The Leap Foward

This is what is being done to restore Earth and Humanity.

This is about Humanity or Animal life. Free-Will or Automation and Deception.

The fallen races use deception to transfer their ‘seals’ onto specific bloodlines on Earth. They use this to take their genetic material into their vessels and then guards them so that they can’t be revoked past a certain point. It’s all free-will based.

If a person unconscious accepts the deception of the fallen then their bloodline gets ‘sealed’ to these animal-hybrid lines and all of their genetic members are literally stuck within that vessel form for ‘eternity’.

The “Father” of Man, the progenitor of the Human Race cannot be altered because all the deception comes from after the influence of the Progenitor meaning that blood remains pure. However, those who falter and accept the ways of the fallen and damage their DNA or simply accept modifications or unconscious contracts with the hybrid entities would be modified into the hybrid fallen forms and the DNA is sealed from being altered from there, meaning it’s eternal.

Only the Progenitor of the Human Race from beyond time has the capacity to alter DNA. Even the quantum supercomputers from the bases cannot properly recreate DNA and there are continual flaws which result in eventual meltdowns. The programming breaks down, the bodies break down, it’s all flawed.

The systems today are owned and operated, literally, through a quantum entanglement, a technological and scalar mind-control system from an alternate dimension that people have referred to as “Hell”. These are hybrid, non-human entities that host a spirit-force or consciousness from the previous universe which collapsed in on itself due to degradation. Basically a black-hole consciousness.

That cannot leave it’s own desire for enough time to avoid collapsing in on itself and becoming its own demise. Humanity has a balance and a life-generation essence from the spiritual-force that enables eternal life. The entire battle which is the ‘game’ of this ‘civilization’ is of the fallen spiritual force and the bloodlines it has generated through modification to convince Humanity to fall into the abyss with it and dissolve into time thus giving it one more nanosecond of existence through vampirism.

It has done this until all the life in that universe was devoured. Now it’s goal is to seek other universes to destroy.

This is being stopped at this universe by removing the vulnerable Humans from it’s grasp and resulting in an immediate collapse of that system.

However, mutually assured destruction protocols ensure that when this happens, everything will happen all at once.

There is only one pathway to remaining Human after this artificial universe collapses and if that is missed or sinned then the DNA of the fallen, whoever has fell, is altered through time so that it was as if they were never ever human to begin with and they are like animals “again”.

Thus, it makes this current timeline look as if some Humans are actually animal hybrids that were modified through a massive genetic experiment-invasion, and that some are the Humans who are being targeted and abused for their genetic material and the spiritual force that is connected.

Good doesn’t mean perfect it means one chooses compassion and truth, harmony and knowledge, self-awareness and free-will instead of evil, ignorance, deception, disorder, and automation.

If you have a conscience, feel regret for hurting others or yourself, then you are ‘redeemable’. These are the teams who have chosen to assist in protecting Humanity and the ascent out of this abyss which is literally a void space being propagated by a cosmic dimensional grinder system and being held open by advanced technology and the intention to protect life.

There is an electric net around the planet, souls cannot escape. When this event begins the planet and the net will be pushed into an offset so the net is obviously open. When that happens, it will seem as if the sky has crushed or split open and the border between the physical world and the interdimensional or “Heaven” will be visible to all. When this happens, there is direction communication between every sentient organism on Earth and the upper layer of the Universe and the physical body and the soul will be divisible with the spiritual force and people will have the opportunity to actively move out of the fallen system. This will happen like a rush of light or energy as each sentient being on the planet that has a Spiritual Force in sync with the Spiritual Force is drawn upwards towards the opening which will be a kind of energetic-consciousness gateway that permeates space, time and consciousness that one navigates towards at the speed of thought and leaves this world behind instead of being pulled towards and devoured which is what happens in this universe.

On the other side is the beginning of the native universe of Humanity which has been referred to as Heaven. All the teams are there now and have begun to move inwards to this universe to stage for the shift.

People must wake up enough to know what is going on. Although in dreams everything has been organized. We have to clear all oaths and contracts with these fallen races.

Out of ignorance can be redeemed. Knowingly serving and selling out Humanity or one’s own spiritual essence for the dark, having no conscience or care, with full awareness is not redeemable. When the polarization fields are activated the darkness in the Heart Chakra renders an unavoidable attraction to the device which will tow the fallen into the deep abyss or the ‘pit’.

It’s quite simple, all one needs to do is avoid allowing that darkness in the heart because it renders the entire energy system polarized towards an entropic, destructive tendency which, when accelerated through a temporal leap, results in a complete ‘shattering’ or obliteration of the energy frequencies that represent the individual’s soul. The truth, the self-awareness, that is the compassion that is not the darkness. The darkness is automation, self-destruction, ego and illusion.

23 thoughts on “The Leap Foward

  1. “There is only one pathway to remaining Human after this artificial universe collapses and if that is missed or sinned then the DNA of the fallen, whoever has fell, is altered through time so that it was as if they were never ever human to begin with and they are like animals “again”.”

    I’m curious Aug what you meant by “again”?
    Are you saying that we were animals at one point in our existence?


  2. Seriously, this seal stuff is freaking me out! Please let us know how we can find out what has been done to us outside of our conscious awareness. If these seals have really been applied without us being aware of it and they are ETERNAL, then WTF??? How can this be allowed to happen under Universal Law? Let me get this straight… The veil is going to lift and then for some people, it’ll be… SURPRISE, you were secretly sealed as an “animal person.” Now you have to go be an animal for ETERNITY, sorry! This all seems so horribly wrong to me, unless I’m not understanding it correctly.

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  3. Tron comments are closed.
    But could Kurt Russell whos appaeared in 2 to my knowledge, maybe more, Disclosure films, Tron and Stargate, might Kurt be a bloodline deep state insider?
    Might Kurt have security clearance to go down into the parallel world deep underground bases whenever he wants? Might Kurt trvel in mindblowing 100,000 mph electrogrvitics crafts, that from the video on Aug Tellz great blog, one flying over California countryside, they seem to have an almost Tardis like thing going on where they look very small but are bigger inside for the occupants? Tis is mindbending if true. And makes me wonder just who and what in the BBC are deep insiders making Dr Who with the tardis. The BBC is an evil organisation of course.

    My point is.
    Might Kurt be a bllodline insider and have connection with the Tsarnaev wife of the Boston Marathon ‘bombing’ which seems like a false flag and was anyone really injured that day?

    Now Kurt pops up in the phoenix lights being a ‘pilot’, seeing them. Whats going on with Kurt?
    I discuss this issue here


  4. when will this happen Aug ? I ask everyone around me to be more love and accommodating with each other. Hope the consciousness in everyone awakens to true nature of our existence rather than the ego


  5. Aug, you wrote:

    “There is only one pathway to remaining Human after this artificial universe collapses and if that is missed or sinned then the DNA of the fallen, whoever has fell, is altered through time so that it was as if they were never ever human to begin with and they are like animals “again”.”

    Can you explain what you mean by “sinned?” That’s definitely a loaded word that can be interpreted different ways.

    Also, you said “Everything will happen all at once.” Will there at least be a lead-up to this event where the unseen influences on our reality become more obvious? As you know, many people are caught in negative reality-generating feedback loops initiated by early negative experiences. If they consciously understood there was more involved here than just “people being bad” and “life sucking” then they would make better choices about how to react, take control and break out of the loops they’re stuck in. But not even knowing there’s a “greater reality” at play, they remain in negative victim mode, feeling like it’s justified, sensible and even honest. I’m just hoping that the way this reality really works becomes clear to all before we reach that big finale so everyone gets a fair shot at making a consciously informed choice, even those who have “given up on humanity.”

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      1. This idea of being secretly “sealed” outside of my conscious awareness is definitely distressing and disturbing. If I’m on board with any “Arc” it would be the “original humans” who existed before this whole mess ever happened. But how do I know I haven’t somehow been unconsciously tricked or hijacked into some other contract? This is a very scary idea to me!

        Years ago when I first woke up and started looking into New Age stuff, I joined the social media site “The Ashtar Command Crew.” I can’t say I read the fine print before joining. Maybe I should have? I didn’t stay there for long and eventually cancelled my membership when I realized it wasn’t for me. But then later, I had a weird lucid dream where I found myself as part of some “crew” helping build some high-rise structure that I believe had the same logo on it. When I woke up, I verbally revoked any and all contracts or agreements I may have unconsciously made with them. Should that be enough? Is it possible that people who are signing up with social media sites are unknowingly forming contracts with certain groups?


        1. I need to clarify something I said in my previous comment. Being down with the theoretical “original humans” who existed before this whole mess ever happened doesn’t mean I want to be “sealed” by any father/leader of any particular group. Is that really necessary? It certainly doesn’t feel right to me. This unconscious “sealing” stuff has a real potential to cause panic and that’s no good at all. That said, if there are any “original humans” out there reading this, I’d love to talk to you. I think you may be the only beings I could relate to at this point!

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      2. If your consciousness is accelerated to the degree of a universal empowerment, the traits and choices that are most prominently present determine what you are. If you are animalistic, fearful, desire-based, you are one of the animalistic branches. If you are centered towards the balanced creation of the universal, awakened man, then you remain as you are now.

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        1. Thanks for the clarification, Aug. You can just delete my other comments about this if you want. I was probably just being annoying. It’s just this idea of being secretly tricked into accepting seals and being “owned” by certain groups that really thew me for a loop. Like that thing with the Ashtar Command. I’ve seen people write out complicatedly worded revocations, but is it really necessary to go to that extent? The Ashtar Command never truly resonated with me, although I did try to fit in when I joined that site, thinking it was nothing more than a social media platform. I didn’t just abandon my account, I canceled my membership. And then I declared simply that I did not want to be part of that group and any agreements or contracts I may have unknowingly made with them are null and void.

          This is why I really, really hope the hidden level of reality becomes more obvious before anything really major happens regarding the eternal fate of humanity. People need a fair chance to know what they’re dealing with. What they have been dealing with the whole time without even knowing it. I realize it’s not about “fairness” but really, all these secret shenanigans that the common people just trying to live their lives have no chance of figuring out seem like a massive violation of universal law. And by that alone, these things should be automatically rendered null and void.

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  6. Very helpful information thank you. Could you explain further what you mean by the word “seals”
    the fallen races use deception to transfer their ‘seals’ onto specific bloodlines on Earth.


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