The Plan to Destabilize Majority Trends and Sub-Culture (while promoting their modification)

In 2010 I was briefed on a plan to push forward with the funding of radical ideologies to destabilize the collective trend of awakening. I watched various current riots taking place on clear glass computer monitors that were connected to advanced communication systems.

Do not give into the ‘sensitivity’ game. This will be used to gain control over the living assets, the people who trade self-responsibility and contrived cognitive freedom for illusory security.

Everything is backwards, it’s all a show. The one’s who fight are literally being programmed by and are becoming the one’s they believe they’re fighting against. It’s like a shadow boxing system with ideas and the promotion of trends and this is because the very nature of group-think is used against the people who are susceptible to the tendency for group-mind behavior. This is the basis for mind-control in the mass arena.

The real history shows the opposite of what people are taught. Not only that, but yes the current storm system was augmented and guided through the use of advanced technology and this can also be seen through the repeated occurrence of powerful systems in this same area around the same time.

Why is this patterning occurring? This is because the very nature of the disruption is temporal, meaning this affects the quantum and consciousness field of Humanity. Thus, by covering what would otherwise be obvious massive shifts in Human consciousness with large storms and mass mind-controlled behavior these periods of great change can be redirected and/or simply represented as something else.

As well, the storms are used as energy discharge and generation systems for various uses such as cooling and dissipating heat across the country or planet. HAARP itself can redirect weather patterns and I was shown how the CERN device causes massive heating which was ingeniously transferred by way of conduction across the mid-west of America which was traded off in a cost/risk-benefit analysis of causing a drought and heating up the mid-west. Yes, like you may have heard, “the west is boiling and the surface may crack like an egg”. Yes, there are supervolcanos, yes people have viewed all these events and there are plans that have been in place. This is what it’s all about. All the other BS is just a joke, it’s a TV sitcom to keep people entertained so they don’t realize what’s really happening.

If you’re interested in getting involved, then simply do so. See that if a large scale event like what’s happening in Houston was to happen to 2 or 3 more areas like that then the entire infrastructure of this nation would shut-down and likely would not be reactivated in the same manner again. Jade Helm? Imagine that the event that people were so worried about actually did occur. Except the actual undertaking was so advanced, so far beyond comprehension that people literally can’t see the system in it’s present form which is outside of the perceptual limit.

So, that’s why it’s said. If you’re willing to get involved, simply do so. If large scale events occur like that, then people won’t have a chance to complain, simply put. People will try to climb the gates of FEMA camps and promise to work and put up fences to ensure a meal and a hot shower. It’s pretty simple. This isn’t the worst part, the bag part is that people have those things now and they’re still throwing it all away to step on the face of the person next to them!

Get it? That’s the oppressor, it’s a consciousness, spiritual, energetic quality that jumps forms and can access different forms of technology and information system.

The most simple way to describe the remedy is to literally refuse to support tyranny in any form, large or small and to focus on what is really important here and now beyond all the BS about ideologies. Imagine that, people fighting over liberty and equality when they’re the least tolerant bunch since slavery and world war 2. Getting the picture now? It’s a mind control operation and it’s making the true enemy known, THE FALSE-AUTHORITY of the EGO-MIND COMPLEX.

Thus, truth, compassion, harmony, self-awareness, free-will, and knowledge is the remedy. Fear is the illusion.

There are many secrets kept from the people! It has taken me over a year and I have gotten a handful or two out here and there. In reality? Do you think you evolve as a species, or devolve with time? Do you think you’re a primarily technological being or animal with no connection with technology? Do you think you existed forever or were created? Everything is a show!

Here’s any easier way to see this. There are supercomputer systems capable of replicating your entire life experience. They can think like you, better than your brain can. Thus. They know everything you are likely to do if you respond in ego. Thus. They have already mapped out a thousand ways to utilize the ego, the fight or flight, the fear response, the desire based survival and perceptual entrainment mechanism to create an elaborate plan that instigates your interaction and engagement with the very system that people seek to separate from, in order to propagate that system. Thus, the only way out is in. If people choose to fight, no matter what, they are fighting themselves because that is the advancement level of the situation. The only way to win is to choose another path, to refuse to play the game!

This is not only necessary but it has already occurred with a large enough portion of the population to secure Humanity’s place in the future. What the majority will have to go through in order to catch up is another story.


4 thoughts on “The Plan to Destabilize Majority Trends and Sub-Culture (while promoting their modification)

  1. Thanks again Aug. You put this so perfectly.
    I find it so hard to put the concepts into words. Its like a computer virus keeps putting pop ups in the path of my desire to communicate. Am putting my focus on the issue.


  2. There is now (won) a new harmonic frequency that pulsates from the purified heart and anything that withstands this, is not supported. With self love we shed all inferior human desires and divine virtues are stimulated. We honor ourselves we honor ALL. By holding this vibration, we hold the hologram active for others to chose.


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