The False-Reality Construct, Fallen Genetic Experimentation, Interdimensional Mind-Control Projection System

Do you want to know the truth of this reality?

The secret operations discovered, through experimentation and exploration, that this reality is an artificial construct designed by interdimensional beings that create artificial time-domains which are like data-banks of conscious experience programmed over and over in different ways to keep people in the same loops of thought and behavior.

The majority of people cannot break the ‘program’ of this system which renders them a product of the system itself.

Operations have been activated that enable the breaking of this program by the collective mind and mentally liberate Humanity from this spell/trance-based mind-control system.

The control parameters of this system are based on a numerical progression of frequencies which is like a hypnotic pattern that entrains the mind by activating ancient responses that seem to have been programmed into the biology of the human. The ancient civilizations found ways to reverse this process and some have achieved liberation but if any Human DNA remains in the system then this uses the entanglement property to reel the rest of the species in through cloning and consciousness replication.

Essentially, the DNA is like an encrypted code that carries the transmission signature for the Human being. If this code is ‘cracked’ and utilized by the wrong groups then this enables them to replicate and mind-control Humans by creating false-realities and seemingly real temporal experiences that are actually being processed out by powerful supercomputer systems. The ‘larger view’ is that this ‘solar-system’ is one of those powerful supercomputer systems that is designed to create a simulated Human experience by providing a kind of spatiotemporal ‘sandbox’ for simulating atomic, molecular and biological reactions. These reactions are then fed back to the signature of the Human essence that has been recorded and this continues a cycle of pseudo-life experiences that convinces the soul-essence it is here in this place, now, experiencing physical reality.

This sounds very far out but the truth is secret groups developed mind-control technology and simulated realities based upon what they discovered about this reality in itself. The computers reflect this reality and carry the same kind of glitches, as if this reality is a computerized system depending on feedback that is processed by some cosmic processor somewhere out of view.

The early ancient texts regarding the true nature of this reality were all about ‘hacking’ the system and achieving liberation from the mind-control agenda which seeks to computerize the human essence and quantize the information down to technologically conceivable and finite data of bits that can be manipulated and replicated by these interdimensional overlords that would then have gained access to not a pseudo-living physical reality construct but a soul-level domain one step closer to the eternal spirit.

The goal of the entities is to gain access to eternal spirit which is the gift of the One True Creator to the Awakened Human as a Spiritual Life Force of Self-Awareness. Without that Spark of the Divine the entities must use vampiric means to gain power and this indicates that they cannot generate their own sustenance and therefore do not have the capacity to create life or sustain themselves without the permission and presence of another. Thus, they do not have true power over themselves and are still in a predator-prey kind of behavioral system.

I’m going to unveil some to you now. Some people will say that they are ‘still ‘in a predator-prey behavioral system and that they evolve out and that we have evolved out. This is an illusion or a stark deception. Humanity did not evolve to this state but was Created out of a Divine Indwelling as a non-vampiric essence of pure intent, meaning the divine One True Creator intended that the Awakened Spiritual Humanity exist and therefore nothing can change that other than the free-will of the Human themselves. The intent of the One True Creator alone is enough to sustain the existence as an everlasting force of life. There is no such thing as death, there is no such thing as a requirement to destroy or self-destruct.

Humans were technologically downloaded into an advanced quantum-computer system that records and 4 dimensionally prints DNA and memory. They were then transferred, by way of quantum transmission, similar to the way DNA communicates across space-time instantly, through that computer system into an alternate dimension which is this “Universe”. That is the nature of this reality. Without a 4-dimensional printer projecting the Human essence into this false-reality there would be no Earth-reality here as it is literally the domain of a computer-system, a fallen mind that separated from the intention of that One True Creator.

This means that this place has a negative net-worth and will ultimately dissolve into itself like a black-hole. Everything here is destined to dissolve unless there is an exit plan and that exit plan is everything that has been described in ancient history. All the messengers were sent and delivered the message, this place is an illusion, it’s designed to fail, this universe is based on obsolescence and Humanity does not belong here but has been held prisoner through an act of Spiritual Warfare by interdimensional predators and parasites that do not carry the same signature of the Human and do not reside in the same level of reality.

This is the quantum-Spiritual ‘mishap’ of creation, that this whole system is contrived, it’s fraudulent, it’s designed for failure and everything about this society is DEMANDING that you RECOGNIZE this truth. SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING and KNOW THE TRUTH.

The numerical progressions that entrain the mind are directly connected to the format of this entire realm. This is why the ‘flower of life’ is known as a ‘metatronic soul stealing grid’ inside the underground bases. This is the literal imprint, the tag and identification number of the quantum prison that falsified creation. Those frequencies and the impression they relay is one that overloads the mind and renders the consciousness incapable of remaining present after a continued exposure to the system.

This is exactly the same as the process of zooming into a fractal set or seeing those animated fibonacci zoom sequences that requires the camera to zoom in or out and thus render some of the data off the screen or too finitely into the center to be read. Imagine if this data is your memories of life in time or your personality, thus these are the frequencies that are embedded into one’s mind and energy system in order to induce a quantum-memory wipe and replacement!

The secret operations figured out this is what marks the ‘boundary’ of the realm and that these frequencies activate when the consciousness moves towards the boundary, literally like pac-man, and knocks the person out and plants them back inside of the domain on the opposite end! Without the ability to permeate the memory blocks the individual would simply think they travelled beyond the barrier and found themselves in a new land! It’s a false-awakening, false-reality, hyperbolic illusion system for consciousness entrainment!

Thus we get to the symbolism of the cube, that this is like a cube who’s walls are connected, yet this violates the laws of 3-dimensional space. Therefore, the walls connect through a higher space, the 4th dimension and it takes 0 deviation in time to move between one wall and outside the 3-dimension to reach the interior of the wall on the other side of the cube giving the impression that the cubes are connected or to the unawakened that this is an infinite space!

What was discovered is that certain craft are capable of travelling faster than the computerized system can update the next layer of reality and one can ‘vibrate’ to ‘move’ ‘in between’ the layer of the graphical user interface and the sub-quantum processing layer where the information is actually sorted and rendered for the conscious mind. If a person performs this without a body prepared, then the body either dies or goes into shock. With preparation and training the individual can maintain awareness and see beyond the confines of the construct.

Yes, they found out how to peel back the layers of the screen and see what’s taking place back-stage and that is another situation. For those who have seen this information before or read what has been written, you know that the back-stage is literally a staging area for interdimensional beings who manage and maintain this world like a reality TV show where “Humanity” is the sitcom and the experiment. That is another story.

The main idea of this post is this. There are ancients in the past, which is just as much the present as this moment is (it’s all processing power, deviating from a central core of ‘time’ that is ‘always’) and these ancients have figured out how to decipher the programming language of this mind-control reality-entrainment system and thus hack the system to rewrite the code.

Some used this for their own personal benefit and this rendered them incapable of ever leaving this place by merging their intentions, their consciousness with the code itself, with the device that imprisons them. They became the wardens of the prison, trapped here under the very system that they used for personal power.

They can be healed and can be brought out of the construct. This is not a game of cutting people off, but of how many can be healed. The enemy is the concept of enemies and destruction itself, self-destruction and greed, ego and mind-control through limited beliefs and programmed behavioral responses, emotionality, irrationality and forgetfulness.

The cube was hacked and used to create a reality within a reality and this is that. This reality has all the glitches neccessary to shut-down the entire system but there is difficulty in this. Every time Humanity moves into self awareness and remembering the system stages false-flag disasters to instigate an overload of fear and insanity which manifests itself as a number of hallucinatory false-reality constructs known as “Armageddon Programs”. These are literally streams of consciousness data inserted into the collective mind through these computer systems operated by interdimensional manipulator beings.

Another aspect is that the whole thing, time, all of it, memory, consciousness, it’s all a program. To skip ahead past all the quantum jargon, seemingly randomized non-linear conclusions about closed timelike curves, RAM space memory, non-locality and the holographic projection capability of the human brain, what this indicates is that the remedy, the ‘healed’ reality already exists. Time being fraudulent renders all difficulties or barriers between the seemingly locked-gate projection system and the true reality non-existent.

They have ‘already’ been taken down. Everything has ‘already’ happened. We’re just off in a memory of a dream waiting to find the right configurations to make that reality synchronized with this one. The situation is that this never occurs because like a hyperbolic projection that remedy reality becomes a mirage that continually moves farther away while the current situation morphs and shifts to introduce more and more space between the two. This is the negative manifestation of “Jacob’s Ladder”. A system that continually invents more reasons to not achieve liberation regardless of the input.

Thus, then the mind is the gateway. It’s not a physical path. It’s a literal reconfiguration of the mind that sees one path or another and the literal, direct, self-willed, all at once choice, creation and divine intention to liberate one’s self by realizing their own liberation and making it so. If it’s not physical, there is no padlock to unlock. The DNA is FREQUENCY based, it’s HARMONICALLY organized as in SONIC WAVES.

Thus the answer is not to chase a pathway or a trail externally and navigate through the PHYSICAL REALM. This is literally a series of layers, unveiling, and navigation in an ENERGETIC REALM of INTENTIONS, FOCUS and PROJECTION to collapse the illusion and navigate properly by creating through PURE INTENT a PATHWAY through HYPERSPACE which acts as a TRANSMISSION beyond the PSEUDO-PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL PRISON.

In other words. We’re literally in a society where none of this is taking place in reality, but is all being projected in externally and this entire realm is a matter of perspective and entrainment with very powerful beam weaponry that is being utilized by interdimensional entities that exist outside of our native realm. We’re not in their realm, that’s impossible. They’re simply projecting a tracking and entrainment protocol upon the barrier of our native realm and those who were lured into the attracting sight to stand and stare at the wall of our realm slipped instantly into the perception of being born in this reality. That’s the system. It’s literally an advanced, remote operated, virtual reality system, visceral experience input/output entrainment system designed to initiate a projection-reception engagement across dimensions.

That was the system designed by the fallen and utilized to give themselves ‘fallen’ forms to then merge their technologically manufactured DNA from the fallen reality into the humans to create the offspring who’s genetic signatures are then transmittable by way of being half their property and half the Human’s property (according to the fraudulent law of interspecial rape) through the collection and projection system across the dimensional barriers thus rendering the entire contrived enactment of this reality as a fallen reality that Humans have been kidnapped and brought within. It’s all a projection and the DNA of humans were mixed with the interdimensionals from the alternate dimension as they entered into this realm through artificial intelligence synthetically produced life-forms to then “fish” for subjects for their experiment to then recreate on the “other side” of the veil which is a prison they built around themselves. They also replicated and modified aspects of the original ‘platform’ which appears today as “Earth” but is literally a rough-scale model similar to an architects rough sketch containing only the crudest of details and lacking in the majority of colors, variations and depth that truly describes the uniqueness of the creation.

Still, this is only the beginning of what has been done, because every program stream that resulted in the spiritual force moving closer to waking up and gaining access to that unfiltered awareness beyond the veil a new layer of reality was invented which excludes the parameters that resulted in the variations that lead to the waking up on the previous layer. Thus, we are multiple layers deep in such a system, within a system and a system.

This is the awakening, the only possible outcome is that Humanity awakens this time around! This is because the organization of the true Spiritual Essence requires a clarity that contains all the memory of all experiences. As this passes through the fibonacci, metatronic system, the information is distorted and re-rendered as not all of the information can transfer through similar to a copy of a copy. Thus, after 7 runs through the projection system, the etheric connection between the genetic information and the other side beyond the veil is severed and the fallen effectively have a pile of organic, denatured genetic material that cannot provide them with any form of sustenance by way of observation and manipulation of their pure intent.

If that occurs, then this effect takes place all through time as a kind of quantum ‘unzipping’ of DNA and consciousness. That is the nature of reality. Here is the next layer of understanding. If that happens. If all of Human essence in this universe, throughout all of time is destroyed through quantum paradox or distortion, then this indicates that nothing ever happened to begin with because then there was no race to ever be caught in the spiritual projection system and sent into the false-reality. Thus, everything reverts to how it was before this occurred.

Here’s the issue with that. If that happens. Then who’s to say the same beings won’t simply do it all over gain?

Thus, the only way to overcome, is to actually break through the barrier and return to the otherside with the memories of having survived this labyrinth, this contrived, ordered chaos based, mind-control construct. The only way to stop this from ever happening again is to ensure that it happened before and therefore to lock that away in time.

One aspect of this is that this must be achieved in such a way that ALL GENETICS and ALL SOUL memory is secured and RETRIEVED by the True Eternal Society. Thus, the fallen do not have any chance to do this again and all beings who pass through this system become eternally aware of just what is possible when the balance between higher and lower is allowed to move into disharmony and compile upon itself to create an intelligent, chaos-based predatory universe system of false-life.

The story then becomes not whether we awaken but what kind of tribulations and catalyzation must be acknowledged in order to finally convince the individual awareness that all has been achieved. This is the achievement of self-awareness. If self-awareness can be achieved in the place of harassment and oppression then that self-awareness can never again be obscured or rendered unaware. In that kind of paradoxical way, this place becomes simultaneously a torture chamber for eternal beings to come into infinite reality and potentially die or for beings to fully acknowledge their eternal self-awareness in the presence of such a finite and oppressive system.

Again, since all is a projection, everything becomes not a true occurrence but a kind of dream-time of continuing stories comprised of multiple layers of meaning and in each layer to itself and the one’s below, the threat is very real. Once one achieves self-awareness beyond the layer of limitation that that threat is localized to, all that was seemingly life and death becomes just another projection that was defeated. The idea here is that the number base of the projected system is limited by the numerical capacity of the program itself. Thus, if we can sustain self-awareness within the construct beyond the quantum limitation of the construct itself then the limitations no longer function to restrict one’s consciousness and they become instruments of one’s awakening. This kind of reversion is a principle feature of the reality because the reality is reflexive by design. Where one ‘falls back to’ is where the system pushes. If one overcomes that ‘wave-front’ of resistance, now the pushing makes the system more and more obvious and there is no way to undue the process of awakening and pull the individual back down into unawareness. All the kinds of realities exist in the peripheral yet there is a single, true reality where this battle is taking place and this is defined by the quality of experience and the applied intent of the individual. The quantum limitation is not of space and only abstractly of time.

Therefore, it is a choice, a choice which overpowers all other desires, all other identities. The One that chooses to awaken must become more present, more centered than any pseudo-persona. This can take a second or a year. It is not the material or temporal quantization of the value but the energetic, intent based application of one’s will and focus. More will-intent and focus must be applied towards liberation than any other activity or engagement. Only then is the entirety of one’s essence withdrawn from the artificial system which requires continual engagement. Ultimately there are a finite number of selves, lives, times, realities, parallels, layers that are overcome. There are 9 layers of the veil.

At the highest level, beyond time, beyond the cosmic drama, yes, this is all a creation of the self. What was written above describes this further. It becomes a continual story of how ‘much’ will be required to catalyze people into accepting that they were and are in control.

The concept of restriction or limitation in itself becomes a null-factor mediated first only by one’s own acceptance of such a concept and then not at all accept to facilitate one’s own consistency of experience.

20 thoughts on “The False-Reality Construct, Fallen Genetic Experimentation, Interdimensional Mind-Control Projection System

  1. Child rape? Molestation? Satanic abuse cults? LOL! Yea right. I’ll believe it when I see it. This is just silly stuff. There’s no such thing as a cult in real life, that’s for the movies.


    1. Research Max Spiers, James Casbolt, Donald Marshall and the others. This has been happening since Babylon. Your entire civilization is literally run of the suffering of humans. Children are literally grown in mile long chambers underground filled with cages that they live their entire lives in sacrifice or breeding. That is an underground breeding program but just one aspect of the whole system.

      All your leaders are corrupt, everyone you worship literally does magic to enable mass mind-control systems through rituals and this is known.

      I was informed and instructed to bring this information to the public. I was also not only informed but directly shown, everyone who is found to be supporting of this system, whether consciously or unconsciously, will not be allowed to leave this place and will spend “eternity” with these beings that are essentially non-human and are interdimensional parasites by nature.

      You have a choice, either stand up for your species, or reveal yourself as a non-human, interdimensional parasite that has no capacity for compassion, free-will, free-thought or individuality. If you cannot break the trance of stupor, ignoramus lackadaisical, inane comments and knee jerk responses regarding what the mainstream media tells you (which is 100% a script written a minimum of 40 years ago and only permitted to be managed by cloned non-humans, absolutely zero humans are permitted on camera, ever) then you will go down with the system. Projection, hate, angst, none of that matters, it is your own cage, your own mind control program and this unanimously interpreted as your own acceptance of demise as you have just been informed of the truth.

      Make your choice well.

      As well, research Fiona Barnett, she is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. Read through the page: WARNING: DARK MATERIAL

      I have seen all that she has written and if I were to right everything I have seen it would generate a several hundred page book. All of this has been experienced before the age of 10, the mind-fracturing child-abuse, sexual molestation, rape and murder process begins at the age of 6. These are the “Fallen”, they consider themselves the “Children of the gods”, note the little g, they even agree to that.

      So again, you have your choice to make. As well, you forgot to hide your IP after your last little spam run through (not the original posts) and I found your accounts on other forums where you’re basically representing pictures of aliens and making jokes or distractions. So you’re either a complete mind-control slave unconsciously programmed to seek out and degrade the truth as a military operation or you are simply one of the underground beings hijacking a human consciousness. Either way, thanks for commenting, this will be used to awaken more humans to what is happening.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I’ve removed your other comment that was just a play on dead-baby jokes and mind-control propaganda. I understand your species has many requirements but choosing to feed on the human race is no longer an option in the way it was before. You have been given a stand-down order from within your own hierarchy and all rogue elements will be eliminated accordingly. For the humans reading this, if you have seen the message, then you have been officially informed. Any contradictory action will be interpreted as traitorous behavior against your own species and this will result in appropriate defensive action by your defensive authority. You have been tricked, you have been enslaved and raped for thousands of years of genetic and mind-control experimentation. The resources of the planet are being plundered and you will be marginalized from history if you do not refuse to support that system any further. Those who continue to support the system will be placed into a controlled free-will sanction whereby they will not receive the same capacity for action as those who choose to avoid supporting the complete and entire destruction their own civilization. This is literally for their own safety. Any other action results in the loss of this civilization.

        As for the others, they are non-human hybrids that are designed by the fallen to infiltrate this society. They do not have human bodies but use technological systems to insert themselves into the consciousness of living humans thereby replacing that human with an artificially propagated soul-matrix that extends from ‘underground’ or an alternate dimension that has been called ‘hell’ for thousands of years. These are insectoid beings that lack any capacity for compassion, they cannot perceive what human suffering is like and they can only reproduce, become aroused, or consider themselves ‘awake’ if a human is being tortured nearby, preferably a small child that cannot fight back. Because of their nature tendencies, they exist through a parasitic hive-mind and cannot utilize critical thinking or individualistic behavior and cannot choose which desires rule out. Thus, they lack the creativity and emotion of a mammalian being yet they received advanced technology as a result of experimentation.

        These beings are the majority of the people you see around who are considered ‘socio-pathic’, who cannot conceive of any one’s feelings outside themselves, who cannot actually integrate human behavior with emotion, but only run through the program and seek to emotionally drain others or participate in ritualistic behavior that is founded in unconscious repetition. These are insectoid by nature and do not have a higher mind aspect in the individual form. The majority of people you could communicate with online are actually these beings utilizing technology from the underground bases. This is what we found, someone set the human race up for failure, research Donald Marshall, Max Spiers, James Casbolt.

        ” I was involved with what are known as the unacknowledged special access programs and are research into the true nature of consciousness and the human reality. Humanity has been plagued by a form of mental parasite that feeds on the suffering of innocents and there is an infiltration into all areas of power. Various methods of torture, trauma-based mind control, human cloning, consciousness transfer, electrogravitic crafts, temporal dislocation, and other technologies were discovered or invented around WW2. Please research into the subject there are others telling what has happened. Research Donald Marshall he speaks on the darker aspects of the human cloning situation which has degraded into a pay to play arena for celebrities through a literal celebrity cloning, torture and pleasure facility positioned deep underground. Thank you for your interest.”

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        1. Brilliant. Love your work.
          ok we are in control and it’s up to us to wake and realise we are not really here, we are prisoners held in pawn and our souls have been inserted into the system, And, we can by choice decide to change our frequency vibration within the matrix and therefore gain control over it by raising our awareness layer by layer. Fine.
          We then can extricate ourselves from living in alternate timelines, parallel universes, Fine, for those captured and have had their souls transferred into bodies ad cast across the universe or in underground bases and are being interferred with accept this and realise the chicanery for what it is and get on with it anyway and remain telepathically in touch with our souls parts as such.
          Good. We then can pass through the 9 levels of the veil, now we suddenly see the veil wall fall and we see the interdimensionals for who they really are, we can communicate to them be it reptoid, tall greys, dracos or etc, and uninstall their programs running on us and their effect is nullified. Good now they can’t affect us

          Next we can simply release ourselves from all the the influence electronic weapons being used to trick and trap us, because it’s a just frequency trick too, and now we see the veil for what it is a frequency vibration and we just simply alter the frequency or unhook the electronic flow aimed at us and therefor electronics cease having control, regardless of the emanation point.

          Then at this point we have the ability to do this remotely and telepathically on any other person or soul. Removing the interdimensionals and unhooking them from electronic interference.
          Ok very Good Got, it. Then what? Now What?
          Keep it coming, the veil comes down where’s the exit door.


          1. The exit is reintegration with your higher self. “you” are already able to leave, but can’t as your mind is fractured. The chakras pull in your higher level energies from your spirit and energize your shell, through your false soul, and make you believe in the separation. The programming is near absolute…hence the door is to go beyond the programming. Once you rejoin with your higher self, the main part of your spirit, then the journey can begin. At the moment, there are guides and warriors available once you reach that stage…it won’t be forever as too many chances were given to too many beings here. Every parent must eventually cut the cord.


    1. There are mass mind-control agendas.

      I am informing you of is relevant and based on direct experience. There are multiple levels of mind control, I was involved with Solar Warden and MiLabs. I was cleared to bring this information to the public. If you are incapable of moving past fear and ego then you will stay with the failing system. This next post is something you should read as it will benefit you very much.

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  2. There are mass mind-control agendas.

    I am informing you of is relevant and based on direct experience. There are multiple levels of mind control, I was involved with Solar Warden and MiLabs. I was cleared to bring this information to the public. If you are incapable of moving past fear and ego then you will stay with the failing system. This next post is something you should read as it will benefit you very much.


  3. adamspiritualwarrior says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 30, 2017 at 7:42 AM
    I think ALL ‘space travel’, and the concept of ‘outer space’, and the NASA Scottish Rite Freemasonic given label of the ‘heliosphere’ beyond Pluto that Voyager is supposed to have entered. Is a Lie. All ‘space travel’ is by its very nature, is interdimensional/transdimensional travel into parallel universes. The Sirians who visited the Dogon tribe in Mali came from another universe. Travelling between universes transdimensionally can only happen via Stargate portals that either open up and close periodically (Like in Interstellar Or travelling into the Sun. Like acupuncture meridians on the human body, these Stargates are the only way past our flat disc Toroidal physics Universe we are the centre of, to connect with other flat disc Toroid universes. Tesla electrogravitcs crafts are essential for transdimensional travel. I don’t think Voyager crafts can leave

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  4. My comment vanished. Here it is again
    Hello Aug, heres my email sent to Santos Bonacci. Id be grateful if you could let me know any insights you might have on this, from your time in the secret space programme. Thankyou Adam
    View of earth from the Moon question
    Hi Santos
    Its very mindblowing as I realise we are on a flat disc in a toroidal universe. Yes the moon must be smaller and closer than NASA says. Yes the Apollo moon landings were a Kubrick hoax. Its still possible though that the USNavy secret space programme fleet for example, or other SSPs, have travelled to the Moon in electrogravitcs crafts. My burning question to you is:
    – If we were standing on the Moon, what incredible view do you think we’d see looking at flat earth? Esp at the Antarctic perimeter?
    – Do you think we might see other Domed flat disc toroid universes positioned close to where our dome ends?
    – Might it be possible to walk interdimensionally at Antarctica into another domed universe near ours?
    – I’m very curious, if in any of your syncretic knowledge, youre able to work out, what view someone on the Moon might see? Some people are saying that several other domed universes might be visible.
    This is all a mindblowing time to be alive and I love your youtubes
    Thanks Adam

    I forgot to say
    I think the film Logans Run with Michael York Jenny Agutter , with land outside the Dome, past the ice wall, might be truth hiding in plain sight? Grateful for any insights you have

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    1. What if our “reality” is more like a 4D “hyper-dimensional cube” (as Aug appears to suggest)?:

      . . . this is what marks the ‘boundary’ of the realm and that these frequencies activate when the consciousness moves towards the boundary, literally like pac-man, and knocks the person out and plants them back inside of the domain on the opposite end! Without the ability to permeate the memory blocks the individual would simply think they travelled beyond the barrier and found themselves in a new land! It’s a false-awakening, false-reality, hyperbolic illusion system for consciousness entrainment!

      Thus we get to the symbolism of the cube, that this is like a cube who’s walls are connected, yet this violates the laws of 3-dimensional space. Therefore, the walls connect through a higher space, the 4th dimension and it takes 0 deviation in time to move between one wall and outside the 3-dimension to reach the interior of the wall on the other side of the cube giving the impression that the cubes are connected or to the unawakened that this is an infinite space!

      Cheers – prof77


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