Quantum Leaps in Technological Advancement and Intelligence

The outer layers always think they have access to the highest technology because it is so far beyond what can be conceived of.

The inner layer always covets their technology and the process repeats like this until there are multiple layers of inner and outer layers like an onion. These are in motion as people continually move towards the center and there are new individuals being introduced to the inner layers.

The inner layers also could be seen in ‘motion’ as the level of advancement continues forward! Maybe everyone is always in the same layer and the level of technological advancement and intelligence is actually what is changing? A mind exercise!

When these new layers were discovered and invented fundamental changes took place within the human sphere. The mind, the body, and the spiritual nature changed and this resulted in literally a new kind of being.

Ultimately those who refuse to advance, safely, without perversion or disruption of the true, original Human, (simply moving beyond fear a mental liberation) will be overcome by those who are fearless and know the truth.

Those who use power for perversion and self-destruction will be phased out of this reality until they only have access to a very narrow band of experience that exists in a kind of ontological ‘underground’ by comparison to the true reality.

3 thoughts on “Quantum Leaps in Technological Advancement and Intelligence

  1. aug, this is sorta off topic, but maybe not. I was reading a comment from someone back in June on older article, who spoke of having a “communication” with you through watching a video. That happened to me, it was, I felt an intense informative talk, hard to grasp, and I paused video, rewound (which I do a lot to grasp something), and re-played. …And you looked forward and said, yeah, listen to that again, or something to that effect. I was stunned, thought no, but lately I am realizing yes, you do have the tech, or other means to see us..I mean that makes sense, why not, you have to have access to that kind of tech, or spiritual ability, but I’m thinking tech.

    I can not remember the video, I felt one of the better ones in explanation of the truth of this existence, I meant to make a note of it. Does not concern me, I think it is allright and makes sense..thanks again for all your help.


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