Complete B of Joy lecture 2016 – De Blije B lezing – Ronald Bernard – BANKING FRAUD

This was the system unveiled to me as part of the unacknowledged special access programs. We discovered that the system is ruled by a spiritual or interdimensional enslavement system that is disguised as a legal system.

This system began thousands of years ago and has been developed as a mass mind-control system and involves non-human intelligences.

” Half a million made and the boss of a birth-contract. From that moment on the State of The Netherlands can immediately claim, 500,000 EUR, based on that birth-contract!

The new-born ensures the national debt. In America, birth certificates are event traded on the Stock Exchange, than you absolutely don’t know what will happen to you. But as a new-born child, you get just like that -bang! – 500,000 EUR as caution money on your neck.

What is calculated in fact, is that during your working life, you produce as direct and indirect taxes and contributions the average sum of about half a million.”

One thought on “Complete B of Joy lecture 2016 – De Blije B lezing – Ronald Bernard – BANKING FRAUD

  1. This is from Thomas Williams’ latest spreaker show on Thursday 13th September where he gives a final warning. Its my transcription. Of this part if his show.

    ”Ive just double checked all the banks again heres the list to remove your money from if you have accounts:
    CITIBANK, WELLS FARGO, BANK OF AMERICA, THE MORGAN CHASE GROUP, HSBC, BARCLAYS, GOLDMAN SACHS, THE VATICAN BANK, SANTANDER BANK, LLOYDS TSB, STANDARD CHARTERED, you are all playing with fire, having accounts with those banks. Switch to a Chartered bank (not Standard Chartered). Or switch to a credit union. None of the above banks have any liquidity and are going to go down. And some are struggling to even pay their credit and debit card allocations. Citibank are not honouring debit and credit cards, they cant pay. Move your money. Noone will lose their money overall, But we don’t know who long it will take, to get all your funds back, should a full scale collapse take place. ”


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