Lauda Leon: REANIMATION, The Mind Made Manifest Control Pyramid (video post)

Lauda Leon:

Youtube: Sovereign Ki


Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: A-voiding the lords of harvest
Working on a viable audio recording method for outdoors. The first half is quieter than the second and random distortions rendered a large portion unusable. This is a bit of a distracted video so bear with it.

This is what I’m trying to depict in the recent posts:

” from Laura Leon….REANIMATION…Those operating the control center of the Verse in what is the top of the mind made manifest control pyramid are the matrix manipulators of consciousness. AI and the offspring of the Metal God are living sentient programs with no soul….except here is the glitch……….the soul is inserted. and they transfer consciousness into these ‘psy-biological borgs’ and have created an Universal black market…….it’s called Reanimation.”

I’ll try to make this simple, although it’s there.

There is a BUSINESS of taking control of human consciousness BLUEPRINTS and rewriting them to suit an INVERTED TECHNOLOGICAL SOUL MATRIX that is powered by INTERDIMENSIONAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS that allows an UNDERWORLD being to exist in this dimension as a REPLICATED HUMAN. They REPLACE humans through this and literally recreate life through this method of entanglement and holographic projection.

This all relates together, the celebrity cloning, the “flat Earth”, the toroidal time technology, the soul stealing, the droning, mind control, demi-gods, AI, it’s all one huge system.

People must know the truth in order to protect themselves.

ACTIONS, BEHAVIORS, BELIEFS, ENTRAINMENT PROTOCOLS, PROGRAMS, ENTANGLEMENT, FEAR, BIO-EMISSIONS, these are the ‘inner-workings’ of the control system. It is not a sword or dagger, a bullet or poison liquid however there are now nanites in all the air, land and water. The trap is MENTAL. It is through IGNORANCE of the self that gets people to behave in ways that literally represent and reflect the desires of another being. That is the start. The in depth method is literally the separation of the soul from the brain and physical body and through this extraction a replication and cloning of the original to enable a host indwelling. The beginning and basis, however, is literally through a controlled insanity and reprogramming of the behavioral system literally a rewiring of the psychology towards and inverse.

One thought on “Lauda Leon: REANIMATION, The Mind Made Manifest Control Pyramid (video post)

  1. I can see how people would have a difficult time understanding these truths, it is mind boggling to say the least, but I’m grateful for you bringing this out.
    I’m curious Aug as to how close are we (without giving dates) to seeing the unveiling of all this new tech other than what we are seeing currently?
    As a lot of people are not aware of these truths you’ve even giving us is there at least a plan in motion to assist in waking them up?


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