Gestalt Law of Closure Perceptual Illusion and Hyperbolic Temporal Projection

It’s all technology. The most prominent leaders are actually holograms in a virtual environment. They are not in Earth. I suspected something like this but didn’t accept the truth full on at first either.

They showed me video of political events and asked me if I thought they were real. Then they brought out the people from those events. They are organic robotoids that are only physical if they are cloned and their consciousness is broadcast through a chip and supercomputer server system. The ‘house’, the location, all these places and people that no one would ever be able to run up and just touch, they told me that there’s nothing actually there it’s all just complicated holographics and powerful projection systems that connect with the mind on a neurological level.

They said that not only is this entire society ran from this level, from the surface that we can see, but that this has been done by a group of interdimensionals who took over the leading minority and project themselves as humanoids through cloning and holographic projection technology and that this technology is a mix of their own psychic capacity that they developed over time and advanced technology developed to interface with the human neurological system in the same way that natural psychic capacity already does.

They’ve (the invader races) created an entire ontological pseudo-environment as a backdrop of time and space, our false evolutionary narrative, the illusion of the origins of consciousness and the universe as the big-bang and materialist reductionism. It’s all a story but that story must be stitched together by making certain beginnings and ends seem reasonable. Those features are the doorway of reason that holds this appearance of this civilization together and they are all propagated through powerful electronic systems that not only create the appearance on the spot but literally project backwards through time as a kind of temporal hologram so that these events stabilize the entire pseudo-consciousness backdrop that acts to support the modern beliefs. As a result, the realm is processed and projected through the combined psychic energy and a natural kind of ‘fill in’ effect that the universe completes.

Have you seen the images that are based on what are called Gestalt Perceptual Illusions? There are a set of these perceptions and one is called the “Law of Closure” which references the perceptual illusion that occurs when there is a semi-completed shape that seems to have an invisible line drawing across the opening closing the shape. For instance, three lines creating a semi-square seem to have an invisible line across the opening creating the perception of a square even though there is no line. This is the brain acting like a processing system and filling in the missing information just to make things easier.

This is one of the aspects of disclosure that people are not as familiar with. There are so many ways that perception creates reality that it would take a full year course of psychological, technical, philosophical and mathematics classes to really comprehend. This is why the accelerated learning systems were developed as one can be connected to a system that will enable the information to be directly interfaced with. Of course, without true intention to learn, the information fades.

This concept is that this timeline has been generated through a series of Gestalt perceptual illusions that are carefully crafted through the insertion of mechanically operational memories and projected events in time.

I was literally shown a grid of information, almost reminiscent of certain movies regarding these concepts, and it was explained that this is how they insert events into time, that the universe doesn’t see a bed-room, or a car, or a national park with trees, it sees a kind of mathematical code and that to alter the code they are actually altering the graphical representation that exists “out here” on the surface. First, they had to learn the language of the code and decipher the informational format, then they had to devise a way to insert information on the level of that language of code and this is through large electromagnetic devices which act as scalar resonators.

Both the ‘sky’, the magnetosphere and the magnetic fields around the brain and body contain holographic information that represents the individual and thus collective memory of this society and thereby paints the collective environment. By changing one’s own individual field of information, they change their view of the world. Yes, literally, by altering one’s field, through technology or sheer will-power, one can alter the flow of information in the universe.

This is the exact property that is treated, en masse, to induce influences on the entire timeline of this society. The minds of the masses are influenced through scalar-electromagnetic technology (not the same, but an easy way to begin to paint the picture of how the technology operates) and through chemicals that are literally designed to function as programs that are inserted into the genetics and the mind. These chemicals can literally be specifically guided to target certain memories through resonance. Certain behavioral traits, certain experiences, a stretch of time from one date to another. The easiest way to get up to speed is for them to simply say, “Anything you can imagine, literally anything your current neurological configuration enables you to comprehend, we’ve already invented that many years ago.”

And it’s true. What they have fully up to speed, we can’t even comprehend. It makes this universe look like a video game compared to the previous view. It enables the mind to electrogravitically produce elements out of the sub-quantum ether and literally point and hold intention to materialize substances out of ‘heavy air’. It’s what we would call magic, even in today’s world. We are in the ancient past with tablets and computers the size of palms. The computers they invented, some of the smallest, are literally the size of cells. They are gaseous. The holographic suit technology is literally each a working computer system in every thread of the suit. And that’s the old tech that still requires mechanical components where the “newer” tech can simply propagate a scalar field that interacts with the air in a way to create an ionized sheet like a curtain of electrified air that can bend light in a specific manner or create a holographic image of a background environment. Again, they showed me these things in order to understand what has happened. We are in one of those holographic backgrounds right now. The beginning of time, years ago, it’s a hyperbolic projection like a hall of mirrors. The true surface is just two inches away from our faces but we perceive miles and miles of distance. It’s all a projection system.

And again, for those that don’t know, this was all revealed because everything was secured and healed. That is why I am to come forward, because everything is secure. However, this doesn’t mean that people are going to avoid suffering, the masses are currently attached to suffering and that is why these technological systems that operate through suffering to maintain status quo are still in operation. Once people withdraw their power the technology has no backing and shuts off forever.

3 thoughts on “Gestalt Law of Closure Perceptual Illusion and Hyperbolic Temporal Projection

  1. How does one go about withdrawing their power? How many of us need to do so in order to make this stop? How do we go about getting others to act on this? As you can see, I have a LOT of questions. :-)


  2. One question for you. What makes you trust the ones helping you to see this as absolute or at least relative truth? Just curious as you’ve mentioned the Solar Warden group many times and some others have, but overall they’re quite a secretive group and sometimes the game is played on many layers. Such as, I played a being who “was one of them”, but I was actually a double agent, betrayed by another who pretended to be one of them, but was actually another double agent. Then in this life I played “them” to get them to accept me at first, that is until I showed them I will never let kaos win. Is it just intuition that makes you trust them…or something deeper? From experience, I can say that just because something seems good and nice doesn’t mean that that’s their true face. For example, I never put on a facade and can seem callous and cruel at times…but that is the nature I put on in this putrid environment to deal with the subject matter at hand, but in reality I’m one of the most selfless beings around and have no interest in physical successes or monetary gain.


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