourself!

The bible was created by the ones that want to control you and they do it by telling you about the existence of hell and heaven. This way you manifested all this gangstalking with all others on a collective global level. Your chance to find someone thats telling you the truth is extremly low and the chance that someone like me exists is also extremly low, so this controlling system can not handle me at all with all the technology thats in the sky and under the surface of this earth. Thats the reason why I´m also monitored. They consider me a dangerous lifeform. They consider everyone a dangerous lifeform if your not compatible with the matrix modification of your genetic memory streams because you open this way all portals inside of your dna, that they try to block with software and hardware of AI technology within time lines to navigate soul recycling implants.

Hell and heaven are biblical concepts and therefore without any logical value for anyone and it is your ideology of hell thats creating the design of evil acceptance in your life so they control you with software and hardware. you are therefore now part of an experiment. the ones that do all this are not aliens or what you think. they are human, but they also are under external control of 3 species that are not at all human and one of these 3 species is navigating the recycling of souls in combination with heaven and hell concepts that you accept, so therefore is no chance to pull you out of this. the first step to get out of your terrible situation would be to disconnect from concepts that promote what the bible says because the ideology of the bible is the trigger on soul level for all the evilness that you experience. thats also the reason why all your drama uploads are under constant control of your gangstalkers that tell you how important the bible and god would be, but thats exactly what they want you to think, to trigger you and push you more into the corner on genetic level because your genetic memory is accepting by doing this all this harassment in your life so do not listen to the ones that tell you over and over about the bible and god because these ones are your worst enemy. normal and helping people would not tell you about god and bible lies. normal people would tell you whats really going on, but your gangstalker friends in your comment section just repeat over and over the same messages about god, jesus and bible, so its up to you if you give them the permission to trigger your genetic memory because the ones that control you with software are using these triggers. and i do not say this because i have a problem with the teachings of jesus christ, but there are the ones that use and abuse complex programing skills in combination with soul recycling technology on this version of earth to destroy the genetic soul code of the human civilisation and their goal will be to design a synthetic, degenerated, weak, stupid and replaced human civilisation.

Also I forgot to add that there is a false-heaven and a true heaven. The false heaven is a technological overlay what is called the ‘astral realm’ and this is used for programming. The true heaven is a civilization that is matched in high frequency and cannot be touched or seen by those of low vibration.

If one is to meet with the true reality they must overcome the animal desire and participate in a spiritually, mentally and physically balanced society!

The modern Bible was rewritten. The information was stole and the inserted
information was designed by the people you claim to be against. There is
truth in the ancient texts, not in modern work. There are also codes in
the information.



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  1. Btw…I am a messenger, a warrior, a front line leader, and a destructor. Beings who specialize in errors. A dragon of gold. I only bow down to the one true light lord God unmanifest and eternal flame. The closer we get to the event, the more I become. The more the higher realms have access to this place and can do what they need to through us that were not afraid to step in here and come out relatively unscathed. The more I come out into the open the more energy I get to work with and the more protection I’m afforded. The more I can also interact with my environment and alter it to my will. There’s a reason the muslims were told to fear the fire…Gabriel is not an archangel, he is a thoughtform mind construct of Lucifer. There have only ever been two opposing forces that needed to meet and that was Michael and Lucifer (simplified). I just know, never needed validation from outside external sources.

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  2. Shadow beings
    Archon infested Annunaki (Elohim)
    Genetically created Greys/Hybrid Greys/Robotoid Greys/Meat suit (for travel) Grey shells
    Hybrid Illuminati human controllers etc.

    This look good to you? I know they use Annunaki as the scapegoats…but the Annuna are not the main controlling group. They were also hijacked by interdimensional parasites….the archontics. Not all of them were hijacked as well hence the war inbetween the “gods”. This is why I say Ra is not one of them as they’re vilifying him for a reason.

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  3. So, Aug. It seems to me like you’re not part of the same SSP that corey goode etc have been talking about but something beyond them. Something even above them. Just like how they say the Military Industrial Complex is below them and the MIC would freak once they exposed their info that they’re the next step up. Would that be a fair assessment.

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    1. Things below which might be old hat and are limited lines of awareness but I quickly go through various doorways getting remnded and new realisations in a snakes and ladders type way esp reading articles and videos again on this blog. However this is whats distilled and stepped down as it gets sent on to many places and this blogs my 2017 2018 source. There might even be nuggets somewhere in the train of thought. Thankyou for your reply, I still have not got round to energetically focussing to reading it reading it tonigt


      There are still secret projects and SSP Secret ”Space” Programmes – Solar Warden exists. Its just they don’t hurtle off into an empty vacuum void where rocks float through to reach more rock spherical bodies.
      Why would the Scottish Rite Freemasons want to lie to us about this in a huge deception what do they gain?

      It shuts down the awareness and questioning in the minds of humanity , any concept of the multidimensions, which are REALM REALMS, REAL PLACES, WHERE OTHER CIVILISATIONS EXIST THAT HAVE VEHICLES AND INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER JUST LIKE WE ARE HERE. There is also an Underworld too. Everything is dimensions dimensions, dimsensions, and its all to stop us understanding frequency and how it connects to out emotions and thoughts, and how IT HAS THE POWER TO TAKE US INTO OTHER DIMENSIONS AUTOMATICALLY. They don’t want us to know that. Instead they want us focussing on a Materialist physics paradigm.

      SSP Solar Warden crafts do certainly travel to other civilisations, but through interdimensional portal stargates – everything is Interdimensional travel. Elon Musks Tesla car hurtling through empty space is a deception to perpetuate the lie for humanity that our whole existence isn’t Multidimensional. That way they can continue to manipulate us and not change and mould our realities how we might like.


  4. Good example of turning a computerized translation program onto what appears to be gobbledygook. Gobbledygook comes out the other end! Laughable but sad.


    1. This is real stuff! That’s all there is! When do you think beings would become advanced enough to alter time? It already happened, humans are not exactly the brightest when in groups and so the mass areas are mostly predatory and parasitic where human life is put at a level below basic goods and necessities. Yet outside of those areas the population seems to smooth out and generally enjoy existence. Thus, the areas themselves and what’s going on there is a potentially manipulative and parasitic in nature and that’s altering or enslaving humanity even if it’s through humanity itself. Imagine that, a predatory advanced civilization that was so capable they could take over an entire civilization over the course of a few thousand years and the other civilization wouldn’t even realize it until the very last moment when it was all already done. Then imagine that they could be put into a virtual environment the moment that they would be otherwise destroyed or liberated and use that to continue the same process in another location. The point is, these don’t have to be big aliens, people have this kind of technology and some of those in the big cities have enough money and power to literally restart society. Then imagine that some scientists could figure out how to influence time. Someone with enough power and money wouldn’t have to be found, they would already exist and probably would be behind the people paying for the experiments to take place. Then what. You have complete temporal and resource control over an entire planet, not to mention mind and social influence through multiple systems of predictive and responsive behavior models and strategies. What do you do then? Would that satisfy or exaggerate your thirst for more?

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    2. Here’s a scary thought Jp…what if you’re scripted to behave this way and to react to this information of Augs by saying this exact same thing that you said. In the movie the matrix the zion protocol was supposed to actually be another layer to the matrix and not out in the real world yet. It’s a net to catch those who escape from the inner virtual environment. A virtual matrix inside a holographic matrix and on and on it goes until it seems hopeless. This is kaos…this is the depth of despair. A repetitive, unending, fractal orborous that winds itself into itself ad infinitum until everything goes insane inside and whithers away into nothingness. The only things left are the demonics that are born inside from the negative bioemissions (dark thoughts) ala…the gods of chaos in warhammer 40k. No better way to describe it when I’m half asleep atm. You couldn’t just be ripped out from the sticky mire…it had to be dismantled and the gatekeepers taken out. Everything is filtering downwards and as the pressure builds here, before it implodes, it’ll feel like you’re boiling alive. The way out is in. Don’t take too long…every day the pressure builds, the negativity here increases and soon it’ll swamp the planet. My consciousness will leave soon as well…one of the last few to do so.

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  5. Silke f is gaslighting us. She calls christians our worst kind of enemies. What she says about the ‘message’ of the bible shows her lack of insight. This is how it is supposed to unfold. It seems like the journey is going to get more lonely for some. Very interesting.


  6. From Genesis: you may have heard it said that you were commanded to live a life of pain and sorrow and that you will labor and die and return to the dust from which you were taken. And that one shall be dependent on another and that he, the husband, shall rule over the wife. And that the Lord was pleased with the offering of one child, but not the other.
    These are nothing but seeds of discord, a mental technology, inflicted by one who seeks to manipulate the behavior of others; they’re instructions to future rulers, to those who would make a slave of his wife, his brother, his neighbor.
    Here’s how: unsettle your target using fear tactics, like the threat of physical pain, long-term suffering, and death, and from now until that time: banishment. And while they’re off balance put one person above the other, and blame the weaker one for causing the catastrophe, thus locking in enmity. Then instill guilt in the place of curiosity so that they won’t question the initial shaming injunction.
    Natural curiosity which would lead you to freedom is now laden with regret, frustration and fear. There’s a powerful impetus not to venture inward for comfort or support where the tentacles of guilt and betrayal and disobedience and murder and a host of other iniquities are entrenched and will have to be dug out before any semblance of self-possession can take hold.
    The condemned will continue to live under the pain of death in sorrow on cursed ground, rather than question the word as it’s been delivered and passed down.
    Succeeding generations are cursed from the earth when Cain says, “My transgression is too great to be forgiven.” Here he himself creates the obstacle to his absolution through his own words.
    Words hold within them the power to sway minds and shape beliefs. Beliefs are patterns that help to frame the apparent chaos of untempered minds. A mind so infected by words will see a person rise up and kill his own brother to appease the self-negating hatred brought on by the machinations of a cunning “lord”, whose purpose it is to subjugate to his will this race of men for generations to come.
    If you realize that words carry only the weight invested in them, you can begin to unpack them and lighten your karmic load, clearing obstacles to truth and eventually allowing access to the explosive awareness that creates and destroys in the crucible of Time.
    I wrote this a while ago. I want to improve it and build on it. I thought here might be a good place to get feedback. What needs clarifying or enhancement? Is it clear that I’m saying that the Bible in Genesis lays out the process, the How To, regarding mind control to be copied for generations? You can respond here or email me at robertbradley111111 at gmail dot com.

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    1. Yes there is truth in the ancient texts, just not in the modern interpretations. The texts are outlining the mind control system for those who can see it. They were altered so now it’s difficult for people to see what they’re really saying if they listen to the people running the show.


        1. The texts were altered. For one, the bible is a rip off of the Osirian solar cult and even older writings. Secondly, Jesus was an essene and the bible was put together a much later time AFTER he was already dead. So it’s all hearsay. The council of Nicene decided what to put in there and what best controls people, hence why they left out the stuff such as found in the dead sea scrolls. There’s also hidden code inside the text. Also, the creation of Christianity be default created Islam. As Islam is an offshoot, although a much more political one, of the main bible they just accepted the warlord Mohammed as their saviour. Gabriel was a shining one in the service of Lucifer. It was the fire beings meant to make them fear, but it’s the fire that will ultimately, soon, free the true beings left and end this false construct. AmenRa….Amen Hallelujah.


          1. Another note on this subject is when they translated the bible into Greek they worded things differently. Sometimes one word in one language has no equivalent or means something different in another language. I’m bilingual and translating in my head from Eng to my native language makes it sound funny at times, as well as my grammar now sucks in my original one since I think in Eng now.


            1. Yes, it is. With the insane amount of information I had to process over 20+ years of hardcore researching memory slip-ups do occur. I also have a physical life to contend with and wasn’t given anything for free and have much on my mind. You try doing all this when you have to hide behind familial relations pretending to be a commoner…factory work, kid, trying to upgrade education while at the same time doing what I’m actually here for. So maybe a thank you would’ve sufficed along with the comment. It’s time we shed egos to think we know more than the other person when you have no idea how much hell the other person may have been through and how much effort they’ve put in to sift through the BS and find the gems. The bible also wasn’t my main prerogative as I realized it’s mostly false when I was already a child…even if born into a catholic controlled family, which I gave up at the age of 14.

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            2. Hi Speculator247 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


              ”In this current phase, we are entering a window of opportunity in the bifurcating timelines on Earth, in which controlling factions are desperate to manage the future direction of the majority of Soul groups on earth. As a result, they will do whatever they can to block access to the Sun, divert spiritual awakening and attempt to interfere with the natural access links to the Solar Logos and Solar Christ DNA.”

              ”. We’ve come a long, long way.
              These are incredible times of transformation and change that impact all we have ever known.”



            3. Hello again Speculator247, whos feminine energy is so pure powerful and lovely from our chats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

              You’ve got to look at life the way it oughta be
              Looking at the stars from underneath the tree
              There’s a world inside and a world out there
              With that TV you just don’t care
              They’ve got violence, wars and killing too
              All shrunk down in a two-foot tube
              But out there the world is a beautiful place
              With mountains, lakes and the human race
              And this is where I wanna be, and this is what I wanna do
              Give me one more day, one more day
              Give me another night, just another night
              I need a second chance, second chance
              This time I’ll get it right, this time I’ll get it right


            4. Hi. Im very sovereign, am realising im the pilot of my bubble universe via keeping my emotional balance point steady and centred, and having the self awareness of the game , even though I fall off the wagon sometimes. Im very much fiercely on the case. Void type meditation but the sunrise and sunset helps me tremendously but any sun exposure does, mirrors and silver tray. Whoever they are, that have replaced the other sun, paused reality for us all like in the Adjustment Bureau, installed a new electrogravitic sun. Dealt with Nibiru in the meantime which I gather now is INTERDIMENSINAL programming tricks into this liquid crystal matrix false reality MATRIX SKY. I take my hat off to them whether theyre Hyperboreans, or Solar Warden or other Breakaway civilisations. They’ve created a wonderful healing tremendous sun and I feel on top of the world sunbathing with 2 mirrors and a silver tray today when the sky was clear of chemtrails. Jack Kruse says, to avoid UVB skin damage in the afternoons. Eat a big breakfast, esp a DHA rich breakfast but make breakfast the main meal of the day which is diffuclt I know. Anyway I just wanted to say.
              Hi Speculator247 X

              The fire in your eyes keeps me alive
              And the fire in your eyes keeps me alive
              Inside her you’ll find sanctuary
              Inside her you’ll find sanctuary
              And the world the world turns around
              And the world and the world the world drags me down
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              And the world and the world turns around
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              Yeah, the world drags me down
              And the world
              Yeah, the world turns around
              And the world and the world the world drags me down

              The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary – YouTube
              ▶ 4:20
              11 Jan 2013 – Uploaded by TheArkive
              The rock classic, recorded at Olympic studios in Barnes and produced by Steve Brown. This was recorded and ..


      1. The archons or rulers of this world are masters of deception. Everything is done to confuse or decieve. Knowledge and books, along with people distorted, burned or hidden away, awakened ones imprisoned or “suicided”. To know the truth comes through gnosis. Direct experience with the divine, most high one true god of All.


    2. That is a very astute observation and I appreciate your comments to this blog though not my own. For a time I followed the Christian religion never settled in its word of encouragement and always felt something wrong and out of reach. My recent studies and personal research into legalese proved that to me and I began looking at the very language I was taught more closely, the phrase “choose your words carefully” could not be more true for me.


      1. Ive been put into a situation Where this has come into my reality as the pertinent information to disseminate once I have unlesrned the taught language and study the one which ends the Labyrinth.


  7. If the, HCG´s [Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups] monitor everyone, How is it supposed to work for everyone if were to help to unveil the hidden knowledge, and help in discloser, if they gangstalk, gaslight, and highly organised disrespect those of us that have awakened or speak out?


    1. Aug, what do you suggest we do about the censorship in the media? Some of us have huge accounts where we were sharing truth and we are being threatened with being shut down…. I know they own the channels we are using (Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) but…’s getting a bit hairy scary :)


    2. very very good question I have been wondering the same thing, i am close to giving up as I am being gangstalked into oblivion and shadowbanned so it really feels like a joke, will you even get this message?


      1. Once you realize that the physical is not you then they will lose interest as they won’t be able to excite your nervous centers and drain you. Then, once you start putting in effort into other “true light only” beings, help will be given to you. The rest is of course up to you. Help is not automatic.

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  8. I understood all of that. Knew maybe half of it. One question…whom are the 3 main interdimensional beings you mentioned as the main enemy? Not the civilizations, but the leaders.

    Btw, you’re spot on with so much exciting info. Even if people know any of this…it just flows much more naturally from you. Maybe this is the event I was waiting for this year…my higher self told me all would end, or the beginning of the end, near or on my birthday. I just passed it a few days ago. The world went nihilistic when I turned 30, minus my immediate area as I still keep it calm with balancing energy, but now at 32 I will come into being.

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  9. Hello Aug; can you please explain the “transdimensional clothes technology” in more detail; for example look and material?


      1. I’ve wondered if this would ever be a topic I would find in a blog somewhere someone would be open to discuss. I’ve been aware of and can sense upon touch if there is an abundance of these on garments. I am picky of what I wear, free of tags and unnecessary threading. All I need to do is put on something and I can sense if it is engaging in my vibrational energy. Tags and certain fibers from some clothing you can tell is purposely created and distributed in particular retail outlets, for specific genders, generations and economic populations. I’ve been told this isn’t something that should be talked about. But, I have done much to identify with what is being created now vs. say, the 80s. When you can find vintage items and compare to the stitching and fabrics used today, there are many differences and the tech used has advanced. Tags and their placement, threading differences and specific areas of target, placing words or statements on garments/symbols all play part Shoes the same.

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  10. Thank you Aug. Thank you for sharing. I am so grateful to have your information to read and learn. I woke up this morning and heard the words – ‘and so the third island begins’. I don’t know where it came from or the true definition. I just chose to feel it is connected to your beautiful post this morning. I send you love everyday.


  11. Aug, can you please shed some light on this? Why Santos Bonacci was clearly saying before prison, heliocentrism is real and we are in a binary star system with Sirius, after prison completely changing his tune to geocentrism and flat earth! Do you think the sun is really 93 million miles away? Or is it smaller and closer? Thanks

    Santos Bonacci from before his prison, saying how THE EARTH MOVES ROUND THE SUN/HELIOCENTRISM, and Moon goes round the earth! He says how we are in a binary star system with Sirius, And we have now turned the corner out of the dark ages, both stars moving closer heralding a wonderful golden age. Someone needs to ask Santos why he changed his mind after prison to geocentrism! YouTube comments are asking the same thing that’s been on my mind!


    1. YouTube comments
      BoostinR311 year ago
      Why is Santos pushing the flat earth agenda since being released from prison?
      It completely discredits his previous works. It’s like perhaps he has no chance but to push it, for whatever reason, maybe this is a way to clear the $130,000+ in toll fines from his name
      Nothing goes around anything. It’s a DIGITAL Conscious Universe. Stars and planets are Information Systems. Time is also an illusion, a Thought Form. The world is what YOU THINK it is.

      Sun Behind the Sun 7772 months ago
      Before Santos jumped onto the Flat Earth crazy train. Santos, please come back to this. THIS is real wisdom, Sirius is the answer to EVERYTHING and is what is responsible for heightened consciousness. There is NO wisdom in Flat Earth. Flat Earth is a PsyOp, and it is being sucked up like crazy. The Earth is NOT flat, period. Astrotheology and the occult teachings are truth, not Flat Earth bullshit


      1. Everyone knows the CIA pushes the flat Earth. It’s neither round nor flat, but infinite as it’s only in your mind. Every interaction you have is inside of yourself, or at least a projection from the inside to the outer. It’s only being locked into the frequency prison that prevents one from changing the scenarios to their own liking.

        “I have dreamt a dream, but now the dream has me”

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  12. If jumping of reality loops is constantly audited, it’s like the “house” always wins even though it is stated that a collapse is already happened and the “house” is losing. An individual’s part to play is not to “do” and use intent to overcome the false realities by projecting an end visual to this insanity. As suggested, the other tool is compassion. In the event these three things work, it will be a David and Goliath outcome of immense proportions.


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