Spiritual Chronic Fatigue and Self-Accountability

Please excuse the breathing sound, this was an initial test for this mic which seems to work well. At some points when I speak loudly I actually couldn’t hear myself speak from the traffic noise that was so loud.

Weaponized Mutagens, Mycoplasmoids and Mycotoxins are responsible for nearly every illness and disorder. This is by design. There are mutagens in the food, air, and water. There are mycotoxins that have been hyper-evolved to a highly reactive form that are conveniently placed around the various nations.

Some say this is a plan to advance the human race very quickly by resulting in immunities to all known diseases and disorders.

Self-Accountability leads to the self-awareness necessary to avoid making the same mistakes whether they are natural or designed by someone else.



One thought on “Spiritual Chronic Fatigue and Self-Accountability

  1. They’re ramping up the elimination of humans because too many humans have woken up to the truth. 3 targeted hurricanes, each succession in greater intensity than the one before, and then the other side of the US was also recently hit by more and more earthquakes. I want to completely end the false light matrix, they want to clear out the physical beings to both drain their energy to keep the system going and to wipe their minds again and re-set the “education” they will receive once they’re born again into this lie here. Expect the ending of 2017 to get worse and worse.


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