The Soul-Trap System, The Fallen Universe False-Reality Construct

It’s a system that wipes the memory and alters the genetic signature in a way that creates the impression of nativity to this universe which is not a universe but a created system maintained through technological control and spiritual-mental oppression or mind-control.

This is like waking up to find evidence that people are incapable of leaving this place. We’ve been here ‘forever’. Then it’s seen that this is simply because people are stuck in the native realm they belong to, or are created in. So then we are faced with the concept that we are ‘created’ within this closed loop system and thus are a product of that system, like cartoon characters in a cartoon and therefore cannot leave the TV or even the theme of the cartoon world.

Then to try and achieve separation, people place themselves into a different context, a different environment based on their own interaction and behavior yet the system then, intelligently, almost magically, bends the laws of itself to re-wrap itself around the new behavior and perspective of the fleeing individual. This is as if people build a new life and the false-reality then closes back in on the new as if to devour that which seeks separation.

This process continues in a never-ending chasing of the tail, a regurgitating and re-swallowing of the whole by the portion. This is impossible. People are the fuel that is required to first exist from outside this system, in order for the system to have something to chase.

The trick is in the labyrinth, the cleverness of the mind-control. This is what is not easily conveyed here because of the non-linearity of time, the reflexivity of meaning and the nature of consciousness as an interplay of shadows and depth, contrast and outline. Largely illusory, the very nature of all awareness here merely feeds into the platform for deception. Never the less, the descriptions continue.

The trick is when the system that is supposed to be chasing us, convinces us that we are supposed to be chasing it, and this is by disguising itself as the salvation, the exit port, the true reality. This is known as the “False Awakening” and is one of the primary functions of the “9 Veils” which is a system designed to test and probe the human consciousness for wakefulness or higher awareness of what’s happening and then redirect that consciousness into that previously described chasing of the tail false-reality construct. This is used as fuel, nourishment, data for a system that is primarily technologically sourced and requires such information to provide meaning and direction or function.

Without the meaning, there is no function. Thus, the meaning must be derived some way, but how would such a system derive meaning? How would a system make sense of the situation and in what priority would human feeling and self-awareness be placed? This is the nature of the control system. An uncaring, logically thinking, primal directive mind-force seeking to utilize the biological material and the information and energy generated as its own private fuel source.

Back to the analogy, this is like that system which one wakes up to, only to see evidence of being forever and entirely born within. Even though it is false, it seeks to become the progenitor, the source of reason, the beginning and the end of time and space. A more in depth, vicarious perspective is to imagine attempting to move outside the electromagnetic boundary of something which then stretches its magnetic walls like a rubber-band and then snaps forward a few feet to re-wrap you in its parameters. This happens, but not physically, with the concepts in your MIND. The very ideas and notions of SELF, the direction of THINKING and TIME. Every layer that collapses and yields the exposed underlying truth of the deception, that layer moves to the outer edge while the next layer up moves forwards. This was first discussed during my very first public unveiling where I attempt to describe how this system uses electromagnetic, algorithmic, geometric and conceptual control parameters to literally contain the mind within a false-reality construct based on layers of perception and replicated awareness.

This system recreates what it thinks you should be thinking about in order to keep consciousness contained within its domain. Think about how it would have to alter its patterns to then appear to be what you want to think about if you realized this game and began thinking about concepts related to outsmarting the system. THAT is how ADVANCED this has become. It literally MAPPED OUT all possible behavior patterns and keeps people in these closed circuit loops and these last not for years, but for centuries and millennia continually. This has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years.

So as a person attempts to move outside the box which just positioned itself around them as their “true reality”, they discover it’s a hypercube which then reflexively expands its walls and then recollapses in a new position where they attempted to separate from the system. This is an intelligent system that runs on a program that mimics thoughts and recreates itself accordingly.

Here’s the catch, the system has built in flaws that cannot be corrected without destroying the entire system. If people increase their awareness to the point where they can attain and understanding of all the fundamental tricks that this system uses and the illusions and susceptibilities of consciousness and the perceptual faculties then the individual gains the capacity to TRICK THE SYSTEM.

One effectively moves outside the parameters of the false self by letting go of ego, without ego, there are no viable control parameters for the system to work with. One’s own mind becomes a self-referential, higher-dimensional fractal that can maximize beyond the system’s input/output capacity and effectively overload the processing components. This was discovered in the bases and is part of the remedy to this situation. More can be said on this, I am preparing a soft-disclosure post which touches on a film which is actually one of the many that were examined in the unacknowledged special access programs. These films are used to expose what has happened and prepare the people as well as for those who are unable to see. Those who can see, simply see!


14 thoughts on “The Soul-Trap System, The Fallen Universe False-Reality Construct

  1. Interesting thought:

    If there is no ”outer space” like Hollywood and the Scottish Rite Freemasons at NASA and the CIA have taught us over the years, being an empty void with rocks floating through it.

    But instead everything being dimensional planes. (Leaving aside the Moon up there which seems to be put up there sometime in the past acting as Ancient technology that keeps souls recycling in a Soul Farm Quarantine between incarnations, where theres amnesia memory wiping going on. And the Sun being the same size as the Moon and being closer to us than NASA have said. Leaving that aside)

    My point is I’m wondering what ”meteorites” really are? Are they really bits of rock coming from ”up there”? Whatever they are, it seems they must pop into this Dimension from another Above.

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    1. Meteorites are dust, everything is dust in one configuration or another. Einstein and his colleagues broke matter down to the smallest molecule the atom and then split it, but what was contained within was not the power of creation but the exact opposite – the power of fission, anti matter… And thus physical matter doesn’t matter, only god holds the key to life, science only takes us in the opposite direction to god like the mirror image equal opposites apply always yin yang etc…What matters are our souls, our consciousness which are trapped little pieces of god that got swept up by karma and trapped in one of the many realms forever yearning to go home!


  2. Ill be amazed, happy, grateful. If we are still ok and here on Christmas Day 2017. And I can send another comment linking to this one, ‘Look, we are all still ok!’ Earth remodelling changes into the new dimensional earth, will be in full swing of course. If Aug Tellez is correct. (And YRFT?) There have recently been several huge ‘rebootings’ of this reality where all consciounsesses got downloaded transferred into an entirely new manufactured Reality by interdimensional underground Supercomputers. Yet we didn’t notice or feel a thing. Then that might mean the Good Loving High Vibrational people amongst us, will transfer effortlessly to a new dimension in happiness with free energy and no evil and beauty everywhere? ‘ The operation doesn’t skip a beat, everybody makes out’ , John Voight, Heat fil,, talking to Robert de niro in Heat (1995)


  3. “The trick is when the system that is supposed to be chasing us, convinces us that we are supposed to be chasing it.”

    Recognizing this pointed me to look inward. So I became aware of something that I didn’t know before..

    That I constantly chase to help other people. Giving my energy away in a distorted, unbalanced way. Just allow them to come to me if they choose. If they do then I’m sending out something they were ready to receive.


  4. hey, you posted a video before that the only way out is to connect to the true God. The one with the upside down reality and such, how is that related to what you are saying here, or is there a relationship? Are we looking for God’s kingdom? That is what I was thinking today, we are not trying to escape the matrix, but we are desiring to be part of the kingdom again. And what is the relationship to the Bible in your opinion? Thank you!


  5. It becomes a TV show where you are watching yourself. Knowing the intuition and clairvoyance you should be exhibiting can be like looking through a two way mirror. Seeing how you should have acted yet experiencing the unfortunate reality. Insanity can rear it’s ugly head while looking for that creativity but finding it has been seen to be possible.


    1. It comes down to higher symbolic maths. It is possible to constrain infinity within algorithms that incorporate it within the right set of equation’s. As long as it ends in zero, to metaposition infinite variation and bend it to a deviant system can be done. It comes down a matrix creating and programming, mathematical symbolic language.


        1. There seem to be a lot of people that are moving into the same areas. Matrix theory; reality programming; deviant systems. Gnostic ideas with a strong technological bias. It is odd because I come from the Dark Side of the Occult: Crowley, Nordic Satanist influences, a weird mishmash of influences. I know a good amount of a lot of things, but I am not an expert in anything, more a jack of all trades. What matters is creating rhizomatous pollination of influences. Everyone doing serious work needs to let go of ego, and combine as many influences as possible. We all have different pieces of the total riddle, and they will come together soon. It is all getting really intense. You can see the hatred and chaos in the protests, in the mass violence and insanity. In the polarization. In the fact that half the US population is making 30K a year or less. Systems are unravelling, and as opposites unify, those of us on more knowing levels can see that the Light And Dark sides are becoming more like a loyal opposition to each other, rather than in mortal enmity. It really does not matter what side you are on at this point metaphysically, all that matters is to embrace the opposition with respect, and yet fight hard and fight true.


          1. I had a dream last night and several others from the past that help tie into the history of my relationship with the dark, and ultimately my ego.

            In my dream I was in a room. It opened up in the corner to another space which then became an enclosed warehouse. Glitches became noticeable in the floor with an immediate denseness of energy. I had to slowly skip out of the room because I became so heavy. Fading in and out as I did so, seeing dark entities doing the same during this process. When I made it out of the room I was met by an individual that said I had entered “the cellar” and shouldn’t have gone in there.

            That dream is relative to another I had where I was in my attic. I was a deranged, fear-filled version of myself. I said to the individuals approaching me, “it’s through the door!” As I pointed to my immediate left at a red door. Then I began to try and crawl away to the right but there was a tremendous weight on my energetic body that slowed me down. This dream occurred before any of the Insidious movies came out. After seeing the installments, soft disclosure became evident and helped me begin to understand the truth as it really was.

            Another dream I was in my backyard. My consciousness was outside my body while watching entities or dark spirits looping in and out of what seemed to be my energetic body. It could be best described as a toroidal field of darkness.

            In another I was in my house, but was female. As I walked up the stairs two little girls said to me, “what is that Mommy?” As I reached the top of the stairs I became demonically possessed. I turned and a voice said through me, “Mommy isn’t hear right now!” The fright awakened me and every time I attempted to recollect the sensation it was blocked from my memory due to the trauma.

            In one more there was a Christmas party at my house. My spirit was upbeat and lively. I went in my upstairs bathroom with the light on. After entering, the door closed and there was a woman behind as the light turned out. This was about five feet away from my other encounter with this entity.

            One last dream is where I slept walked. I had been awake for 48 hours straight on a trip out of state. When I arrived home I was quite delusional and disoriented. I went to sleep thinking something was outside my bedroom window, as I have an overhang where someone could stand and look in. An hour in a half later I awoke to myself throwing punches at the window. The glass wasn’t tempered and created jagged edges, which resulted in several severed tendons. This experience was ultimately a gift as I was a physical specimen at the time and thus began my journey of slowly detaching from the ego.

            This all comes full circle in two ways. First, my fathered passed of a massive heart attack when I was four years old. In my later years I began to research emotional trauma and the grieving process. This was the first place I started, attempting to understand my current state of being emotionally devoid. Living in a utopian mind where the only thing that mattered was feeding my narcissistic supply.

            I gathered information from my Mother about what I was like during my Father’s passing. She said punching walls, angry all the time. It makes sense to me that I never went through the grieving process properly and wasn’t able to let go of that pain. So I allowed an eternal force to let go of it for me, an entity taking the appearance of a woman. She gave me the closure that my Mother wasn’t able to. And so the integration must have occurred at the top of the stairs as this is the only memory I have of being with my Father to this day. As the pain engulfed me I must have began to block out every memory of him, holding onto only one. And so I gravitated to this spot and it became the location where I was at my most vulnerable. (Unfair to itself, I couldn’t stand my Mother’s love. It sickened me and made me weak. Without any embellishment or exaggeration she is an absolute saint, the rarest of souls. Not a mean bone in her body. And she had been the greatest victim of my emotional abuse.)

            So over ten years ago I realized I wasn’t who I was suppose to be and set out to fix that. Through the process, constant sacrifice has been made at the ego’s expense via long walks and unexplainable circumstance. During certain moments, possibly astrological alignments or glimpses of the awakening of my spirit I’ve been able to act and think without any outside influence. I speak to the entities with them responding back. When in this state I am my true self and compassion is all that I understand. Ultimately they are afraid and despite their manipulation and feeding off my life force all I want to do is help ease them of their responsibilities.

            This is where infinity within an algorithm plays a factor. From this life I am a quantified master of hate, jealousy and self-centeredness. I have experienced the greatest of both sides, albeit the majority in the dark. Every time I began to experience any semblance of joy it was met with an immediate reversal of energy. But maybe that’s how it had to be in order to continue learning about this realm. To find the necessary equation a sufficient amount of information had to be gathered.

            So I became invaluable to them, feeding off my life force during waking and resting states. Yet it has all been by design, becoming a small part of the answer to the conclusion of this system. To find a solution for all both light and dark. Whether I’m suppose to enter the cellar or not I do not know. As this existence is truly inverted, full of hidden meaning and paradox. But as Aug says you find light within the dark so maybe it’s just a matter of letting go.

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            1. That was one of the most informative comments I have ever read. Feels as if I went to university and completed a whole course in less than 3min. Thanks for sharing and teaching.


          2. If duality is created then there is something that is primordial that doesn’t take sides.that primordial will set the balance where there is neither light nor darkness.


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