What is the Unveiling

Please share the information regarding disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs.


“The Unveiling” occurs when the population becomes aware enough to know the true nature of this reality.

Yes, this reality because there are others outside of what we consider mainstream. Yes, this reality is, in a way (not so much as a metaphor), programmed in through mass media mind-control which utilizes the invisible organization of the unconscious mind to preemptively polarize and provoke emotional and cognitive reactions so as to generate the desires thought-forms which then play out in society over many years.

There are many variables involved and this is a craft that has been forged over centuries to predict, manipulate, and guide the behavior of the masses.

Humanity has been generalized into a multi-layered control system that automatically separates those who know and those who do not. Many will claim this is entirely selfish and corruption has infiltrated this society. Early on those who sought knowledge and those who sought power were visibly set apart but now things are cloaked and the game-players are each wearing masks and adorned with deceptive garments.

The truth, the truth is so powerful, yet so dangerous that if one were to wield the truth without caring to protect others then this could be disastrous to themselves and those around them. The truth is protected, yet the truth also seeks to be known by inquiring minds as if the focused and open mind is a requirement to obtain a vision of what reality truly is..

In short, this is a safe-guard. Reality hides itself, and the mind is organized in a way that leads to fumbling over the details, losing site of the beginning and forgetting where the destination is. This reality is designed in this way. Perspective offers a complete round-about of experience in a way that both overwrites and re-establishes the starting point.

The human is a unique being. The one who can see reality for what it is has power beyond the other beings here. That power is the power to know the self and thus to change one’s course of action for the better to remain in harmony with the environment or one’s own mind and body.

The more people do this and the more consciously aware of this an individual becomes then the more of an effect this carries and one’s mind influences reality through intention and will-power. That is the nature of the awakening, one gains control over their responses and the feedback loop of their consciousness to their environment and in doing so they enhance their experience.

Right now the knowledge of how to chance one’s reality is kept out of sight. This time is the point where Humanity sees the truth, however, that is paradox of sorts. If people do not choose to awaken on their own, then the awakening falls flat, deflating what energy the civilization has. If Humanity awakens too quickly, then the majority of people will likely have a difficult reaction and this will waste much energy in sorting out the results of such reactions. What is to happen is for people to choose wakefulness, kindness, compassion, truth, honesty, self-awareness, harmony, self-knowledge all through the application of free-will.

Two things here, this will get strange for everyone involved and reading this (everyone). The only way to remedy the situation of people not wanting to accept self-responsibility, to avoid the challenge of compassion and truth, to hide from honesty out of fear of disciplinary action or others seeing who they really are, is to allow people to liberate themselves. Forcing people to shape up, contribute, share, be kind and honest does not work. Only those who were already kind and honest will participate in the long-run while those who are not interested will merely put up a show long-enough to get passed the barriers put in place.

The other option to that? Increase the barriers? Have cameras everywhere and all actions monitored? Then kindness and compassion would not be something that comes from within but something that people do to avoid being punished or attracting criticism. Then people become cynical, self-centered yet relentlessly obedient shells of what we have today.

Again, there is balance required. Even in a hedonistic society, there are rules and guidelines for doing whatever feels good. If there wasn’t, then such a society couldn’t exist. Enabling people to be selfish, enabling people to be unfriendly, enabling people to be mean, but reducing the impact to the point of enabling society as a whole to survive, that is the middle ground.

For instance, where other’s are greedy and have too much, resources could be unveiled as actually being astronomically more available than the masses are currently told, which they are. Too much, however, and then there would be no such thing as ‘greedy’ or ‘not greedy’ it would simply be ‘stuff’ and no one would learn to have any manners or ways to go about keeping themselves in check. So as of now, there is a kind of ‘fake system’ that literally starves people so some people can keep their routine. To formulate a new system that neither starves people nor allows them to become completely entropic in their own cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual being.

Then people would say, how would such finite details be ordered? Well, there would be monitoring systems. There already are, are there not? Everything is already noticed, this is just under the operational capacity of a ‘front’ society that is disguising the truth society.

The true goal is not to keep people from putting things in their bodies, it’s not to stop people from making too much money or making money illegally, just ask yourself, where does the value attributed to all that funny money come from in the first place? The true goal of all that technology is to stabilize the civilization and predict major threats that arise to destabilize the systems that are currently required for continuity and progress.

What will most likely happen is that a point will be reached when the currently monitoring system is sufficiently advanced enough to take over entirely and guide this civilization into a new era where people will have the freedom to know, choose, and live in the truth. The truth is that the major wars, the major debts, the major media and news outlets, everything is all just programmed data that is ran through a script generation software and its been like this for decades. None of it is “real” in the traditional sense that people didn’t know what was going to happen 50 years ahead of time.

Now, the second part, quantum strangeness, scene two. People have mentioned before about “splitting of the timelines” and things of this nature, I’m sure you’ve heard if you’re reading this, especially this far in. So here’s the plain and simple of it. How does one timeline separate from another timeline? If there is one, and then there is two, what happened to the other group on the alternate timeline, to each of the native timelines on their own path? Where do the other people go to one another? In each other’s timeline, the other group dies while one group survives and in this way, in one reality one group survives and in another reality the other group survives. This results in two parallel timelines that simultaneously exist but are disconnected from the same world-line.

Now, the concept here is that this has happened before and results in a kind of temporal rift where the civilization neither goes one way or the other but kind of wobbles in the middle in some kind of quantum temporal paradox which often involves both sides going back to try and force the other group to join them on their “native” timeline (which doesn’t work).

So here’s the ‘big whoop’ as I have so playfully said before. The only way to avoid the temporal disruptions that caused thee problems that generated a timeloop through the misuse of technology is to avoid the split altogether. To avoid the split, this means whatever big events that knocks each group apart from one another must be either avoided or be remedied or mitigated. This is the direction that disclosure will head into as this is the true nature of what has happened. It’s not about a resource battle although that’s a good game and has been happening. It’s not about advanced technology weapons and simulated realities, although that too has been happening. It’s about the big event that has been foreseen since the beginning of each epoch which inevitably causes a split to occur based on the physical changes to this reality.

Avoiding this and enabling continuity is the primary goal.

Now here’s where it gets really weird. The split has already occurred, and the result of the split is that one version of humanity arrives on one side of the energetic spectrum of the universe and another on the other. As a result, there are then, now, and since the beginning, seemingly two aspects of the human race. One has a soul-signature that moves in a certain relative momentum to the universe and the other has a soul-signature that moves opposite. It is truly as if they are both from two different ends of time.

Thus, there may be a natural healing of this, a reunification if the split is avoided and thus the paradox which leads into the necessity of the split never is. This is a bit of a mind exercise as if the split is avoided and the alteration never occurs, then what is happening now? The only reasonable conclusion is that we are currently in an artificial dimension that is waiting for Humanity to make their choice and go one way, another, or both simultaneously.

If you look, you will see that this has been in the background since the beginning, in all fields and industries someone knew that things would change one day and that things were set up from the start in a way that would inevitably unfold.

3 thoughts on “What is the Unveiling

  1. I think im a Changing Man thanks to this website acting as an awakening catalyst, plus basic nuts and bolts spelling out of things too ive really needed. That’s important too. That’s vital lower rungs of the ladder. Though ive so much more reading and effort to make, if we have time. This blogs been a serious major whole other level mind expanding elevating paradigm busting experience since i discovered it in approx june 2017. Because Adam in 2013-2016 thought he had a pretty good handle on Truth and being awakened and knowing whats what reading about the SSP. Thngs are vastly different now in 2018 and on an ever expanding journey within.

    Thankyou for all youre doing and have done since 2016.

    The Changingman
    Paul Weller
    Is happiness real or am I so jaded?
    Can’t see or feel like a man been tainted
    Numbed by the effect, aware of the muse
    Too in touch with myself, I light the fuse
    I’m the changing man
    Built on shifting sand
    I’m changing man
    Waiting for the bang
    As I light a bitter fuse
    Our time is on loan, only us to borrow
    An’ I know
    But I can’t be today, I can be tomorrow
    Yea, all I see, the more I know
    The more I know, the less I understand
    I’m the changing man
    Built on shifting sands
    I’m a changing man
    I’ m waiting for the bang
    To light a bitter fuse
    Bigger part ah, when our instincts act
    A shot in the dark, a movement in black, yea
    More I see, more I know
    The more I know, the less I understand you
    Built on shifting sands
    I don’t have a plan
    I’m changing man
    Waiting for the bang
    To light a bitter fuse
    Built on shifting sands
    Yea yea
    I’m a changing man
    Waiting for the bang
    To light a bitter fuse
    Yea yea
    Songwriters: Brendan Lynch / Paul John Weller


  2. i am certain i have not encountered a human for a very long time, if ever. i wish someone could explain this in terms that this mind can comprehend.


    1. Most are robots. Beings created of the false light energy meant to make this construct seem real so that they can then drain true beings of their energy through emotional excitation and chakra attachment. There’s also lower astral demonics, possessed beings, and so many other types it gets boring to repeat oneself haha. As I’ve also recently stated here…it feels lonely not being able to connect to anyone around me as most are not genuine beings. The civilian light population has mostly been evacuated and the ones left here are some stragglers, dark beings still offered a choice, and the true light warriors and some workers who are ending this place by holding the clearing “truth” energy. Love will only exist again when this darkness does not. Another good read is “organic portals” just google it and read the article.

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