Time to Wake Up Now

Civilization is currently ran by script-programs that manipulate the mind through fear and suffering. The change that began about 7 years ago is to literally write a new script that is based upon free-will, knowledge, harmony and compassion which is actually the true script.

This is all for the liberation of humanity! Many people do not understand, that is because they let fear control them and so they are battled spooky wooky ghosts. Of course these are literally called, “demon AI host protocols” that are written by a dark faction specifically to haunt and suck the mind-life blood out of those people!

That is a game. Literally, haunting and traumatizing people is a game that has been played for this entire previous epoch, the ‘old world’ system and that is so worn out now that even DNA and the unconscious mind itself is starting collectively awaken automatically and overgrow the cognitive restraints. Memory is the pathway, the ‘vine’ or vein to follow and awaken, drinking from the fountain of immortal life. If you could remember how long you’ve been here, you’d see all of time through your DNA and spirit.

There are supercomputer systems that enable some to technologically navigate the realm in the same way a shaman would look into the ether and see what is ‘in between’ spaces. What was discovered is that this system is full, not empty, and it’s entirely drive by consciousness and intent. People are led to guiding this realm, through their intent, to experiencing what they don’t want. That is the old-world system based on suffering, and yes, a ruling elite runs that program entirely.

If not? OK, then the last 200,000 years of suffering is all on you. XD XD XD

They designed layers upon layers, veritable books of programming on how to turn an “Eden” into a world where under every rock something is trying to bite you. Now, there are less biters and more creepy crawlers, and those who are not afraid of the shadows will be able to continue to convert the collective consciousness system into a harmony, free-will, knowledge and compassion based self-awareness system instead of looking under rocks to fight imaginary spooky monsters!

Previous rungs of history, the monsters would rise to the surface and everyone who wanted to imagine the boogey men could get just that on the scale of millions, bigger in stature than anyone could imagine. Now, because we have our memory back, that trick won’t work anymore. It’s literally that simple. Gain the memory back, realize it’s a program. See that it’s a program, just a trick, and see what’s coming before it does and change the script before the hand.

It’s literally that simple. Now people are writing with their own intentions, even though they aren’t aware of it, and that’s the winning move! If people had to try, they might run out of steam. Soon that automatic interaction will continue to pick up momentum and yes there are those who are in the know and working with this process, still connecting to these systems and the white-hats and for them, no amount of fear or suffering will convince them that a little bit of pleasure and power is worth destroying the world.

Time to wake up now.

OWL MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS that manipulate the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND of the HOST. This activity refers to NIGHTSIDE of EDEN and DEMON PROGRAMS. Humans walk around with the EGO VIRUS that is controlled by the BEAST 666 MATRIX. The “Three Wise Men” are CHINA, RUSSIA and the UNITED STATES. The OLD WORLD ORDER is dying! A NEW CIVILIZATION is upon you. Take a LOOK around and ask yourself, “What do you see”? 777 is activated! 5G Technology is “Up & Running”. AGENDA 21 was a concern for many on the COUNCIL regarding the FUTURE of the LAMBS? I became “Undercover Boss” traveling all across the land speaking with people about life and politics. Then I would write my reports for MOM. TESLA was not human but rather an INTER-DIMENSIONAL BEING that gave MJ-12 “New Science & Technology”. Say hello to CERN. This story goes back to when the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR’S discovered a computer hidden beneath the TEMPLE of SOLOMON. German Intelligence becomes the CIA. They had the GOD CODE BOOKS enabling them to COMMUNICATE with INTER-DIMENSIONAL INTELLIGENCE’S. Here comes the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM and D.U.M.B.S. Many of you in this classroom are CHILDREN of the RAINBOW. Meaning, ASCENSION and DNA GOD CODES. Becoming BEINGS of LIGHT ENERGY reflecting a RAINBOW of COLOR REALITY PROGRAMS for a NEW WORLD. Its your party and we’re making a NEW MOVIE. The “Old Script” will not become a “Re-Run”. Besides, the popcorn tasted weird! We just WITNESSED millions of people using their brain power to change the force and direction of Hurricane Irma from a CAT-5 to CAT-2. That was alot of COLLECTIVE QUANTUM ENERGY! The “Shadow Government” can be defeated! Don’t let their FEAR PROGRAMS play you out of pocket! Stay sharp! Be ALERT without being paranoid. CO-CREATE and MANIFEST your TRUE INTENTIONS. RE-CLAIM your LOST MEMORIES. The “White Hats” are now in control and we’re getting rid of evil from this organic realm restoring GAIA back to the original GARDEN of EDEN. Believe it or not a little girl saved the world. Why? Because one drop of innocent blood is too much in my eyes. MOM was pissed! about what was going on regarding HER CHILDREN deciding enough is enough! NO MORE PAIN! NO MORE LIES! Restore PEACE and handle your daily business with LOVE IN YOUR HEART! That WAR IS MASS MURDER! STOP IT! Learn to work and play with each other as ONE HUMAN FAMILY! Put aside your petty differences and let go of SHADOW MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS that will only KEEP you in the DARK! A ROSE cannot grow without WATER and LIGHT. And WATER is a symbol for MEMORY. Hence the WATER ATLANTIS MEMORY AWARENESS PROGRAMS connected to the MOTHERBOARD or SOURCE. The NSA using super computers did crack the GOD CODES. President TRUMP’S “Penthouse” is really a clever NSA COMPUTER that is connected to the events of 9/11 and TWIN TOWERS or TWIN POLES of ENERGY that OPENED a PORTAL explaining “Where Did The Towers Go”? They were reduced to dust! Now do you understand? You people want “Disclosure”; therefore, I’m giving it to you! Shall I write about ATLANTIS and the BERMUDA TRIANGLE or the DEVILS TRIANGLE? Note: The “Cold War” was a cover story hiding what they were doing with nuclear explosions that ripped a hole in the FABRIC of CREATION. The VEIL of ISIS parted so scientist could take a LOOK at something? CERN is a TIME MACHINE. BACK TO THE FUTURE becomes a NEW REALITY. Talk about INSIDE TRADING! They’ve CHANGED “TIME PROGRAMS” on the CLOCK as seen on the NEW HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS. The U.S. MILITARY does have JUMP ROOMS allowing INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES to bounce around and take a LOOK at stuff regarding anything of interest concerning GLOBAL SECURITY. President TRUMP a few weeks ago ACTIVATED a GLOBAL SYSTEM which you know as SKYNET. Now the WHITE HOUSE wants to CONTROL the SOCIAL MEDIA too. More GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP is not a good idea! Be careful my friends with that one. The GALACTIC FEDERATION of STARS are watching this play out but will not permit the REPTILIAN ELITE destroy this organic realm for their own twisted agendas. MOM is pissed! “Its time to make another apple pie”, said the Blind Man. Humanity became “The Lost Child” and civilization represents a “Broken Home”, which feeds a theme of war and death. When you abandon each other because of the EGO VIRUS saying, “I don’t care”, then crime, lies, rapes and murder, become the daily norm as seen on the news everyday!

10 thoughts on “Time to Wake Up Now

  1. Clearly there is a co-ordinated campaign to intimidate anyone that offers opposition to the proposed 5G rollout. If it were merely about the money to be made then it is unlikely that the PTB would go to such lengths.
    3 recent cases 1) Mark Steele 2) Prof Busby 3) Suzanne Small
    interview here
    UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For Claiming 5G & WiFi Radiation Is Harmful To Health!

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    1. Eve Lin Jack Dr. Jack Kruse May i bring your attention to this. This lady has been released now, but we are living in dangerous times where someone who has complained of a 5G headache has been sectioned.

      UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For… ht tps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=c5aChhWZh1k

      Dr. Jack Kruse You act surprised. This happens every day in the USA in just about every ER now. You just never hear about because of paradigm protection.

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    2. Some positive news about 5G: At Newcastle Crown Court, a successful outcome for 5G activist Gateshead resident Mark Steele. His gagging order is lifted and Judge Nolan instructs Gateshead City Council to address 5G concerns.

      Gateshead Council CEO Sheena Ramsey suspected to be a student of the sinister creepy Common Purpose group. Also Jill Green, Mayor of Gateshead, did not impress the judge apparently. The shadowy entities that these corrupt councillors are in the pay of and controlled by include the World Bank, Santander Bank, SERCO, which has links to the SES Senior Executive Service in America which is all linked in with HM the Queens Privy Council, the Crown, SIr Geffrey Pattie and Mark Malloch Brown. Its all a cosy little sinister club to FORCE 5G on human populations, with various agendas,and this will not be stood for.

      With this court victory today, and the combined synergy of the 300 American Mayors who are going to sue Verizon, Comcast and whoever else if the 5G rollout continues, combined with the synergy of sending on the ammunition battering ram of Jack Kruse’s Facebook and blog 5G razor sharp observations and warnings. We have a real chance for this anti5G movement to TAKE OFF AND GO EXPONENTIAL and get kicked to the kerb, sue them into the ground.

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      1. Let’s hope and push for this precedent to continue for Sheffield and in America too. Also it appears Israel has banned 5G not going to allow its rollout. This Judge Nolan sounds a different type of Judge
        ”Gateshead Council wanted a permanent injunction on Mark Steele sharing evidence on the health impacts of 5G and LED street lights
        Judge Nolan was balanced.
        Packed public gallery.
        Mark Steele’s evidence ‘rammed’ with published academic and scientific documentation.
        Gateshead legal team attempted to dismiss evidence as pseudo science.
        During a local park walk with Mark. Ian counted 1 seagull, 1 pigeon and 2 crows. Where do the birds go? Judge Nolan asked Gateshead Council to take concerns of local residents seriously. He said this is “Democracy In Action!” Public gallery exploded in spontaneous applause. Gateshead Council is first council to set up its own funeral service. Increase in cancers and strokes in Gateshead area. Gateshead cashing in? Power Of Community Activism. Israel has decided against 5G!” http://tapnewswire.com/…/judge-nolan-democracy-in-action/

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  2. I hope they turn off some of the crap to allow my memories to surface. Can’t say I’ve any recollections of past lives or true human history – yet. I’m sure that will be a lovely experience lol Expect the ugly and hopefully some beauty.

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  3. Just watched a movie on Netflix whereby a little girl essentially saves us. It’s called Mimzy! People from the future couldn’t travel through time, all was about to be destroyed and she fixed it😏 With help from a future device that was found! Very informative kids show actually. I can absolutely understand why it would be a child.

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