The Dream Machine

The moment when you wake up and before you sleep is your most creative time. You have access to a level of awareness that is not shielded or restricted by the mundane impressions of the day or limited minds.

This is another important aspect of disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs. What went on in these underground bases and secretive naturally magnetic sites was related to dreaming.

The experiments were designed to test the capacity of the dreaming mind and the nature of the dream, to explore the universe and interact with the inner reality and the aspects of the personality that one may find within.

What was discovered is that the universe is not only like a huge stage where all the scripts, themes, morals, and emotional dramas are waiting to be presented, but that there is a background crew that is monitoring the situation and seemingly steps in to organize the flow when things move into a specific frequency or arrangement.

So levels of awareness could be accessed that interact with one’s psyche in a way that introduces referential experiences that are similar to the concept of archetypes. These similar experiences would play out in different ways for everyone, yet they were seemingly all according to some ‘master script’ that the mind of Humanity is structured to. This is the collective mind and we are all connected but one must be aware of the features in order to understand and make use of their knowledge.

One doesn’t necessarily have to know the names, make the connections to the ancient stories, know the terminology and the mixing ratios for what experiences, but they have to become knowledgeable enough about their inner experiences in order to specifically know what intentions and expectations to go with what unconscious ques or preparatory ingredients to reach certain outcomes or results of behavior or mental posture. Until one knows, each experience is not guided by themselves, but by the unseen ushers that monitor and seemingly activate when things go off schedule.

That brings me to a final piece of this writing, that there are what appear as external beings but are aspects of the inner psyche made personal and external. These appear as gatekeepers for when one enters a scene and when their exit is too late for the next scene to arrive! This is like a safeguard of the mind to keep things on track for the ‘next’ which may simply be another aspect of your own inner experience, made tangible, like the changing of the colors of the leaves representing the manifestation of the maturation of the invisible spirit of Earth and Nature.

The knowledge of the true nature of reality is to be respected and protected from the infiltration of the mundane and egotistical mind. The more people proclaim to know and profess their power over others, the more they are dominated in these states and this is known by those who are truly involved with these discoveries but professionally and independently.

This is the true nature of what went on, however, people developed wild ideas about controlling the world by implementing those preparatory features for certain dream-states and archetypal experiences by instigating them out here in the mundane by planting the seeds of plants they mis-represent and produce fruits that the people are not well-informed enough to expect.

Of course, the true maestro will always be able to course-correct society and remedy this through the release of the truth and the integration of the true nature of the mind with world-events and mass awareness to achieve a collective awakening in which the hidden elements of the inner space are brought again into self-awareness with the features of the mundane reality and the society that is found there.

The personified beings only show when the experiencer has missed their date and lagged behind from potentiating the new self by dissolving the old into a constantly evolving wheel of illusions. When one sees through this facade of a continuous shift of props, costumes and sets, then they notice the audience that hasn’t changed since the beginning and they see the actors and the background crew that assists in the running of the show.

The secret projects marks the date in which this Humanity became silently aware of what this is and chose to wilfully, knowingly step into the background role of producer and management team by using the tools of the knowing to assist in shaping the mind and moving each group from awareness to awareness, scene to scene and to assist in maintaining the stage and the rotation of psychic endeavors that may or may not require the introduction of the gatekeepers from within and beyond.

They only appear when people require that boost and so the concept is to begin to handle all our own scene changes and supporting role shifts ourselves so that we can become our own self-sustained universe relying on organized outside, inner appearance only when we choose to and are prepared for the influences that brings. Otherwise those who do not know become the result of the script-writers and the hidden hands rather than playing a part in the manifestation of the show which is what every observer is truly destined for and already doing. This is achieved through supreme sublime self-awareness that shifts with the set through all the varieties of manifestation until a complete 360 degree of possibilities has been reached and no change can press the observer aspect back down into dreariness and unawareness.

This is what has been practiced and designed by way of these projects and those who protect the knowledge of the true nature of this realm.

It is never as respectful to push people into the next scene so this must be welcomed and expected by all if we are to make the most of this reality. It is all a show.

One thought on “The Dream Machine

  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    This is brilliant! However, I would like to think that there are other ways to bring this knowledge about apart from the secret projects. As you said before, we do not necessarily have to suffer extreme abuse to wake up. Thank you for being here. There are others too. Are we waiting for a one hundred monkeys effect?


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