Advanced Technology Artificial Time Generators, The Civilization Program

There are supercomputers in specific locations that are programmed to create alterations in this reality.

There are access levels of knowledge and control to these systems that are protected because of the potential for misuse as well as the inherent nature for the majority of the population to go insane upon the realization of the true nature of this reality as a kind of electrical-spiritual virtual environment that extends, first, from the higher dimension downward and not from the physical layer upward.

Everything that is here comes first from mind and pure information, that realm already exists and from that realm this reality is managed.

This is known by those who have interacted with the true nature of reality.

This aspect of disclosure related to the knowledge that this reality experienced a quantum collapse in the 1980’s which was first detected in the 1970’s. As a result of this disruption, this reality has literally been manually programmed in as ‘artificial time’ from that point onward.

The stretch of years from the 1990’s until now has been manually programmed in at specific segments through a very intense process which involves advanced technology, spiritual creation and informational systems combined with the human mind.

The issue with this is that with every iteration of ‘artificial time’, the ‘time crunch’ became more and more prominent with there being a distinct ‘wave-shift’ from one segment to the next and people have been picking up on this through each cultural phase. Every specific amount of years time would shift again and throw the civilization into a cultural change. Those in the system considered this ‘normal’, meanwhile those beyond the simulated time system simply had one shift from ‘ancient’ to ‘present’ reality in which everything is revealed.

These time segments have been programmed, designed to enable the majority to experience and come to terms with the true nature of reality which is that we are in eternity creating fold upon fold of a projected physical experience with which to experience the true nature of ourselves as pure energetic awareness. The goal is to become fully self-aware, ‘full of’ self-awareness and to therefore convert the ignorance or kick out the ignorance and the fear of the illusory darkness of suffering and ego.

All these events have been planned, yet we are moving into the transcendence period where those who are prepared to see the truth can access the true nature of reality. Those who are not prepared must simply prepare to be overwhelmed, and everyone is often overwhelmed or at least given relief from this artificial system of illusion and oppression through the ego-mind which is an aspect of the program that was designed by those acting as ‘cosmic warlords’ to lord over the ‘race of humanity’.

This is effectively the “Civilization Program” projected through Advanced Technology Devices generating Artificial Time. Everyone’s consciousness who is experiencing reality here is contained within a technological device. If a person is not within that device then they are pure awareness that is free to move beyond. Those who are not apart of this system may have ties to a more organic reality, those who are more entrained in this system, may be trapped. There are distinctions between these however the distinctions are not easily determined at this point because nearly everyone is mind controlled by this system regardless of their relation to it! That system propagated itself outward like a virus and infected the ‘organic reality’.

The ‘organic reality’ itself is like a dream-time simulation, a dream is merely a simulation! A simulation in one way is a technological system designed from a physical layer of tools and electrical components! The ‘organic dream’, as a ‘simulation’ is merely another form of simulation designed not by hard, cold electrical components but soft, wet, organic electrical components!

The interesting question!? What happens when the two mix! What is a living, soft, electrical system that can sustain life but last as long as and experience the depth of reality that the designed systems can? Don’t say this is beyond you, because you’ve been experiencing it for the past several decades and some only know of that!

You can also ask yourself how humans got here in the first place, how this place came about, how ‘space-time’ comes about in the first place! It’s nearly the same question! How did this civilization experience a jump in technological advancement? What is the purpose of consciousness and what was the first consciousness? So many answers, ask the right answers and access the right stream of pure information!

This is all due to the discovery of the possibility of and the invention of the technological capacity to splice different parallel realities and overlays together and literally create artificial realities from the base reality that Humanity left.

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