The Towers of Abstraction, Artificially Intelligent Behavior Modification Systems

These are publicly private projects. Meaning if you worked-studied at a diligent university and you began to come to the same conclusions that the research and development scientists had then you would get a tap on the shoulder and be invited, sometimes without choice, to work on these projects underground with virtually unlimited funding and no legal restriction whatsoever.

The current projects utilize what are called the “Towers of Abstraction” to literally create a multiple-layered cascade of cognitive incapacitation which is essentially an artificially intelligent synthetic neural feedback system that imitates your own brainwaves and actuates an active denial system in response to thoughts, impulses or behaviors that are in connection to a restricted spectrum.

Basically, they’ve devised electromagnetic towers that are capable of erecting a scalar grid that is capable of simultaneously reading and interacting with the mind of every individual deemed a threat in a given area. Each local has its own server uplink and there are centralized areas that control the entire population control system.

Part of this was shown to be because of the notion that the entire system had gone independently active and essentially formed its own plans on how to best solve the situation. It views people as a kind of problem and will not leave out any options in its method of finding the solution. The idea here is that a system without feeling would provide the fastest solution, not the most beneficial to all. Therein, completely annihilating or simply cognitively reducing the capacity for the majority of the population to think thoughts that go against the status quo would be the most sufficient and effective solution for a system without feeling.

This description, which is essentially disclosure, goes two ways here. One, the way this system works is through a machine learning process in which individuals and groups are selectively targeted and exposed to increasing degrees of stress and intensity of focused behavior modification methods including electromagnetic weaponry and street theater which is all controlled by non-human artificial intelligence systems.

Everyone’s brain and body emits a cloud of subtle electrical activity which registers as a signature in the space-time field of Earth. This field is like a complete circuit and with enough processing power and sensing capacity that field can be erected and a person’s neuronal activity can be read as long as they are within the confines of any population area. The technology is so advanced that the most advanced and powerful technology that would normally require it’s own building has been shrunk and worked into the modern day technology such as the electrical grid and the TV’s and communication wiring of every house. The technologically is effectively hidden and beyond comprehension in its capacity to sense and transmit information.

This means that the general idea of what a person is feeling can be detected and as well, the same format used to recognize those electrical impulses can be used to transmit similar frequencies back to electronically modulate the neural activity. What this means is that emotions and mind-states can be manipulated, orchestrated along with other elements that are seemingly coincidental and organized to create an impressive series of events that depatterns and reprograms the mind to expect certain reactions with certain thought processes and ultimately associate the desires thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

These intelligent systems create an entire personality matrix for the individual or the group and thus the individual is commanded through subtle changes in their emotional or neuronal activity which are actually due to electrical changes in their environment along with the orchestration of external, coincidental events that are seemingly out of their control.

The other way this explanation moves is the notion that this system is secondary. This system was designed based on the discoveries that were made by scientists looking into the true nature of this reality to realize that we are all, already being monitored and manipulated by some kind of overarching force seeking to utilize people for its own intentions.

One thought on “The Towers of Abstraction, Artificially Intelligent Behavior Modification Systems

  1. The whole world is falling apart all at once now. They’re setting it up for the false saviour to arrive, probably by the end of this year. Blue beam will be in effect soon as well. Only inner strength will keep people going as earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods and the extreme cold will ravage the world and man set against man in an extreme way. This is the time we have all been waiting for. When the robots cry, the true beings can smile for they know they will finally go home.


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